No Witnesses Solo 1 Down [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Hey guys, today we are doing “No Witnesses” from the
Murky Station heist. This actually came in as a request from a
viewer. “Hey pleb, next time do the ‘No Witnesses’
achievement solo for Murky Station.” Wow… looking at this I can’t tell if it’s a guide
or a challenge request. Either way, I actually did it solo on Deathwish
before the One Down update and I did it again on One Down for this video, both with no DLC. Also, this achievement is very similar to
“Blood in the Water” from the Yacht heist except we can’t use ECMs. So we’re going to cover the requirements, look at the strategy and then of course, gameplay clips at the
end as usual. Time-skips are in the description if you want
to skip ahead, especially if you’re here just to see how
I did it. Ok so the requirements for this: We have to end the mission, with all guards
dead. This has to be done on at least Overkill and we can’t use ECMs. It’s kind of an odd programming right there because you can still bring them, but you
just can’t use them. So just to be safe, don’t bring them. Based on the name of the achievement I actually
would expect the civilians to be part of it but nah, they are not. Ok so we can do this higher than Overkill
if we want the challenge, but here’s a few reasons not to. Point-of-no-return timer is shorter; 25 seconds on Overkill, 20 on Mayhem and 15 on Deathwish and One Down. There is an extra guard on Mayhem-plus, ot to mention they have extra health as well. So, yup, pick your poison. So let’s know the enemies first. I’m going to skip the basement as the guard
positions there are very straightforward. So looking here, we have an overview of the
trainyard. These are the guard routes and I’ve numbered them because we are going to refer back here later. 2 quick notes; Guard number 8 is only on Mayhem-plus. And next, although the routes look like that, in reality guards choose waypoints only if
they are available, so you will never find 2 guards standing at
the same place. Take guard number 5 for example, although his route is one big round around
the centre trains, in reality he patrols mostly on the (middle)
right to lower right repeatedly because guards 4 and 7 might already be using
some of those waypoints. The same goes for guard number 8. So here’s a few general strategies, starting with the important ones: Activate the escape first (well, if that wasn’t
obvious enough). Depending on the escape (van or boat), our
strategy might change a little. Start our run when the drones are inactive, this prevents breaking stealth prematurely. Bots won’t really help out, even when stealth
breaks, so no bots. Weapons wise, we’d want to be able to sprint and fire. I recommend shotguns for easy point-and-click and DMRs or snipers for long range. “Far Away” from the shotgun tree is also recommended. For Overkill, any 40 damage weapons can 1-headshot an alerted
Murky. For One Down however, we might have to spec
into some damage skills. Stay away from explosive weapons though. Just like the drones, we don’t want to go
loud prematurely. This also means that trip mines are out of
the picture. Besides, it’s hard to set up kills with trip
mines when the guard movements are so erratic. And for last, if you have trouble keeping
track of the number of guards alive feel free to use a HUD mod to assist you. Ok let’s do the multiplayer strat first. With multiple players, we have much more flexibility
in our execution. So with that, I’m going to devise a strategy with 0 pagers
spent. Then you guys can tweak it as you like. For the basement, you can either spend pagers
on the 3 guards or leave 1 player here to clear them out before running straight for the escape. Personally I’d still prefer using the pagers
here, as the cameras either spot the bodies earlier
than we’d want to, or waste our time breaking them. For the trainyard, it can be divided up so more ground can be covered in shorter time. For example, 1 player can take charge of the
top left where guards 6 and 7 will be, with 1 and 8 occasionally in the area. Another player can then take the top right
for guards 4 and 5. 1 last player can then clear the bottom, where guards 2 and 3 will always be, and occasionally 1, 8 and 5. So on signal, all players clear out their
share of guards and then run straight for the escape. Pretty straightforward stuff for multiplayer,
just mostly coordination and practice. As for a solo strategy, there are a couple
more restrictions imposed. We do not have enough time to cover both the
basement and trainyard, so 3 pagers will be spent on the basement while for the last I usually spend it on guard number 3 as he tends to be hidden from view in the
lower right corner. Even so, with 4 guards down it is a very tough
plan to execute. There isn’t enough time to run through the
entire trainyard and then to the escape. So I’ll require my secret helpers and they
are… (drumroll) Sentries! Ok so I kept quiet about this earlier because
this is my trade secret. So whatever you’re learning here can be applied
in the multiplayer strategy. So sentries can be used as insurance to cover
a small area, which makes it superior to trip mines. The downside is that we can’t really tell
if a guard is taken out, other than via HUD mods or the outline of
the ammo box drop, which can be really hard to see if they are
far. And how does sentries work in stealth? They only fire on enemies that are alerted, so the best places to put them are in spots
where they can’t normally be seen and yet still can fire. Like on the railings overhead, or under the
trains, which is exactly what we’re going to do. So this is the specific spot where I’ll place
them, at the ends of the carriage where we’ll see
a red light, facing outwards of course. 4 sentries should be more than enough but if we want to bring all 6 and not depend
on an ammo bag, we’ll need “Eco Sentry” (basic). We do have to make do with our remaining ammo
for the final part of the plan though. I’ll put my skill build link in the description
if you guys want to check it out. But still, sentries are not the all-powerful
deployable we are looking for. They can at most, help to catch at least 1
Murky or even 3 or 4 if you’re lucky. But as always, let’s not depend on luck so let’s try to clear as many as possible on our own. So that’s the main part of the strategy and
here’s where it splits. Depending on which escape we get, we’ll proceed
differently. With the boat escape, we’ll have to employ
a run-and-gun tactic and we’ll want to have the sentries cover
the bottom as much as possible so I’ll usually place it like this. I’ll start off by trying to catch guards 4
and 5 together in the top right and then swing over to the top left and catch at least guards 6 and 7 and if possible, 1 and 8, otherwise 1, 8 and 2 will be left to the sentries
at the bottom. Afterwhich, to the escape. For the van escape, we don’t have much of
a choice but to place ourself in the sniper’s position. For this, we can place 1 sentry each on every
end of the cargo trains, in case some Murkies are out of sight. Then we start our sniping run when most of
the Murkies are out in the open and in sight and then wait for guard number 2 to be taken
out by a sentry before we escape. Yup, so that’s my strategy. Hope it helps
some of you lone wolves out there. Stay tuned for 2 video clips, one for the solo boat escape and the other
for the van. Note that for the van escape, I alerted one guard in the trainyard and had to snipe guard number 3 instead. Alright so this is Unknown Knight here, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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    Awesome vid mate, well done

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    Ah! Sentries. I wouldn't have thought of that. This is one of the ~10 achievements I have left so I'll give this a go.

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    Update: Hacker's Pocket ECMs are a no-no too, in case anyone's curious.

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