NorthWestern Energy, Montana credit unions offer assistance for furloughed federal employees

Montana banks all across the state are offering assistance to federal employees having to go without their paychecks as of today in billings valley credit union is offering a skip a payment with no fee to help their affected members manage their bills sky Federal Credit Union and Livingston is offering a two month payment skip with no fee on loans Credit Union in Whitefish is also offering a two month payment skip in Rocky Mountain Credit Union and Helena offering no payment for 45 days on loans according to a report by the employment website career builder 78% of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck paychecks were supposed to go out today for hundreds of furloughed federal employees affected by the government shutdown but they won’t Montana companies continue to step up to help customers get through the hard time Northwestern Energy announced a program to help customers get through the winter months for those who are impacted by the shutdown anyone struggling to pay their utility bill can call a customer service line to discuss payment options or assistance programs northwestern representatives say they encourage customers who’ve been impacted to reach out for options

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