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(gentle music) – Hi my name’s Margie Stornetta,
I have lived in Santa Rosa for the last 50 years. I was a Quicken Loans client
for about two or three days before our home burned down. I wanted to, to consolidate
the loans that we had on our house. I think we closed on Wednesday or Thursday and our home burned down Monday morning. – So we were down in Palo
Alto and my mom’s phone rings. And it’s one of her neighbors
and she goes Margie oh my God we smell smoke and we see
fire up on the hillside. And I told my parents
I said I gotta go back. I gotta go to work and
I’m gonna go to the house and see if I can salvage anything. We started driving up the hill and as we came up it was to the ground. (gentle music) – I got your message, this is
Andy Brooks from Quicken Loans and I thought oh no. They want us to pay the
loan off or something and then when Michael
told me that you called because you were concerned
and to offer any assistance and that there were options
for us then I relaxed a little bit and then I was like okay. They offered me a forbearance
on our payments which, which meant that we didn’t
have make that first payment after all. The whole team was amazing. They answered their phone,
called me right back. Emailed, assured me that
not to worry about anything. I was just like wow, this
is so easy which is what we, we really needed that. – An event like this as
terrible as it is brings out the best in everybody. You really get a chance
to see who people are, who companies are. Your efforts in everything
that you do make a difference in people’s lives. And, ’cause it’s made a
difference in our life. For sure. – Building a really good relationship. One where people know that
they can count on you. The amount of work that goes into that, that’s one of the reasons
I appreciate Quicken Loans so much. You guys have really
done a great job for us. (gentle music)

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