Obama Vs Romney on Student Loans

president obama signed a student loans
uh… he has spoken north carolina today uh… and uh… he is right on this
issue uh… what they’ve done was a cut interest rates for students down from
six point eight percent the three point four percent for the loans that they have and uh… p is arguing to keep them a
three point four percent timmy anything they keeps the cost of
education lower is great kazakhstan lisa opportunity and other all the people being on the
one percent system it is that i have a shot at right
and one of the ways that you do that as affordable education so i’m definitely in favor of that now of course mit romney is in the world
the trouble with uh… younger uh… demographics so he does want to be in further trouble
so he came out messages don’t get me to read to all ya of course i’m a short
term short term millionaire wrong right but for now yeah let’s extend the luke the loans at only three point four
percent make sure they don’t go back up president juan pointed out the students
who say that thousand dollars on average uh… over twelve years which is that
bridge uh… amount of time to take sam people the paid their student loans back
which actually seems relatively short if you ask me you know how much identities
lows are effects thirty seven million people fest fifteen percent of americans and that is there’s the student loan
debt this people under the age of thirty so that’s why both sides care about
these young voters but hey you know what their army copies president while in this case fantastic
it’s a good result right that here is that troubling parliament ronnie’s abuse
on student loans that here is where he is going to do a flat
out line i love these moments because it makes it
crystal clear this is no way that mit romney doesn’t know this policy right
and he’s gonna try to deceive you anyway let’s watch clifton uh… you know i wish i could say that
there’s a place the fact that the defiant richie money or free money and
we could pay for college education that’s not gonna happen what’s good what’s gonna have to happen
is we’re gonna have to have rates as low as we could possibly have i’d like to
see more competition in the lenders now the devastating over the state law on
business i think you get less competition i’d rather have more
competition with private letters as well as government love letters nancy that as an ally deception if you
don’t know the details of this policy you might think it always seems like all
he wants competition so the rates are lower and that the government has taken over
by kicking out the private acts none of that is true let me tell you
what the realities and i know that mit romney now in the past what happened was he
would get a government loan but there’d be a middle man a banker who would take
a certain kind of now the banker didn’t guarantee below it
was a government who did so the banker served no purpose
whatsoever except to take some money in the meadow he says competition but you know that
already since if banks can give al those college loans at a lower rate than the
government they knew today nobody stopping them bite means give at interest rates loans lower than that government annual have
act although college students applying for those loans but they don’t do it they can’t do it
their rates are that low so when mitt romney says all our foster
competition it’s not remotely true what he wants to
do is protect those banks that were in the
middle sucking up all that money you know who pays that extra money students in the form of higher well interest rates you know how much present all mama’s
twenty ten proposal uh… that actually pass a bust imitate given credit for this all time so other ran things that i think he had
out apart mit not a mixed message not a mixed bag this was the death with the right thing
to do with it it’s age students sixty eight billion dollars all relevent nears doesn’t check tend to get on a savings that goes to the next generation of
people who want that have the opportunity to be able to do as well as mit romney
did in his career in terms of success and money if that’s what you
care about and of course a lot of americans do care
about that now marami says no no we got to the
banks back in the middle so he is a talking point about how it’s a
government takeover the government was providing alone in the first place ok
he’s trying to deceive you in order to make sure that people who are trying an
education pay more money with people play a
significant rain which is a giant banks he said that’s one at hotmai isn’t
cheyenne fraud the entire whatever’s campaign this upon all money out of the
middle class and to the very top one-percent et cetera the execuse that
those bags and this proves that perfectly because
he can’t possibly believe the lies that he just told you that program by president obama one of
the great bills that he got passed and mit romney can’t wait to undo it to
get the final lap tens of billions of us back to the banks
it makes me sick when i think about it because you know what more second on
that right think about that right here’s a guy who knows i hand this screw all those tubes and make them for pay more money so we can get another sixteen billion
dollars the pop back goes the banks are can’t promise in that
case this is not totally wasteful middlemen anything small about sprayed on might do
that i don’t care like this is a conscience maybe these
are the things that don’t for politicians they don’t care about at all they’re like alb the at whatever but to me dot an army intend to mature aware but i think i’d be sick over what i did to those
students if i did that but i think my god that they’re gonna spend an extra couple
years of their lives they’re not gonna be able to go on vacation like busy days of the president are about
this i think they’re virani goes on as sensitive and it will go on vacation
and i’ve been able to afford sti you know so many things for the kids
et cetera et cetera cuz i ain’t one of my banking zeiger friends to make an
extra problem million dollars apiece it’s just

100 comments on “Obama Vs Romney on Student Loans”

  1. jazzdude904 says:

    No, his campaign has focussed on the middle class. It is not fair to tax someone more based on income, that is all he is saying. And Obama turned his back on us and didn't live up tot he things he said. But, he has "changed" this country…for the worse.

  2. ForbszVids says:

    Americans are to ignorant and stupid to realise they already have a good president vote OBAMA!!!!!

  3. MrUnbeatable415 says:

    romney targets certain cultures and kisses their asses

  4. D W says:

    @Mrunbeatable415 #teamobama

  5. Jessica H says:

    obama is going to make us have chips look it up!!!!

  6. kamenrideromega1 says:

    Well, at least Obama is from a middle class family so they have experience what it's like out there, on the other hand, Mitt Romney is from a family of Republic politician so he is rich since he is born. I doubt that Romney understand the middle and lower class since he is a part of the 1%.

  7. livingisaight says:

    Romney's dad fought his way up through poverty. shut ur hole

  8. arenbesim10 says:

    shut up and read a book.

  9. Michael Hastings says:

    Um… $68 billion is a lot of money. But it really isn't that much compared to the $16 TRILLION he's put us in…

  10. livingisaight says:

    Can you all do us a favor and stop liking Obama because it's the "cool" and young "hip" thing to do. Think long term and BIG picture and realize what this man is doing to our country.

  11. livingisaight says:

    no, thanks

  12. SavedByGrace says:

    you're right the word nigger is not funny. No i'm not racist it makes me laugh a bit because i wonder how people came up with the stupid word. However disrespecting and finding something a bit funny is different, now ive said i feel a bit sorry for black people because they are still disrespected as if thouse people still live in the 1950s era. Still think i'm disrespecting black people Sasha?

  13. SavedByGrace says:

    I don't get how i disrespect myself but whatever. Goodnight to you

  14. William says:

    Mitt Romney just can find a way to connect with the common man, no matter how hard he fires them

  15. dunstan5980 says:


  16. mohammad chenchar says:

    Ehh Im an Obama supporter, but it makes sense if the rates go up, because republicans usually make the economy better.

  17. Ahmed Ali says:

    đø чøυ αłωαчš ƇȖȒṨἝ LIƘΣ ƬHIЅ?

  18. all over the world says:

    Obama.. nt cuz he black bt bc he cleanin up messes BUSH made his 8 yrs of blowin shyt up.. -___- obama found Bin Ladin.. while Bush couldn't think of the right places.. who said Obama ain't doin nothin

  19. Tutti Frutti says:

    Umm Obama thank you very much!!!! Sorry but Romney just isn't the right choice! Like if you agree!

  20. Nno Reality says:

    i couldn't get any student loans through the govt since it ran off my parents income. my parents aren't the ones who would pay that! and now i work for a credit union…the CU isn't allowed to lend for student loans…maybe i have my facts mixed up but the way student loans were in 09 seriously screwed me over. 🙁 that being said…im voting for obama still. im middle class and i know romney isnt on my side

  21. funkyfresh1131 says:

    It really pisses me off how many people think Obama was a good president
    Go ahead someone challenge me

  22. Dylan Fisher says:

    i think we all know who the best person for the jobs is people. its patrick star. patrick star promises to keep the dream going. to raise jobs at the most fantastic eating establishment "krusty krab" he promises to keep jobs open and a better field of science going on. PATRICK STAR 2012.

  23. Stevan Gonzalez says:

    Id vote for Romney but at this point im making plans to move to Dubai. I dont need a crystal ball to see in less than 20 yrs the Chinese economy will surpass the U.S. This government is no longer controlled by the ppl, it is on a run away to a complete collapse. At this point the gov. is just preparing to ensure its survival, not yours. Are only hope depends on entrepreneurs to create something bigger than the internet to gain massive capital. Romney will increase those chances, not Obama.

  24. Stevan Gonzalez says:

    Either way im out, im not sticking around for the fall

  25. vjdsjgc says:

    @odane miller Obama didn't find Laden. SOCOM and other top notch fuckers did, though, Obama just happened to be in office during that time.

  26. MajesticWaffle says:

    @funkyfresh1131 challenge accepted, jk your right

  27. MajesticWaffle says:

    @dclarke9605 bush's "mess" is the only reason why there hasn't been another terrorist attack. And Romney can do better considering its impossible for it to get any worse.

  28. MajesticWaffle says:

    @Akins Land idiot

  29. Jonathan Dingus says:

    Everyone that thinks Romney is all for an america where the rich flourishes and the middle class is left to rot is an ignorant bandwagoner. Obama would be a good president/leader if this were a different country but it isn't. If you want a socialist country where wealth is distributed equally then move elsewhere but that is not the policy America was built on. If the founders could see Obama's direction today, they would shake their heads and look at the ground in shame.

  30. momewrathsout says:

    obama is not santa clause.. thats why you purcharsed home and life insurance..didnt you? of course you had to pay for your own roof. you suck face! obama dont know you and thats where your local state government steps in to help..boy you are not bright at all are you now? ps: dummy!

  31. Zac Williams says:

    I find it hilarious how terrible the grammar is in the comments of YouTube. You people are the reason no one reads the comments!

  32. brandonse167 says:

    The difference is, Obama is TRYING to ruin america

  33. nataliee771 says:

    YES. This is perfect! The people who want Obama are the people who dont want to fucking work and collect money from the government, (which isnt helping with our trillions of dollars in debt) because they think its unfair that they have no money. Like the rich are rich for a reason, and if you TRIED you'd have money too. Spread the wealth my ass, get your own damn money.

  34. nataliee771 says:

    Yeah and Bush tried too! They blame him for how horrible america is now, but who was in congress when Bush was president? The democrats. So it goes both ways.

  35. nataliee771 says:

    You are so right. If Obama gets put back in office, every ones screwed.

  36. Rexy says:

    Why don't they just create an exact clone of Reagan?

  37. funkyfresh1131 says:

    dont get me wrong i do not like romney either but i am referring to the people think obama was an overall good president

  38. funkyfresh1131 says:

    Finally someone who thinks like I do
    Obama is a good guy just not a good president

  39. Zac Williams says:

    You obviously can't read, considering you don't know anything about what he "has done"? Unemployment has gone up since he was elected. That equals…LESS jobs. Grammar matters everywhere, respect the language… I'm sure most people don't care, but most people who don't (that are watching YouTube all day) don't have jobs either.

  40. Carlos Vega says:

    Why are you blaming Obama and not your states "leaders"? Thats like saying, "STUPID TEACHERS" when its the parents fault. Don't argue when you CANNOT see the bad and good in a picture.

  41. ram9494 says:

    u rather have a fuckin crook like romney as president or obama whos trying hes best, u dumb ignorant fuck, everyone knows obama is gonna win by a long shot cause romney is a pathetic candidate, any other republican would have been better

  42. Ydvivon says:

    Check out this video
    Frank Chopp vs Kshama Sawant Debate 9/25/2012

  43. Ydvivon says:

    Find it on youtube

  44. nataliee771 says:

    I don't know what the middle class is? That's funny because last time I checked I WAS middle class. The middle class is not lazy? Well most of them aren't, thats true, but the ones who don't have to work and just live of government checks every month.. I guess there not lazy either right? The guy who created facebook, he was smart and made a social networking system that was cool and everyone enjoyed. He was smart about what he did, thats why he got rich! I'm really not a "lazy fuckass" but ok..

  45. Alkohollokaust says:

    first of all, no country has "equal" wealth. Theres rich people and poor people in every country.

  46. Justice Sportsman says:

    I'm a Obama supporter, and this was extremely bias. I like what you said but it loses all credibility when you call Romney a fraud.

  47. Lee Jackson says:

    Vote for Obama here if your for Obama thumbs up!

  48. kordz says:

    yeah, attacking Irak was totally the reason terrorists didnt bomb America again

  49. Artistic Shelf says:

    who in here for Obama?

  50. DreamCatcher575 says:

    a strong country has a strong middle class. the middle class buys products that we need which makes businesses who make the products rich. (if you play your cards right i heard that business is fickle) the middle class is not lazy. We are the working class. But rich people too had to work at some point to get rich.but who said we had money to spare to taxes? the economy isnt good now a days and it doesnt just take one term to fix a country. my opinion k? i dnt want hate comments on me.

  51. DreamCatcher575 says:

    i notice that a new president is often blamed for the last ones mistake. its like a stain left on america and each president has to work to get it out but it'll still be there. Just saying i mean politics is pretty tough ya know? correct me if im wrong. so, no hate comments plz!!

  52. Alex says:

    right now communism could really work for america..

  53. AyanaDej says:

    We share the same mindset! *youtube high five*

  54. roccat86 says:

    i wote obama ofc and i m white

  55. Parag0n says:

    From a foreign point of view I don't think Obama lived up to his election promises that he made to the people of the United States of America.

    It was all about Change and Hope and I actually thought the US could at least adjust it's foreign policy and eventually leave Afghanistan and Iraq, however the huge contingent of US Troops around Iran and the 4 Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Destroyers and underwater drones make me nervous, I really hope the US doesn't start another war.

    Good luck.

  56. spaciousky says:

    who wants to pay for F…up schools ? wastfull schools ! with university degree and still so stupid and naive . and NO J O B . ***.4 years in university of california – time wasted, never used DEGREE, except for my love me wall, where is hanging my degree for last 15 years, as well as my student loans are hanging over my head for 15 years.

  57. Brice Ledford says:

    wow….. avereage democraps not giving a fuck about what the fuck is going on I WAS IN A GOD DAMN TORNADO THAT KILLED MY COUSIN but yeah dont give a shit IM DONE YOUR just a sad damn american you should be ashamed and you should aprriatiate my fucking father but no YOUR A DAMN AVERAGE DEMOCRAP NOT GIVING A FUCK !!!! ROMNEY 2012

  58. JRG says:

    Lowering interest rates will only inflate the cost of tuition!

  59. nfl2019 says:

    any politician= liar

  60. Gameing Expert8004 says:

    Why does Obama talk like a southern black man in front of one Audience & then speaks with a normal accent in front of another? We don't even know who Obama is! It is time for Obama to go! We saw how Incompetent Obama is at the debate! Why would anyone vote for a guy that has put the country in its poorest position in history? It's time to fire Obama!!!! You can try to put whatever spin on his record you want, but the bottom line is that Obama's record is worse than bad & that's the truth!!

  61. everydaytea says:

    I'm much more concerned with Romney's complete and sudden overturn of policies than I am with any changes in Obama's articulation. Call me crazy, maybe I need to get my priorities in order.

  62. Zackery Fix says:

    They are not the only individuals we can vote for!!!

  63. Zackery Fix says:

    Start at 3:16. All truth.

  64. Galgamesh says:

    Pure gold man, couldn't have said it better myself. People need to open their eyes.

  65. Kristena Rose says:

    yeah im scared haha. VOTE OBAMA

  66. Kristena Rose says:

    yep people do not realize he is a FRAUD im praying people will realize it but probably not

  67. mehret belaye says:

    i vote for Obama. Obama! Obama! Obama! Live longer Obama!

  68. 444suse says:

    Annual tuition fees for student in Scandinavia are normally just 200-400 $. If you worked 2-3 months during summer break you likely don't have to take any loans at all. (example studying to become teacher)

  69. juu juu says:

    Do you dislike the ads on Youtube? Well, they want to know what you think, go here bit.ly/WRSk0h?=jktjaa
    They are giving away iPhone 4s to the first 1,000 that answer the 5 easy questions!

  70. emari1000 says:

    Obama this way

  71. azoresjr says:

    So you're saying that you could care less about the futre of the United States? You could care less about your children and thier futures? You don't care that we are trying to recover from a recession and make your future better than it is now? Ok then. I mean, you got a freedom of speech. Why not use it right? But do me a favor. Don't start complaining how the United States is so bad possibly years form now. if there is anyone to blame, it's yourself for not making a vote.

  72. Artistic Shelf says:

    does that really work??:O

  73. Artistic Shelf says:

    one thing i hate about Romney
    1. he copies every single thing Obama said!!

  74. Victor H. says:

    OBAMA ALL THE WAY. he is perfect, he makes sure that lazy people gets out of their house and do some work, and btw obama took down bin laden…………his poeple are fat and need to work

  75. Aaron Chau says:

    Obama.Mitt Romney lowered taxes for the rich residents of MA and higher taxes for middle classed people I dislike that.How cheap! If Romney becomes president my family will have to move to Canada.

  76. Artistic Shelf says:

    somehow they both say the same dam thing!!

  77. Ben Ten says:

    Obama is a good man i just know it.

  78. Terrystan Abella says:

    romney doesent really care about the people in the u.s.a

  79. Sheila Chlebus says:

    Why am I having trouble sharing this on facebook?

  80. Churchy says:

    greets from Austria 😉

  81. kk cudeful says:

    but you have to amitt any way you will be a slave

  82. Flizzle says:

    Romney is trying to do what happened in The French Revolution thats like 300-400 years ago. Hes trying to make all the lower clases pay for the rich

  83. Mir Tamanna says:

    Hi there, did you hear about "BoxObama" (search on Google for it)? There you will be able to enjoy a fun boxing browser game and even get a new iPad. I like that it is free. Command President Obama to hit Mitt Romney or the opposite way round. Many people have actually played at this point, you may want to become a part of the fun also…

  84. Seelenverwandt says:

    Y. Like it or die.

  85. nellies says:

    w.e bro, i wouldnt mind the extra $1,000.00 too much, because our national debt is NASTY! if every student, 21.0 million, were to pay 1000 more, that would be 21.0 billion! I dont know about you guys, but I dont want to leave my dollar worthless to my kids, and a ugly national debt…we want everything for nothing, and our kids are going to suffer for it if things dont seriously change. America isn't united anymore, otherwise…we wouldnt be so selfish

  86. Artistic Shelf says:

    din't like and im still A-L-I-V-E!!!

  87. Artistic Shelf says:

    I'm for President Obama and u dont know everyone so stop saying the word STUPID!!!

  88. Artistic Shelf says:

    I'm not going to tell you that you're S-T-U-P-I-D because everyone have their own choise and taste.
    I'm for PRESIDENT bARACK OBAMA and nobody can change my fcking mind!

  89. Artistic Shelf says:

    I wish you a big big good luck President Obama!!

  90. timcrow420 says:

    I voted for obama 4 years ago, not voting for him this year because he dissapointed me and appointed many of the same people from the Bush Administration and extended the patriot bill and added to it with the NDAA bill.

  91. Artistic Shelf says:

    Its not Osama or Obama its President Barack Obama!!!

  92. timcrow420 says:

    ill be sure to get back with you in 4 years, atleast Colorado and Washington did the right thing last night.

  93. lala pooh says:

    But he won though!

  94. BigLe2e says:

    cause that actually = kazakhstan
    Is Borat typing up these captions?

  95. MJFan625Moonwalker says:

    Hey liberals, it's not the government's job to pay for your college lol.

  96. Koolk951 says:

    You would have to be even stupider to vote for a conservative.

  97. Erik S says:

    If Romney where in the oval office interest rates would've gone to market rates of over 8%

  98. Richard Walsh says:

    Erik is a psychic and can predict possible futures

  99. Artistic Shelf says:

    11 month ago? what the fuck?

  100. zelda64rules says:

    Among the top 5 donors in both: J.P. Morgan Chase. Sounds to me like both don't care.

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