5 comments on “NYC book store asks customers for $750K in loans to survive, blames Amazon for woes”

  1. KingoftheCatnap says:

    Seriously? Amazon is not a new player on the block…

  2. Wolfgang von Bach says:

    Should have changed your business strategy.

  3. Andy Spark says:

    So, you're suggesting to waste money and resources to keep this store running.
    Saving money and resources by buying ebook is bad.
    And one parcel service truck delivers (lets say) 50 books from online purchase is bad,
    but 50 customers driving thru the city to the store is good for the environment.
    Are you kidding us ?

  4. javi del says:

    the gop never help the little guy.

  5. Captain Sal says:

    No one reads books anymore or should I say most of the population don't read books anymore what we need to know is online but we need to read is online books are a thing of the past it's all on microfilm now also libraries are the thing of the past they need to close their doors also there is no need for this expensive libraries to be open they serve no purpose everything is online now and a lot of stuff off for free or very inexpensive even newspapers are basically obsolete now used to pick up a newspaper for free after somebody read it on the train now you don't even see a newspaper anymore if they want Nostalgia those people then they should pay for it and not ask the government for any kind of money I'm glad the government didn't buy into it book stores are obsolete

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