Ode to Greed (with subtitles) – Payday 2 Big Bank Trailer

I, me, my, mine and myself I’m convinced that everything that shines is gold If I could only get my hands on a seed of gold I would soon be rich I have seen how the rich smile so wide Wealth leads straight to happiness The seed of gold becomes a fruit that gives me life It hurts me, to see you lost like this The jealousy grows within you You are doomed to thirst for more Nothing will quench this thirst No! This is everything I’m dreaming of! Everything I want and everything I’m living for! If it is not given to me, I will take it by force! What has this possessiveness awakened in you? What has greed made you do? Listen to me! Silence! Out of my way! Listen to me! The excess is for me! Listen to me! Others can have the leftovers! – No!
– More! – No!
– More! – No!
– More! No! My treasures Diamonds Gold and silver My everything [Wilhelm scream] Look, your time has come! I can feel my strength fade away Fade away The abyss is opening! I can feel the flame of my life flickering Flickering Everything you have collected turns to dust Can I bring something across the river? – No!
– Yes! – Never!
– Please! – You know that…
– Silence! We all leave this world empty-handed Everything is over, my life is over Everything I own turns to dust Everything is over, my life is over The shadows finally devour me No! No! No!

53 comments on “Ode to Greed (with subtitles) – Payday 2 Big Bank Trailer”

  1. Isis Phalanx says:

    04:16 HAHAHAHAHAHA i will to hell after that.

  2. W0Y4K says:

    Overkill should've looked at the lyrics to this song before implementing a lot of the things they put in with all the microtransactions and such.

    It's like this song was Simon Viklund's warning to Overkill.

  3. CyanaAquarius_ says:

    bobblehead bob dlc character pack

  4. Adam Sanders says:

    4:20 omg poor guy!!! and there were no subtitles.

  5. HellSpoon says:

    what makes us strong
    and weak.

  6. gia says:

    the ending lyrics are so strong, the whole song is good but the ending is above all

  7. Wanna Know How I Got This Box says:

    4:19 In That Momment He Knew He Fucked Up

  8. 豬血糕(pighp) says:

    Poor Bob.

  9. MAJOR vs WILD says:

    The masterpiece ! <3

  10. Daniel gamer says:

    oh my god hes dead

  11. DanishWithAGasMask says:

    I am not a fan to this genre.
    But this song is awesome.

  12. Infantryman 26015 says:

    – 150,000 For Cleaner Costs

  13. DenNat ProStoS says:


  14. Blaster Gaming says:

    <— f you dallas

  15. NotASpyReally says:

    I don't play PayDay but this was really cool.

  16. Dani Blabla says:

    Damn Bobblehead Bob, Dallas tried to be nice and give you a bundle of cash and you fell off a roof juggling it… could't you have just dropped the cash and picked it up from the floor?

    BTW, that is a lvl 100 infamy 25 crew.

  17. Tim G. says:

    Introducing the new and updated skill "Stockholm Syndrom"

  18. TheOfficialNoob says:

    That guy that fell off the roof follows the payday gang everywhere ;-;

  19. Joshua Yuan says:

    Amazing subtitle!

  20. Joshua Yuan says:

    This trailer is so clever, they used the song to build up the atmosphere, and the lyrics fit the trailer's contents perfectly.

  21. Joshua Yuan says:

    I am Payday series' biggest fan

  22. Slop says:

    1:57 Hidden Disney Mickey

  23. Slop says:

    This is beautiful!

  24. Slop says:

    I never thought this piece made specifically for a video game would have such deep meanings!

  25. Chester Lo says:

    He did not die,if you want to know,also,his bulldozer model seems to sell great too,he appeared in hoxton breakout trailer

  26. Pepper The Birb says:

    [Wilhelm Scream]

  27. The BamBoozler says:

    Dallas had Stockholm Syndrome aced.

  28. MegaSmilee1 says:

    I found out about this song like ten minutes ago and it's the best song ever.

  29. Faucheur de la mort says:

    poor man

  30. theyellow Truth says:

    you lier

  31. soviet ship says:

    at least bob survive….maybe…………..

  32. Blek PL says:

    CIVILIAN KILLED! -9999999999999999999999999999999999$

    that means to dont kill civilians on death wish 😛

  33. thompsonwn says:

    1100 hours on pc this is the only song i use for ingame music

  34. LeoWalau21 says:

    The man at the last part, like really man? Really?

  35. Sten89 says:

    I don't need subtitles im italian……

    BUT Good Job boi

  36. † xLastRay_VI † says:

    he don t die don t worry

  37. Leif Holt says:

    4:13 Well thats kind of dallas

  38. Reza Daniel says:

    that concerned citizen need a medic bag

  39. Someone says:

    Ode to Greed would play.

  40. Adonis says:

    Bob did not died, you can see him in the hox. breakout trailer right before they enter the parking lot

    Bob: Get the fuck up
    Dallas: Ummm… wtf?

    3:13 "Wilhelm Scream"
    Me: ^-^

  41. toxic says:

    1:35 'Sokol'?

  42. Фаик Тагиев says:

    That ending is soooo sad!

  43. M3 M3 says:

    Nice subtitles ( don't even have )

  44. The Seeper says:

    Its so sad that the guy falls to his death in the end

  45. Incognito says:

    Alarm tripped pager did. Not Recive answer

  46. Incognito says:

    alarm tripped
    Pager did not recive a answer

  47. voltsy says:

    Where's the snipers on the roof? This trailer Is false advertising.

  48. Poignant Kraft says:

    Why aren't the civvies calling the fucking army when Houston has glasses on?

  49. Starbeach says:


  50. Giant Otter says:

    3:46 – SOFT POTATO

  51. XD Shrekt says:

    GenSec Wilhelm: *Gets Shot* AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! (Wilhelm Scream) 3:14

  52. Jaime Raymundo says:

    whihelm scream 3:14

  53. Korwynze says:

    this is a 2014 video ofcourse it has a wilhelm scream

  54. Kozmik Oynuyor says:

    0:50 when civvies see bodybag cases

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