“Not Every Lender is Created Equal” with Brandon Leon and Keith Collins

Hey guys, I’m here in Keith’s office. We’re just talking about the future planning for the future. We were having a conversation and he was telling me a story just about something that he did recently. This isn’t the first the time I’ve heard stories like this. I’ll tell you right now, every lender is not created equal. A lot of times Keith’s team has been able to save people where they weren’t able to get a loan with another lender and he was able to figure out a creative way to make sure that they can get a loan. I just want you to know if you or someone you know is struggling with their lender or maybe the lenders told them they can’t get a loan. Talk to Keith and get a second opinion. Keith kind of tell him what we just talked about. Yeah, I was really interesting. So we’ve got a borrower basically, there was a big gap and there’s a lending rule where in this situation we have to go 24 months of verified employment history prior to the gap. This gap was like 2013 right it’s 2019. We were struggling to get contact information to verify these dates. I was like let’s go to like LinkedIn. I went to the company website I found the CEO of the organization and then the VP of HR and then I just went to LinkedIn and I found that each of them have over 500 contacts. I’m like these people are on LinkedIn and I just messaged him through LinkedIn saying hey we have a previous employer of your company that we’re just trying to verify dates. I know you use the system but it’s not giving us the dates this far back. If you could just put us in contact with somebody that can help or just trying to help someone get a home loan. They responded in like five minutes. We got a phone number of HR person we’re verifying the dates. I thought that was…LinkedIn right yeah for a verification of the CEO. I think what’s important to know about that is I tell people this all the time in real estate we get paid to solve problems and find solutions to problems. So if you need somebody that is solution oriented and is gonna do an amazing job. Give Keith in his team a call. This is Brandon Leon your Rocklin and Roseville estate expert talk to you soon. thanks, brother!

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