NY Subpoenas Records On Huge Manafort Loans From Small Bank: WSJ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 comments on “NY Subpoenas Records On Huge Manafort Loans From Small Bank: WSJ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. Tomislav Patarčić says:

    For the record, equity capital is not a total of outstanding loans that a bank can lend. As a rule, total loans are much bigger figure in comparison to equity capital. However, 24% of the equity capital is way too much by most standards and it is a burning red flag. It is not regularly done and such a loan would be subject to many extraordinary steps in terms of regulatory approval.

  2. hauskalainen says:

    No, she, or actually the research team for TRMS, do not understand how banking works. If all of Manaforts loans were worthless the bank would lose e.g. 24% of its capital. That much is true and that is a big concern to regulators. But that DOES NOT MEAN that Manafort's loans account for 24% of its lending capacity. If banks could only lend up to their capitalization there would be no point in banks taking deposits from customers. The reality its lending capacity would be a multiple of capital- Perhaps 12 times capital not 1 times.

  3. C Moon says:

    wasn't US Attorney Preet Baharara investigating this before his firing?

  4. Thomas Stuber says:

    Shame on all of those con people who do the wrong things only for their personal benefit…

  5. liljace1721 AKA Jace says:


  6. ObesePuppies says:

    so trump supporters still back up and protect trump… wow..

  7. Dazzling Deb says:

    Just don't know what to say here. I knew it was going to be a disaster with Trump in office, but even in my worst nightmares did I ever think it'd be this bad.

  8. deusex machine says:

    well well well the plot thickens , from now on it might get even more interesting i better make some popcorns 🙂

  9. Blair Schirmerx says:

    Does anyone doubt that in our lawless country, the filthy traitor Manafort is simply going to walk?

  10. Free Speech says:

    Enough Maddow! Report on news that affect everyday Americans! Trump's right this is fake news!
    Folks, journalism is dead!

  11. Ash Roskell says:

    The US is supposed to be the vanguard of the FREE world. What credibility remains to this administration? How can America hold its head up before European, or other free countries, without hanging it in shame?

  12. Ruirodtube says:

    It turns out you don't have to attend Trump University to become a crook. It just rubs off Trump!

  13. ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

    And, now finally public record.. Everyone that has and is donating to Trump's 2020 campaign election are actually paying for his, his son, Kushner and associates legal fees!!

    So think about about that.. You that gives money to Trump for him to use to run in 2020,no ,he's using your money, as a BILLIONAIRE, not using his money, YOURS to pay his and everyone else's legal fees… Almost $500,000!!! You feel dumb yet???

  14. Peter Johnson says:

    Manafort has been working for the Party of Regions and Victor Yanukovitch in Ukraine. He has basically been working for a typical kleptocracy, seated right in the epicenter of corruption mixed with russian spies, agents of influence, fellow travelers, and mere opportunistic thieves.

    The party he worked for can not and will never admit paying him money as it will expose them now to anti-corruption authorities.

  15. Sicilia928 says:

    I don't understand how all of these people can keep revising their legal forms (Kushner) and registering as foreign agents AFTER they are busted, and yet, still have their JOBS!!!!!!!!!! Someone, please explain this to me.

  16. Thomas L says:

    Trump….everyone around him, and those who support him are the worst kind this earth can possibly produce. corruption, lies, treason, criminal agendas, abuse of power. obstruction of justice….and the list goes on and on and on!

  17. HenryDavidT says:

    This Rashia thaing… it's just "fake news"!

    How do we know it's all crooked Hillary, Susan Rice, Loreta Lynch, Bill, ISIS founder Obama, and Librals doing?

    Cuz our Great President Trump and his best friend and the most richest & most powerful man in Russia, Comrade Col. Putin === as well as FOX NEWS, the REAL NEWS the entire world depends on === KNOW deep, dark, secretive stuff (that they CAN'T reveal)!

    And we know all these Rushia and Trump collusion thaings are delusions, as our smart counsler Kellyane Conway said, demonstrating it BY PURE inductive & deductive LOGIC, using just two hand-held signs!

  18. Sevenfold120 says:

    Manafort was a russian agent and working for trump that makes trumps campaign in collusion with russia through manafort.

  19. The Hypnotoad says:

    it's all gonna crash! thread by thread, this administration is unraveling! be patient. a lot of laws have been broken,both criminal and ethical. in time the truth will out!

  20. John Amen says:

    Stop using fluoride

  21. Marc F. Nielssen says:

    That's what you get when a mobster is elected president. Absolutely no surprise.

  22. No Dogma Mama says:

    When people said they voted for him because he's a successful businessman, I said no – he's a successful NY real estate investor. In that occupation every day you're dealing with the mobsters, bribes, cons, payoffs, etc. That's the world he comes from, he knows nothing else. Thats how he thinks doing business – and govt apparently – is done.
    Monopolies and cronyism undermines capitalism. Government is for the people not for corporations. Corporations' only purpose is to maximize profits and decrease cost. Capitalism is incapable of self regulation when there is no competition, devastating penalities, nor incentives to provide quality work at a fair price. Trump is filling the government with people who lack the understanding of what their position is supposed to do for society.

  23. herman klaasen says:

    Aussie ] as i understand it it is illegal to solicit information from a alien country ,[ for political information] if that is so then a crime has been comitted. Trump JR went to the meeting knowing that the were going to give him dirt on the Democrates.Forget the fact that he may or may not have got what he wanted he broke the law by going to the said meeting . The rest is speculations and make for great news but the main point is been missed

  24. Buch says:

    that is a lot of mulaah Mr. Manafort

  25. Muru Roa says:

    Remove the Russian Mafia from the WH now!

  26. TorianTammas says:

    Why did Manafort claim income of 17 million from a party in Ukraine who did not spent for everything they ever spent 17 millions? Did the money never exist and Manafort loves to pays taxes for it or came it out of very dark channels?

  27. Mark W says:

    Sounds suspect? crooks? When is this going to end? So much bulls**t. Drain the swamp or build a dam to make it bigger??

  28. Ribeye Robert D says:

    This woman makes me proud to be an American. I like you Rachael.

  29. William L. says:

    Depositors at that bank must be absolutely thrilled by this news.

  30. Mike Harper says:

    I love Rachel Maddow but she doesn't know anything about banking……the equity of the bank is a fraction of what it can loan out. It's still funky tho

  31. Garett James says:

    Everyone can calm down. The investigators know way more than what the public knows. It will all come out. Get the popcorn ready. I think at least 15 Republicans are going down, including Pence and Ryan. They all knew, they were all complicit. There's recordings that the public can see where they were talking about it. It's going to be a wild ride when it comes to trial.

  32. Tolba Szy says:


  33. Dalí_Hemingway says:

    …Trump went to Paris and visited the Bastille, where in 1789 the French people toppled the monarchy (and soon after beheaded members of the aristocracy). Imagine the irony of that visit. Trump and his cabal are heading towards the guillotine and rest assured heads will roll….

  34. pniiice says:

    Manafort is hosed. 😉

  35. Brian Rapp says:

    1974. NIXON. CLONE. PAUL. MANAFORE. THE. END. IS. NEAR. [email protected]!!!2017 canyonlocalfilmscom

  36. CLureCo says:

    "Where did he get it"??
    Come, come, now……….that's pretty much a given, don't ya think…….

  37. David Roy says:

    Seems like this guy's going to be the first one to go to jail…

  38. waterandafter says:

    Funny that t'rump supporters and hildabeast shills are freaking out about bernie's wife's college loan, but a personal loan of this amount to a russian tied head of the president's campaign is not suspect?

  39. doesitmanna way says:

    17 million dollars could actually house alot of homeless n feed alot of poor people…instead of paying for surgeries that were not needed! 🙂 you know, face lifts n booby jobs are not always for repair and feeding children! 😉

  40. digitalventuresltd says:

    Money laundering is the answer to all trump's problems.

  41. Michaela Francis says:

    Now I understand. It wasn't the ACA after all. Trump was promising to repeal and replace the swamp with one of his own.

  42. Efren Pantaleon says:

    Man and I thought only Mexicos president was this corrupt.

  43. Juan Hernandez says:

    russian money all the way yup

  44. qhsperson says:

    I've got Manafort in the "who flees the country first?" pool.

  45. Juan Hernandez says:

    typical of the white rich people thats how they become wealthy cheating lying stealing illeagal dealing not paying taxes filing banckrupcies

  46. Michael Wolfe says:

    KAAABOOOMM! https://newrepublic.com/article/143586/trumps-russian-laundromat-trump-tower-luxury-high-rises-dirty-money-international-crime-syndicate

  47. Beth S says:

    It's called money laundering and Manafort is in a shitload of trouble.

  48. Rationalization is irrational says:

    Rachel doesn't look healthy. She must be pushing herself into the studio to cover this. I know if I were a journalist, I wouldn't want to miss covering this story

  49. Leslie Rivera says:

    money laundering … not surprised

  50. Roy Green says:


  51. JohnBoehners says:

    It was so obvious at the onset of the Tfrump campaign that Tfrump had lots to hide when it came to the Russians & the Chinese – yet nobody cared back then! All the news sources could talk about was Tfrump's unorthodox campaign, his circus act, etc. The real story back then began with Paul Manafort – but nobody wanted to discuss it.

    I'm glad that MSNBC is talking about it somewhat these days. My concern is, that this big story will just get buried in the depths of the Tfrump Dysfunction – which is probably Tfrump's plan. Like him or not, he has always been a guy who could throw off the law, break the rules & get away with it. He has always had "fall guy's" in position around him.

    But the fact that Tfrump would even consider hiring a guy with Manafort's history with Putin should have raised the red flags!

  52. grant long says:

    Republicans are Russians

  53. Andy Q says:

    Yeah…. he's going to prison.

  54. Susan Bodell says:

    Yes American is going to be like Russia now, just watch .

  55. Susan Bodell says:


  56. Dan Seven says:

    Manafort was bought off by the Kremlin, and soon we will find out Trump Real estate turned to Russian money laundering to float it and why Trump will not release his Tax returns

  57. Eric Phinney says:

    The Trumps speak Russian in their sleep.

  58. Search for the truth says:

    Are you all finally getting it that the FILTHY RICH will do and say anything to close the deal and what happens to the DIRT POOR doesn't matter, has never mattered, and will never matter to these grotesque freaks. BLOATED GRABBER TRUMP and SMARMY SHAMELESS PENCE are not public servants, they're grasp and grab money hungry parasites. WATCH YOUR BACK FOOL!

  59. gwheyduke says:

    Steve Calk? $16 Million in November ? 1 Wall Street Journal ? WoW sounds very fishy!

  60. thomas fisher says:

    Ahhh the hypocrisy of this woman. All the suspension that surrounds Trump and his cronies. Also could be associated with Bill and Hillary, but not only did she remain mute on that but she defended them against those pointing it out.

  61. David 1777 says:

    Price tag was put on the United States and Trump found a buyer, and sold it and us. Oh yeah, the best is yet to come Trump supporters, the best is yet to come.

  62. Living with Cognitive Dissonance says:

    If I provided "incomplete" information on my background checks I would be fired.
    If I received a huge payment from a foreign country I would be investigated.
    Manafort must be subjected to the same rules and standards as the rest of us.

  63. Mat Broomfield says:

    To be honest, it's my assumption that ALL politicians and international businessmen are utterly corrupt. They just have not drawn the attention that all connected to Trump have.

  64. Darren Laval says:

    How does this woman still have a job?

  65. Dan dog says:

    gotta love that paper trail….will it go all the way back to the golden potty ?…

  66. Black Eye Bob says:

    This is the Russian play book on how to get rich.

  67. DR Dubois says:

    As with any criminal organization… follow the money. We're now hearing about the money laundering into Trump Towers by Russian oligarchs and organized crime over the last 20 years. All with Trumplethinskin's knowledge.

  68. spelunkerd says:

    What's been missing from the Russia inquiry is the paper trail to Mr Trump. It's hard to believe Manafort was worth that much to such a tiny bank. How would he pay it back? Trump will say Manafort was on his own, but if the paper trail leads to Trump then the treason allegation is verified.

  69. moto1p1 says:

    When I see Maddcow's repulsive face all I want to do is deliver a knuckle sandwich directly to its suckhole…

  70. Jerry Meyer says:

    The equity capital of a bank is what is left should a bank have to liquidate its assets to pay off its liabilities. Basically, the cushion that investors have in the event of "a disaster", or the bottom line value the bank has to its investors. One should draw one's own conclusions about that . . .

  71. RDR says:

    Why do I get the feeling that Paul Manafort has been a longtime double agent and that's why it seems the IC has incriminating evidence that slowly leaks out to the public.
    Hey, IC, do your jobs and get these traitors out of our country please. Is deporting them to Russia an option?

  72. Big Jay says:

    Trump will give him a pardon!

  73. vze1lxls says:

    LOCK HIM UP AND HIS KIDS ! ……………..America's  Kim Philby?

  74. OSKA says:

    Pity they ALL don't subpoena TRUMPS TAX RECORDS

  75. FidelHimself says:


  76. BANKO007 says:

    Banks can lend many multiples of their equity capital – at least a factor of 10 so untypically, Rachel has not got it quite right on this occasion.

  77. Kitty says:

    Rachel, please, ask your makeup artist to use less bronzer and more natural shade of concealer under your eyes. The difference in color between your eyes and face is quote obvious.

  78. javabudd says:

    1:33 Paul Manafart

  79. Hiram Rosa Jr says:


  80. rod dubitsky says:

    Chicago bank story isn't new. The Feds need to look at the timing of Manafort's loans and multiple bankruptcy filings of his son-in-law and daughter. Connecting the dots it's clear that Manafort hit a financial cliff shortly after stepping down from Trump campaign. Clearly his source of funds had suddenly run try. Either he stopped moving his offshore money onshore or his source cut him off. As a former bank regulator the Chicago bank loans raise a number of issues.

  81. David Jerome says:

    It's curious. I wonder if cyber currency is being investigated here. Where's the money going? Don't they use bitcoin for moving huge amounts of money?

  82. nuyou21 says:

    Lock them up, lock them up!

  83. Upitty Dawg says:

    More fake news. Surprise, right?…LOL

  84. Connected One says:

    These ppl are not very smart. When you are living a lying, crooked life….TheRump and his Rumpy family….are that ones to avoid. The Pumpkin is going to bury himself and he IS going to take Everyone with him…but trump has lived his life….

  85. Tal Moore says:

    Moneylaundering 101

  86. TJ Hooker says:

    It's so odd going from a video that tears down Maddow, revealing her true colors to this with comments that idolize her and her ideology. Really shows how brainwashed the people in these comments are.

  87. Jim Battersbee says:

    The USA. What a shithole.

  88. simon clemence says:

    Rachel usually joins all the dots fairly well but she may have missed a couple. That the $12m that the Ukrainian political party says they did NOT give to Manafort despite him saying otherwise to a Congressional hearing, well it may have actually come from the pro Russian (since deposed) president of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. As you may recall, he had a secret hand written financial ledger showing suspected illicit payoffs which was found in a safe at his abandoned home. It contained a hand written entry showing a payment to Manafort of around $12m. If Manafort's bank deposit of the $12m and the year in the ledger match, BINGO – Evidence of Russian money going to the Trump Campaign manager.

  89. Rascal says:

    as disabled senior citizen only $1000 loan would help me start my own biz…when do i get a chance?

  90. marusak72 says:

    Rachel must have done something right because RT (a FSB armed television) is after her.

  91. geeflat says:

    She's quite wrong about the relationship between the size of the loan and the size of the capital. It's not "one out of every four dollars that the bank was able to loan", not even close. I would agree that to have a quarter of your capital base exposed to one customer is not a good idea. But her maths are wrong.

  92. Traci Robarchek says:

    Money laundering!

  93. tecums3h says:

    Dirty, dirty people.
    What a mess.

  94. Pamela Homeyer says:

    Great news

  95. Stuart 01 says:

    Another nothing burger big Time!

  96. Eddie Castro says:

    Manafort is a Russian spy, that's for sure!

  97. sound barrier says:

    Thank you Rachael Maddow for your exemplary research and your reporting. So refreshing to have an honest rebuttal to all these rediculous women and people I have to deal with.

  98. Jocelyn Napier says:

    That's why I dont leave my few dollars in my big bank and stay away from big corporations. Grow my own veggies try to support farmers markets stay home and cook dont deal with gas and oil. All crooks.

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