Obama Is Trying To Take Down Bernie Sanders, Report Claims

Politico has published a, a rather explosive,
I guess you could call it article about Barack Obama and why he is and is not at the same
time getting involved in the 2020 democratic presidential primary. Because as we all know, Obama’s been kind
of sitting this thing out. Political also pointed out that most of the
Democrats running for president have had to go and meet with him privately. Why anybody’s guests? I guess it’s just a formality. He was the last democratic president. So you go and you meet with him and you get
his advice and you hope to get his approval. But again, Obama stayed silent right up until
the last couple of weeks when he started popping up at these donor meetings and attacking Bernie
Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Now he never mentioned either of them by name,
but he did refer to the candidates who are a little too far left and talked about these
pie in the sky dreams like Medicare for all and debt free college and how bad they are
and that we need to be more realistic. So why after months of silence does Barack
Obama re-emerge and then tell us that the things we need as a country we simply can’t
have? Well, luckily Politico answer that question
for us. With this paragraph publicly, he is being
clear that he won’t intervene in the primary for or against a candidate unless he believed
there was some egregious attack. I can’t even imagine with this field how bad
it would be for him to say something. Set a close adviser. Instead, he sees his role as providing guardrails
to keep the process from getting too ugly and to unite the party. When the nominee is clear, there is one potential
exception. Back when Sanders seemed like more of a threat
than he is now. Obama said privately that if Bernie were running
away with the nomination, Obama would speak up to stop him. Asked about that. A spokesperson for Obama pointed out that
Obama recently said he would support and campaign for whoever the democratic nominee is. If Bernie’s going to run away with it, I’m
a step in and put a stop to it. So now we know why Barack Obama suddenly re-emerged. Now we understand why Barack Obama is out
there telling us that all of these things that Bernie Sanders wants to do for the country
just simply can’t happen and we need to just aim low, aim so low that even Joe Biden looks
like a good candidate, I guess is what Obama wants to tell us. Now, here’s the thing. I don’t know if I’ve actually said this yet
in a video that’s public. I think I’ve said it in a couple of the exclusive
videos, but let me go ahead and say it now in case it’s not a hundred percent clear. I am backing Bernie Sanders for president
of the United States. I am backing Bernie Sanders to become the
democratic nominee. That is who I want. That is who I plan to vote for in the primary. Barring some weird thing happening before
Florida starts to vote, that’s where I stand. Even if I didn’t support Bernie right now,
what Obama has said, if true would still piss me off just as much because here’s what’s
really at stake here with Obama. Here’s what he’s trying to tell us. It’s not that he thinks we need to curtail
our expectations. It’s that he doesn’t want his legacy to be
destroyed. See Obama, his entire presidency was a centrist. He always thought he could reach across the
aisle and play nice with Republicans who continued to spread rumors that he wasn’t even born
in the United States. He wanted to be their friend. He wanted to be everybody’s friend. He wanted everybody left and right and everything
in between to love him. It didn’t work out that way. Lot of people on the left still do as a person. I think he’s a great human being. As a president. I think he was exceptionally middle of the
road. Nothing great, nothing too bad. A couple of really good things, a couple of
really bad things, so it all evens out to meh. That’s my thought on Obama’s presidency. I’m still angry about a lot of the things
he did and I’m always going to be, but at the end of the day, he didn’t necessarily
accomplish a whole hell of a lot. Yes, there was Obamacare, which in its early
days would have given us a public option, which could have paved the way for Medicare
for all. But he, along with the read over in the Senate
and Pelosi over in the house, decided to water that down to let the industry come in and
let their lobbyists get a crack at that bill. And that ruined it. Yes, it got a lot of people insurance. Yes, it left millions off. So that wasn’t good enough. So if you got somebody like Bernie Sanders
coming into the white house and doing all these things that Obama tells us is not possible,
suddenly nobody cares about Obama anymore. All of the things he did or didn’t do become
irrelevant because now we have a new guy in there who came along and did really great
things that Obama never could. And that’s what terrifies Obama. He is willing to sail us down the river just
to preserve his own mediocre legacy. And that’s what these attacks are all about.

100 comments on “Obama Is Trying To Take Down Bernie Sanders, Report Claims”

  1. Duane Locsin says:

    The 1% are getting desperate trotting out their horses (puppets) – past, present and future.

  2. Darlene Shriver says:

    BERNIE 2020! Aim high and hopefully make our future better! Why aim low?

  3. Sue Sochko says:

    They met with Obummer to "kiss the ring"

  4. Sue Sochko says:

    No Farron, it is not about his "legacy". It's about who is (and always has) bankrolled him. In the end, Obama took the Corporate cash, and still is taking it. Bernie is an existential threat to the Corporatists. Truth is, I fear for Bernie, and anyone else who doesn't "play the game".

  5. connie brixey says:

    I’m with you

  6. Garnet Rose says:

    Obama doesn’t want to pay more taxes. It’s always about the $$

  7. Sony Story says:

    Obama works for the Globalists Elite Mafia

  8. Carrie See says:

    Who gaf what Obama says? His legacy was wars, drone strikes, bad insurance, and “being cool”ish. Bid damn deal. I’m voting Bernie too.

  9. Carrie See says:

    Check out Obama’s mansions. He’s not one of us

  10. Shaun W says:

    BERNIE R.I.P. 2020

  11. Shaun W says:

    Yeah Right, Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos and other Billionaire gonzos can pay for the health care of 350 million Americans. Billionaires will stop or restrict going after profits. Middle class will ended paying 45% tax to fund the health care system. Stupid Farron, enough your bullshit.

  12. Carol/Cheryl Powell says:

    I kind of wish Bernie would drop out of the race or just die or something so you would finally get over your Bernie Boner.
    And for all the people going "vote Bernie" 1. He is not going to win the primary. 2. Even if he did win the primary by some miracle, he cant beat Trump. He wont beat Trump. And getting that ass out of the White House should be our number 1 concern.
    I'm sorry to be so harsh, but the truth is rarely nice.

  13. Keith Carey says:

    President Obama rules!

  14. Keith Carey says:

    Bernie gave us trump

  15. Keith Carey says:

    Bernie denied being a liberal, thus Bernie is dead to me.

  16. Keith Carey says:

    Joe Biden has great ideas, you need to pay attention.

  17. Keith Carey says:

    The list of president Obama's accomplishments are long and great.

  18. Keith Carey says:

    Bidens leading the polls, Bernie just a Russian troll thats hardly 3rd on list.lol

  19. Jamie Santos says:

    I'm voting for Bernie Sanders

  20. K!ng Knowledge says:

    95% Of Income Went To The 1% Under The Obama Administration #Facts

  21. B E says:

    Barry, please just F*CK OFF back to your yacht club. 🙂

  22. Lil Moma says:

    Come on now we cannot believe "free" this and that ! We can plan but you know dam well it's not free! We the middle class love our party but we need to have some come to Jesus conversations. This a good one 👍

  23. Lil Moma says:

    Come on love it's not an attack it's an opinion we in the same party .

  24. Starving Buddha says:

    Nicely put! Also like to add that I believe Bloomberg is a nightmare waiting to awaken. He would be no different than tRump. No more rich elites thank you very much

  25. jason deomes says:

    Obama needs to just fuck off, go to Martha's vineyard and sip wine with the other cocksucker's who look down on Americans. Bernie2020

  26. Simone Miller says:

    I support Bernie and I did the last time. Obama supported Hillary against Bernie and we got trump. He is not like either of the Roosevelts and he has no more business butting in then I do. His opinions only count for him. Let us get that straight one and for all.

  27. Brian Shock says:

    A lukewarm Democratic candidate for president is the same as reelecting Traitor Trump. Stand with a traitor, become a traitor. We're looking at Traitor Obama now.

  28. Will B says:

    Obama is the US Tony Blair. Narcissist in total denial

  29. James Redic says:

    Obama should keep his big mouth shut and stay the hell out of our primary. It's because of him that we have that scumbag trump. Frankly, I'm sick of all these D.I.N.O republicans. They all need to get the hell out of our party. This is the party of FDR Progressives.

  30. James Redic says:

    As a so called black man and a millennial…I can't believe I believed in that lying son of a bitch Obama. He really messed over a lot of so called black people. Our community hates that man right now.

  31. Lyssa Proxy says:

    Wtf Obama… petty

  32. idiocracy23 says:

    Obama looks OLD and worried. His conscience, what's left of it anyway, must be troubling him. He realizes that people who once believed in him, now see him as a FRAUD. Obama's legacy is Trump. When 95% of the wealth accumulated in the 8 years of his presidency went to the top 1%, that's FAILURE no matter how you look at it. He's a disgrace. Obama threw us away in order to earn $500K for his Wall Street speeches.

  33. joseph bodden says:

    I just lost tons of respect for Obama…

  34. Larry Davis says:

    Bernie 2020

  35. Jose Lora says:

    Bernie 2020!!
    Thats it

  36. Jacobs Trouble says:

    This is kind of weird. And I'm not talking about Obama.
    There are many Dems who would not support Medicaid for all, not to mention almost ALL non-Dems. There's a serious potential for a fight they (D) cannot win with that proposal and Bernie's old ass would look like a chump out there representing the DNC.

    I don't know the host's name but he just went full MAGA. That same misplaced anger looked very familiar.

  37. Addicted to Not Smoking says:

    Every time I learn something new about Obama, I like him less, and I used to really like him. Same with Hillary Clinton.

  38. meee says:

    Obama is not a good person. He is establishment.

  39. Addicted to Not Smoking says:

    Obama used to say, "If I were worried about my public image, I wouldn't have run for president." Was he lying, or did his skin become thinner between then and now?

  40. Lindalee Law says:

    So Bernue intruded on Hilary, now Obam intrudes, along with Bloomie …So just why do you need voters to VOTE who we want, In. You want us to be part of a charade , so you rich can buy your way and run things how YOU want it.
    Butt out or I dont need to vote . I mean money talks, along with bullshit , and we suckers walk.

  41. t v says:

    Hey, Obama…
    hang in there.

  42. John K says:

    People just don’t get it Obama is a Republican!

  43. Rex Lon Mountbatten II says:

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  44. Omid Reza says:

    The more I hear and see if Obama since he left, I dislike him more.

  45. 32technique says:

    Damn it looks like the Russians have many replys on here. President Obama is cemented into American history he became President between two people I don't think did a good job. He came in with the economy failing and left with it gaining ground while republicans were throwing dirt at him for everything he did or didn't do.
    They water Obama care down because of Joe Lieberman that was about the only way to get it past. The republicans would not let anything pass.
    I support Bernie Sanders but if Obama doesn't that's his call. Everyone has their opinion I'm sure he wants Biden to win.
    There is a lot of arguing on here when there should be discussion. Remember anyone can try to start a fight. Peace

  46. Annie says:

    I've stood by Obama until now, but he needs to remain silent. Biden is mentally slipping away so we don't need him giving Trump the win. Imagine two demented old nursing home patients debating on a platform. Neither remembering why they're there.

  47. Rex Lon Mountbatten II says:

    Hey: https://youtu.be/z_ApCLwDiLw okay Darlings! WBC

  48. Carlos Perez says:

    Obama is rich because he's a corporate democrat!!! And now the banks and corporations are telling Obama to paid up for the millions he got.

  49. Steve Costanzo says:

    Stop lying about Obama.

  50. James Stark says:

    Obama is going to piss off a lot of people and give Donald Chump another 4 years.

  51. Miguel Flores says:

    Obama you were a kind of good president but weak and your time past so please stay quiet like you were all this time and part of your presidency. Now is time for stronger Democrats that will fight corruption everywhere and mostly the horrible republican party.

  52. ashlyn climer says:

    We want change real change the 1 percent billionaire will pay there part

  53. COWBOYS fan1980 says:

    I would be very happy for Obama not to endorsement me that's a win win in my book. Along with Hillary Clinton they are a big reason a assclown like Trumpullthinskin made his way to the White House

  54. Tozias Silverfang says:

    Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the video! 👍

  55. Toby Gaffney says:

    now i like alot of your videos but this one is def right wing crazy on your oart just in your voice when you talk about obama your voice completely changes and its not good right there it shows your not so pro like you get off to be, how do you know for 100% that obama even said this i mean come on dude think logical dude and not just flip it like he said this unless you have 1000% proof of this accusation.

  56. MidScream1 says:

    We're going to take Bernie the Clown down Baldie Farron 🙂

  57. ιωάννης λουλαδάκης says:

    Bernie for President Tulsi for vice President!.

  58. kevin ortiz says:

    Obama is about to purchase a 14 million dollar house and is hinting to take the position of status quo Neoliberalism?!?! Let that sink in…..
    The moment he opens his mouth and disparages the Progressive movement, it will be over for his precious legacy!

  59. wolfbear7 says:

    There are only two things I sadly have come to hate about Barack Obama: HIS FACE!

  60. Robert Piekosz says:

    The Only thing Obama should be speaking up about, is the orange criminal in the white house.
    And how much damage he's caused to our National Security infrastructure.

  61. Thordur Hogna says:

    What a disappointment about Obama.Talking about Russian interference

  62. tim mc says:

    ubama is a Cia puppet who is a crony crapitalist

  63. Cindy Demambro says:

    Obama you have hope well Waal strreet steals ypur change. Thats Obama's hope and change for the middle class.Hes just anither wall street whore. Bern the Corporate Establishment DNC and the GOP

  64. Cindy Demambro says:


  65. fireball1 says:

    #BlacksforBernie2020 👍🇺🇸

  66. Cindy Demambro says:

    Obama care was never Obama care it came came from Mitt Romney

  67. David Melford says:


  68. chucky says:

    obama lost my respect a long time ago.. he is in the pockets of big biz and big pharm just like biden and hillary.. on about the same level as republicans…. disgusting…

  69. Gina Ke says:

    A CNN poll showed that if any Dem is tagged “socialist” (whether accurate or not) their poll numbers drop by six points. Perhaps President Obama is cautioning against giving Trump the election in that manner. It’s disturbing to see squabbling between Dems. I guess Putin’s attempts to divide us worked even better than I imagined.

  70. Che Li says:

    What he is up to? Just enjoy your retirement. Get a hobby.

  71. C Charles says:

    How soon we forget the fine line President Obama had to walk thru his presidency …. i like bernie but i hve ?s abt his supporters theyve come off @ different moments like 45 supporters.. just my thoughts… btw Obama never mediocre

  72. Cool Cat says:

    I love that you made it crystal clear who ur backing 👍👍👍.

    As for Obama well if he wants to Preserve or Improve on his legacy now that so much of his legacy is coming to light then he needs to look at health care for all as the logical conclusion to Obama care and stand with Bernie in promoting it and him the way Bernie stood with him when he was running for president..

    That is what would help & keep his legacy In better standing that and only that… Bernie 2020 🇺🇸

  73. SeMperfi Patriot says:

    so what. it's his own opinion and he does have experience to know. I DO think its a pie in the sky idea. Medicare for all, you kidding me, that wont happen. and Bernie's idea. I like uncle Joe. A steady hand to right the ship that this pos got us into

  74. Beef Jefferson says:

    Obama got kool-aid on him from his term, we are now fighting the Orangtards who have drank the Orange kool-aid. Now he back trying to influence the next batch of kool-aid. Please tell me who is the Kool-aid master?

  75. supposedly angry black woman says:

    Nawh not going to co-sign on this

  76. Dejeanea Houston says:

    I agree what he saying

  77. Aaron Barrett says:

    So, what if someone else besides Bernie gets the nomination?

  78. TheAileZX2 says:

    It's the Obama-nable Showman

  79. hippychikforever says:

    While Bernie puts on his soft shoes and marches with The People, Obama is on his knees for Wall Street. Go give another $400,000 speech, move into your $14.5 million Martha's Vinyard mansion, and leave us to fix what you finally broke. #Nomorefakes #Bernie2020

  80. Steve Barrios says:

    Dont do it obama think of the country not your bias opinion!

  81. Philip Capehart says:

    Same with me as A vote I going to Back Bernie Sander Bernie get my vote.

  82. Wolfsong Moondancer says:

    I never thought that Obama would undermine progress. Sanders is what the US needs to build the country up again. He, after the Bush jr.administration, should know what kind of person it takes to start clearing up the mess of that todler in the WH. And Sanders just might be that person.

  83. Mary Vought says:

    Obama has been such a disappointment. He ran as a progressive and governed as a centrist, corporate sellout.

  84. rgarcia7271 says:

    That's rich coming from Obama. Obama, it's your own damn fault why your legacy is total shit, you had the majority of the house and senate to make big changes, and instead of doing the big changes you promised to the working class, you ended up doing nothing but doing the bidding of wall-street, so don't you dare mess with the Bernie Sanders race, just ask Hillary what happened after she interfered.

  85. zz cc says:

    No, the ones who can beat the orange buffoon are Yang and Bernie, Yang is the first choice.

  86. Dark Iris says:

    Hold it, Farron. Who is tI that claims Obama said this? I need proof before I will condemn Obama. If Warren (my choice) or Sanders wins and has a successful administration, that won’t diminish Obama’s legacy. I didn’t lose respect for Bill Clinton because Obama was such a popular president. If it turns out to be true, then yes, I will be livid, but I seriously don’t think Obama is that petty. If he were, he wouldn’t have tried as hard as he did to provide for the populace as opposed to corporations.

  87. chuck johnson says:

    Come on man, now you sound like a conspiracy peddler. What you are trying to do is let your anger make you show hatred for people you do not favor. You did say if this is true now you sound like every other opinion network. Find out if it true before you broadcast. Wr already have enough network promoting hatred,something i think shoud not exist at best keep it to yourself. Stop promoting your personal views by using the platform you were BLESSED with…

  88. David Boudreau says:

    0tarbaby, stay in your tree!!!

  89. the village idiot says:

    Murika is beyond hopeless

  90. J.M .B says:

    Please leave Obama alone!!
    The right and the left seem to hate him deeply, that makes me like him more.

  91. Luthian Diya says:

    #Bernie2020 !

  92. Debra Turner says:


  93. Green Lady’s Succulent Garden Life says:

    I HOPE he doesn’t get involved. This would tarnish his legacy and his moral standing in my eyes! Bernie is in a different league!

  94. Tray Day 216 says:

    Obama ain't shit

  95. joeconsumer says:

    Obama insured the continued corruption of the DNC with his support for Tom Perez.

  96. DRSmetal says:

    Too bad tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires is not a pipe dream.

  97. Daniel Santos says:

    Im so happy your endorsing BERNIE SANDERS!!!YOUR AWESOME! 👍🏼😁👍🏼

  98. Tim Porter says:

    I was not expecting him to come out against any of today's Democrats but I keep hearing about this. You know what Obama, you seemed pretty awesome at the time but that was mostly in comparison to Bush. It's time for you to shut the f*ck up now.

  99. Carol Jo Martin says:

    If this is accurate, my opinion of Obama just sunk like a rock in water. I guess this is some Uncle Tom type action. He just keeps on disappointing me.

  100. Jraymiami says:

    Barrack “Hillary” Obama …this nation’s biggest disappointment ! BERNIE 20/20‼️

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