On The Spot: Ep. 41 – Live it. Dream it. F*ck it. | Rooster Teeth

[intro music] Jon: My first team tonight never really did well in high school. Jon: They always got picked on by the jocks and never got the girls. Jon: Probably spent too much time alone in their rooms reading reading comics, watching cartoons, playing board games… Jon: If only they spent more time taking care of how they look, maybe someone would’ve noticed them. Jon: It’s just a couple of fucking nerds. Aaron Marquis and Tyler Coe. [cheering] Jon: [laughing] Get off me. Jon: My second team tonight had a different story growing up. Jon: Everyone flocked to them in school. Sports came easily to them. Jon: They had the veritable pick of the ladies for all the dances, and they practically had homecoming king giftwrapped for them. Jon: And the best part of it all, they weren’t even trying. Jon: It’s the popular kids themselves, Chris Demarais and Kerry Shawcross. [quieter cheering] Jon: I’m your host Jon Risinger, and welcome to On the Spot. [actual intro music] Kerry: You know what the fucked up thing was? Jon: What? Kerry: My girlfriend was the homecoming queen… Jon: Yeah? Kerry: I was not the king. [laughter] Jon: At the same dance? Kerry: Yeah. I mean, what do you mean? Kerry: Like, I was there. And I got to watch her dance with someone else. Aaron: And have sex with the other guy. Kerry: Yeah. Jon: What were you thinking the entire time that was happening? Kerry: Oh, I would, I was just wishing that there was whiskey in my Pepsi. [laughter] Kerry: I was just sipping a Pepsi like, “Argh man, this is rough.” Chris: At least you dated the homecoming queen. Kerry: Yeah. Chris: It’s something. Jon: And look where that got him! Here he is, on On the Spot. [joyless ‘whoo’ing from the crowd] Jon: Aah, welcome to On the Spot. Jon: Uh, we have a few orders of business before we get to games. Jon: Aaron, you okay? Aaron: What?! Jon: You okay? Aaron: Yeah, I’m fine! Tyler: No, he’s upset ’cause we don’t have a team name yet. Jon: Well first, I wanna say, this episode of On the Spot is brought to you by Audible.com and Credit Karma. That’s it. Boo-doo-doo-doo. Jon: And then we can, that’s all we need to do. Jon: We just need too say Audible.com and Credit Karma, and we’re good. Jon: You got a team name? Jon: You’ve been stressing about it. Kerry: He’s very stressed. Aaron: I haven’t really been stressing about it. Jon: You were literally rolling around on the floor earlier! Kerry: Yeah, you got up out your chair and– Tyler: It got very violent. Aaron: Did anyone see that? Aaron: No. Everyone sees what here, right now. No one saw any of that. Tyler: You were doing like the Ray Rice thing. . Jon: Oh, I forgot! He was supposed to start the game off on negative points! Tyler: That’s what it is, it’s like, “Nobody saw the footage.” It happened, Aaron. Aaron: No it didn’t, Tyler. Jon: I’m really sorry to Tyler– Jon: –but Aaron during rehearsal made sure to cement that you guys start off with negative 20 points. Jon: So I wanna make sure that’s reflected– Kerry: Is this an On the Spot first? Jon: Yes! It is! Kerry: Yeah. Jon: It’s an On the Spot first. Before the show started, starting off with negative points. Kerry: I think I’ve got a good team name for you guys: Losers. Jon: What team name, team name! Jon: Come on, come on. Aaron: That’s a fine name. I’ll go with Losers. Tyler: Yeah, let’s go with that. Jon: Losers. All right, Team Losers over here. Jon: What are you guys got? Chirs: Gay Hobbits. Jon: Gay Hobbits. Tyler: I like that. Aaron: Also losers. Kerry: That’s us. Tyler: Couldn’t you just call them hobbits, because we all know that they’re fucking in that movie, I mean– Tyler: I’m not saying that you guys were fucking, I’m saying it was clear that Sam and uh Frodo were definitely fucking. I mean, they were there for nine years. Jon: How’d you feel about that right there? How’d you feel? Kerry: I don’t think he’s wrong. Jon: How did you feel about that moment? Did you feel like you were going to– Kerry: No, I– I didn’t feel like I was getting anything out of that. Tyler: Brokeback Mountain could happen in like, what, they were out there for like two months? Kerry: Yeah Tyler: We’re talking 9 years. Somebody fucked someone. Jon: Brokeback under the hill Chris: Nine years? Aaron: You’re feisty, Tyler, I like you on my team. Kerry: It only took– Okay we’re about to get into facts Tyler: Wait, hold on– Kerry: It only took one year! Tyler: How many years did it take to get to Mordor? Jon: This is what you guys are playing for- Shut up! Shut up! Tyler: I thought it took nine! Chris: No! Jon: Golden Gus! Tyler: Well, okay- It was a year. That’s so long on Brokeback they fucked each other Jon: This is what you’re fighting for! Jon: Every time! [distant audience laughter] Tyler: I don’t have a problem with hobbits fucking, by the way. That’s fine. Chris: Yeah- Kerry: We all know it’s fine Jon: Where did-? Tyler: If you fuck– Jon: Fuck, it fuck it! We’re going to our first game, which is Sync About It. [someone makes a booping sound] Jon: No no no no, no no! You get off the set! You get off the set! Jon: You left. Jon: Sync About It is a game where we’re gonna give each team questions, they’re gonna answer the question one word at a time, back and forth between teammates. Kerry: Is this already the best episode ever? Jon: Yes. This is, this is the All-Star episode. Jon: Every time you hear the bell [bell rings], the other team gets to interject with a word, and the other team has to keep with their answer, using that word. Jon: Make sense, you motherfuckers? Tyler: I have trouble with this game. Aaron: Jon! How inappropriate for this game. Jon: Let’s go to the Losers for their first question. Kerry: Children watch this show. Jon: Nobody lets their children watch this show. Jon: God help you. Jon: How to potty train a child! Something you both are well-versed in. Jon: How to potty train a child. Jon: You good? Aaron: I’m waiting on you, baby! Jon: Just staring at me. “I’m waiting on you baby” Jon: Sixty seconds on the clock, how to potty train a child, starting off with my friend Tyler. Tyler: (under his breath) Thanks man. Tyler: First. Jon: WAIt! Wait sixty- go! Tyler: I said first! Aaron: Squeeze Tyler: Your Aaron: Child Tyler: Aggresively. Aaron: And Tyler: Firmly Aaron: Shake Tyler: Their [Bell rings] Chris: Ah, Jesus Christ. [Audience Laughter] Chris: Uh Chris: Ch- uh, baby penis. [Kerry wheezing] Jon: One fucking word! Kerry: Wiener! Jon: There you go, wiener. Tyler: We’ll allow it. Wiener. Um Tyler: Hold Aaron: Said Tyler: Wiener Aaron: Vigorously Tyler: But! Aaron: Gently Tyler: Because Aaron: Pedophiles Tyler: like Aaron: Prison Tyler: And [audience laughter] Aaron: Flowers Tyler: A- Also. Aaron: Potty Tyler: Train Aaron: Children Tyler: Because Aaron: Jared- [bell rings] Kerry: What- what was his word? Jon: I don’t know! Chris: Jared. Kerry: Is Tyler: A [buzzer sounds] Kerry: He’s a what?? Aaron: You derailed that thing. What happened that was- Aaron: I had a train of thought Tyler: I thought you were gonna like, do something with the baby penis. Jon: Boos from the audience. Aaron: I’d never do anything with a baby penis. Tyler: well that’s what we were trying to get to. Jon: Boos from the audience where your girlfriend is sitting. Kerry: Uh oh. He’s up- [Jon laughing] Jon: Alright! All: Ayyy!!! Miles: I saw the opening I went for it. Miles: Oh god he’s back! He’s back! Tyler: Run! Jon: I missed Miles. Barbara: [distantly] booooo Jon: booo! Miles: I’m right over here! Jon: alright, that was something. Y’know. Jon: You guys said words. And.. Tyler: Somebody said baby penis. I don’t know who that was. Kerry: Well I think it was- It had to be two people, technically. Chris: Yeah. Tyler: So unfortunate that we’re talking about that on the day that Jared Fogle, from Subway Jon: Right. That’s where this asshole was trying to take this Kerry: Yeah. Tyler: ‘Cus he went- He was doing stuff. Aaron: Read the news Tyler: He was diddling kids. Aaron: Figured it was relevant. Tyler: Yeah, it was. Kerry: Did you read this before or after your little nap? Jon: Yeah. Aaron literally walked on set and was like, “I just woke up from a nap.” Aaron: That’s not true! Jon: That is completely true! Kerry: It’s one hundred percent true. Aaron: That was in rehearsal! Rehearsal is a sacred time! Kerry: Rehearsal’s not Vegas. We can talk about it. [laughter] Jon: Alright, let’s read back this monstrosity. Aaron: Trust has been broken. Jon: First squeeze your child aggressively and firmly shake their wiener. Jon: Hold said wiener vigorously but gently Jon: Because pedophiles like prison and flowers. Jon: Also, potty train children because Jared is a.. Kerry: Is a what? that’s easy i want to point up the
healing it was an end that last sentence the sentence still didn’t make any sense well you didn’t see the last few words
you know we were just getting started and it’s gonna be good you have 60
seconds that was the ramble whatever let’s go to you guys is fine
with your questions I feel like we’re going to better how to get out of jury
duty ok how to get out of jury duty season
clock Chris like he’s ready we’ll start with
him ready set go call your lawyer and tell him you don’t pay
taxes and that the children don’t like it sorry ah Apple’s juries contain poison it and
you don’t like anal all right well it’s nicely I no longer mud where of longer am i
eligible jury gather me star wars he why do we want that one chris is doing charades after he’s like
June what were your injuries I feel like you could show a clip of you
doing that and you get out of jury duty for the rest of the way they can I think
we presented a good case you know you like it you can use
yourself that happened – I made a compelling argument and then like you
you have seconds on the clock and you don’t have to excuse me but uh leading
leading a leading question first off you don’t need a lawyer for getting out of
jury duty yes you’re not on trial you’re the one
deciding someone else is on trial buster they have a lawyer filibuster is totally
filibustering move to strike I’ll allow it I’ll strike him fucking
hate all you have to read that back call your lawyer and tell him you don’t
pay taxes and that children don’t like apples juries contain poison and you don’t like
a no sew best lee i no longer am eligible jury star wars thank you for capital I to be a clear it
was a little more decisive on that they were left national right what that’s
literally what you said I was not questioned Star Wars yeah that one !
that works why don’t you like if you want a jury
and they’re like Star Wars Star Wars they’re gonna not didn’t take you out actually that’s true so if you guys win
the round ya know what I’m sorry is are you doing doing some cards are ours is
like to though the new like 911 words like the politicians is a rollaway we
let politician out anything like that i was talking to Tyler for a second I turn
over and chris is talking about 9 to locate so you have like politicians will
say 911 is like a rallying thing you could say star wars and people are so
excited that you’ll win your argument but people are excited about me just
like that mean they’re excited i just gave you points so you should shut up all right no keep
going down this 911 path i’m sure the point is you can’t have made me melt
steel beams that are moving out there . yeah i think i want you but I was good i
like that sure Kari gets points from Thailand so
five points already in Jon Hamm right everyone settle down please shipping in Italy he’s like passengers
are going well god this sucks this here is working
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the spot I was going to say John I listened to the audiobook for
ready player one inaudible how was it is good i think it was Wil
Wheaton read it yeah they carry out a check now really yep and there’s like another one
was in the Wil Wheaton I another girl was the Martian that I’d
read the Martian that wasn’t really part of the reason to really like Matt Damon no no missed opportunity remember the
person who read it but it was actually really well done so one of the guys it
looks like Matt Damon right ok white people white people yet country give me the fucking belt but minus five
points no man I’m and Aaron’s like that’s a
Roger same game which is quick thinking not really I points3 points god damn it you fucked up my hemorrhoids
fucking me up at the house coach Florence before that all right let’s let’s find our points
are and what does that mean that it back well that means you’re the opposite of
positive points where this 50 let’s move on to a game called quick
thinking oh yeah that’s right into quick thinking is the game where he both teams
will be given a category and they’re going to give answers to that category
back and forth and troost game of hot potato they’re going to start off each answer
with the letter will have on the screen the letter will change to our just say
don’t know how to play the game like I don’t don’t tell him if he won’t know
it’s like I don’t I don’t really listen when you talk to like it’s I I don’t
know how to play the game so that’s why i was asking you this is
why he’s my teammate because you always said you’re taking too long to explain
how do we play can you repeat that hey John I think
you’re gonna I think your hair looks really nice today I’m gonna cry I’m sorry no it’s quickly think it’s
quickly think up quickly gives a game where you guys are going to get answers
for a category a chance going to start with the letter letter is going to
change that around you can go back and forth hot potato outside auto parts shut
down fuck out on . i’m not i want just let me give you this John take mommy and daddy are arguing
yeah like they’re arguing with like uncle Billy or something which ones
mommy which ones daddy you know my uncle Billy if i sell my mom if I speak an
answer is good you get points if I don’t you don’t get points side with the first
category is names for educational kids shows that will never get made so questionable names for kids shows
starting with what letter k Tyler my love you’re gonna start it
off 60 seconds on the clock ready set go chillin your parents yes
Chris kite-flying presented by Jared yes Karen the KKK comedy hours with your
dress got-dammit very uh clowns are great no
Tyler em mothers are wonderful no mother fucker continue my guide to
fucking your mother there you go Aaron how i fucked your mom to make your
children up head up sets our thank you no you didn’t say right Oh manslaughter and how to get away with
it correct l o L laugh love live know what practice Chris ah loving a your pet know what era
is actually look at these sexy children Comedy Hour hit escape as gary is get an
idol this to wait the air it well there’s nothing to make
the break your heart you doing Robert she wants to do you know I was there the
other guy who’s that kid now I never loved it mr. Foyle oh no that’s what
girls having their walls they have the day live when you go to target just like
a lecture is like the fucking sky is looking like yeah yeah rain is when it again afraid his wet
something I would you know it’s like live love laugh I mean just yet with a
dream that fuckit have you been drinking we have another
thing i want brighter not a pillow let’s find out what our second category
is things said in a sexy voice why is the bell in Chris hands now dude
get over there it got thrown on me well thanks and this morning he ever stinks
as a sexy voice that aren’t very sexy so if you guys can give me your sexiest
voices already discussed I got a little hard that’s why I sound
like like you turned to clay heard it was like an 80 year old smoker – yeah
sometimes like kids eat like their siblings in the in the yellow that was
him coming out in chester it’s me sometimes when Chester the molester um boards that were to start with letter
what letter B Chris when she starts off six o’clock was carrying things that
affect the voice that are very sexy go Chris be can you do my laundry for me and change
and change dishwasher yes shut up if the Aaron barber do my taxes Carrie just treat mmm No these are finished bowels yes great see you look at this bump captain Darren can you pop this in jess
scary corduroy pants this yes Tyler can you stood your finger out of
there is no great oh I the pusses yes what their jack Eric oh my god that hurts no Gary optometry how can just get yes points to carry on
that one that was sexy if i was actually making
out oh yeah I got it I mean I’ve always liked you but I can
you know what was your first just Tyler going to the microphone i can do like I can go debug do like the
Joker or no like Batman asking about the Joker where is he crazy that’s good that’s
good . have a large black lace value that so actually what everyone’s saying
bowels and deep voice the same time in unison yes all right ready 123 I almost a little bit of a harmony I
like that is good it is good that was that game that was that again um yes you guessed it good we really
didn’t do so bad you were good you’re so we’re going to do so bad wait
till his dad you know you like Aaron why are you still here get in the car and play a game at that I’ll before we get two points which I
know you guys are all waiting on the nbc4 when I think I can almost talk like
Tyler now if I but if I talk talk like this on top which is you know that she
was a big fat woman that went all all way which is a great big fat woman that
part is it I know that personally know it’s like
you don’t want me yeah i would fuck me you know that guy yeah what’s the most
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credit is actually go outside just talked about yeah have you ever had a loan what’s a scored
run if you’re not alone time no never I know give a degree no yes why one from
high school right okay there you go i bet our score is
tyler’s credit number but it’s not sure let’s find the points are there good
that’s good finally a low you want low credit night off and now going only on
and don’t have to redemption challenge you are and I’m so happy that you really
gross it’sit’s la it is gross in a very
special way I’m so thank you this is the week before thanksgiving
turkey and we will be doing it on the spot next week for thanksgiving because
it’s on a thursday on thanksgiving we don’t want to let you know religious
holiday it’s a holiday it’s religious holiday I’m not so sure about that that’s it the
idols they think you’d be imprinted in the parade it’s Thanksgiving next week you are and
so in honor of that somebody I would like 30 seconds on the clock if we can
get that ready to go and so all I want from Team losers is
for you guys to spend those 30 seconds on the clock telling me why you’re
thankful for me haha alright I don’t think Aaron can do this and I’m
going I’m going to get points for every reason that you can figure out why you
can just all these reasons you can list of what you’re thankful for me okay so
you know give just give me one moment to really kind of just kind of measure them
all out and stack them together how you want to see bring them to me so I 30
seconds on the clock ready set go I’m thankful for you
because you make me feel better about myself as a person nope no I’m thankful for you because you
show me how low a human can be in society but still function as an adult you’re really good good update you know oh let you guys know . for you stop the
clock wait I’ve got one I’m thankful for you because you look
kind of like the lead singer for my chemical romance and i miss never his name is a gerard way yeah yeah I know that because people say
that all the time no I’m the first you look like Tom
Cruise an interview with the vampire when it came out of the swamp okay you know what about the subject of
like no I started I hear when those the hobbits box right but did they fuck here Tom Cruise and brad pitt an interview
with a vampire I don’t like on set or like me in the difference here like in
the movie star planet swap in this morning when you get it’s called
one-sided conversation god I think that’s been this entire show
yeah all right one-sided conversation is a game where
each team is gonna give it a scene and they’re going to scenario and characters
they’re gonna act out that seem like actual improv actors you get some
pretend to be that good the thing is that we actually have the
same scripted but we’ve only got the script for one person so one person is
going to get their lines on your guts yeah budget cuts happens you know right
on strikes and all that kind of stuff yeah so one person that can do writers would
be fired before you left the yeah fair enough I so one person will get their script
and know they have it on card in in order and the other person will act out
the scene whoever can carry the scene and act of the same best gets points all
right he said my name that’s good so we’ll
start off with a Christian carry the start of a second because someone will
get on the other team wasn’t here for rehearsal Aaron well obviously I was because we
have negative points I was not hear it all right so I you
guys let’s see what you’re seeing is all right Kari having decided that
enough is enough is finally going to break up with Chris over dinner after
being together for a five years from for for being get five years about how long
would eventually yeah actually kind of figured that out
that actually was good actually find out like with the pokemon post try to find
out when you guys king so primary asian you’re not anymore you get your breaking out with chris
christie you get the lines ok I’m not looking I’m not looking there you go
there’s your lines help though so 60 seconds on the clock to act at
racine carrée you start stops and I got an agenda ready set go hey Chris thanks for having dinner with me tonight
– can I talk to you about some have been thinking about for a while do you want to do something crazy just
killed trying tonight yeah well I mean I guess what i have to
do is kind of crazy because it’s something I thought I’d never have to do
me ya see me right I feel like being a little body how
about you girl it see I think this is the problem is I
feel like sometimes you don’t listen to me no I hear what you’re saying but I
think you should just see this tattoo that I got today off your face on mine
is that’s really bad timing because I want
to talk to you about was that I’m just not sure if we should continue to see
each other completely well I’m percent that’s funny because I
already get matching tattoos on your ass while you’re sleeping on what what what
this place has a violation of privacy I what how would you how did you do that
you are always so tense at dinnertime okay because I break up with you and you
just dance with me a little bit my think that would be good or really bad for
this whole situation that’s a little dance space with all the
girls oh yes we always your dance floor right here whoa roller that was why I didn’t make you really
shove his ass up there that’s how Chris always assumed position
when he’s ready to dance with you guys can get a pillow because you are you
having a little difficulty and I mean it’s a very little difficulty and let me
get my drift we have a roll of quarters yeah there
you go all right fantastic I feel like I feel like we we all we all
felt something there we laughed we lived we like I felt something yeah love it love it fucking yeah yeah
that’s on the right and you know when it’s up the bottom and sticker twig you
know it’s I mean either way it’s gonna hurt words to live by I think I want to serve
it’s like a little big big brand new longer feel good what’s your son he’s not find out what
you’re seeing is what you’re seeing I’m terrified about this I’m not good
all right so Erinn is a sports news correspondent who is interviewing Tyler
at the hotshot football coach after the biggest game of his career is playing to
their strengths um ya want to be fair my plane are you
ready baby are are made for you guys okay okay so I Aaron you get lines ok I saw the first one it is really get
the line he gets the lines cuz i know i’m doing a pic a sexy like ready set go go ahead start now you start home how you feeling right now about that
game feel great uh coaches are not coaching players not
playing need to play better but what do you have any regrets about
what happened tonight yes yeah like it well what are some of them
just you know we could have played better you know I always play playing is
important and what are your thoughts on allegations being presented against you I did not I didn’t do that and why
wasn’t i wasn’t even in the room at the same time that that was a completely
different thing ok so you say maybe you wouldn’t have
gotten caught if you had hidden the body is better I do not I didn’t touch anybody’s I
don’t know if anybody’s I didn’t Adam I didn’t I didn’t do any of that I didn’t kill those hookers right right
and why’d you only shave half of their heads interesting choice for the best football
coach and more why did all of them have toothbrushes
large in the rectums and all over again do you think that I can explain that one
no we’re not ready and I had to clean them i don’t like your dirty ass so we have words to live by again put it
all on a pillow yeah I see a line of pillows let’s on the target is in all of that
spread at all on ya whole Lyons the dark one and only three assholes no not so I mean thats dark I mean
technically technically so I had my line it actually reads a well I want to thank you for your time
and I hope you burn in hell good evening oh was i supposed to be
Jerry Sandusky is out what this was fuck it’s just that it was that is this
sport sing let me tell you John if you google that name you’re gonna
have an afternoon how do you feel about diddling but I
feel like if it’s a finger grips with the subway was bad this guy points he fuck you you fuck
it’s not funny peep at I’m not trying to make a joke he
did in the cupboard used to be clear he points to I’m gonna go audience think
you’re funny I just sitting here all right all right
tell you if it’s gonna make you warm and now the team you guys don’t see ya it’s still here points to you guys hey
good job I think we wanna know you made your choice you made your choice what it is let’s find out what points
are at the end of all that I think there are good things to keep tally with what
are the points there a few like we’re and I made of stone and a shot when the
delay we usually can well wait was that what was the previous
round no dude oh it looks like and just by a
little bit you guys one was just by there you go barely golden Gus I’ll take the weekdays
you take weekends yeah yeah yeah maybe alternate yeah ok I
want to thank creditkarma.com inaudible , for sponsoring this episode it’s more fun i want to never do this
again bye everybody this is madden with our new best friend
Dan Campbell from the band The Wonder Years hi on hopeless records is going down I’m
good I am NOT I’ve never played madame with
two people on each side yeah hell yeah it’ll be an adjustment
and it is the only video game I know how to play so I’m how weird well that’s that’s a
little bit of one of us is wonderful

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    I got my first Jury summons the other day. Thank you for the wonderful advice.

  17. Robby Dailey says:

    Why does Chris' face always look like he's worried about something?

  18. Emily Cornelison says:

    It's okay Kerry, I miss My Chemical Romance too.

  19. MyUserName says:

    This is amazing. I love how this show has slowly declined to 'Lets see who can piss off Jon the most and make him give up on life'.

  20. Sean Sharp says:

    how long have barbara and aaron been dating?

  21. Wilhelm says:

    What did Kerry say?

  22. Brinean C. says:

    This is the only episode of On The Spot I've ever seen.

  23. Brandon Stride says:

    I really do love Kerry, but he looks like an ugly girl without makeup. Sorry

  24. Doge The 2nd says:

    And people tell me I have a deep voice, and then I hear Tyler's voice, which made me vastly reconsider my life

  25. Edgimos Animations says:

    2ed most funniest on the spot

  26. Doge The 2nd says:

    the redemption challenge had me in tears

  27. EmoShep says:

    Now that I think about it John does look a bit like Gerard Way XD

  28. Hammerd Walrus says:

    what did Kerry say about 9/11?

  29. Hammerd Walrus says:

    list of offensive things said in this video:
    9/11 joke by Kerry
    Jared Fogle refference by Aaron
    Jerry Sandusky refference by Tyler

  30. QueenKeyrona says:

    Goodness Jon was really salty in this one.

  31. breseman says:

    What did Kerry say say at 10:00?

  32. Ashton says:

    The mental stability of Jon is slowly declining each show. XD so funny.

  33. TwitchAssault says:

    Can someone please tell me what Kerry says at [9:57]? I couldn't hear him over Aaron talking to Chris. Tyler seemed pretty pleased with it so I would really like to know. All I heard was "steel beams" I think.

    After typing the above, I played that part back a lot and did he ask "Can I just say that I's sue for smelt steel beams." 'Cause I think that what he said.

  34. bloodrunsclear says:

    And the host rapidly loses his mind again XD

  35. Angry Sun says:

    the quick thinking game is so unbalanced. Why is always one person on one team the first to get a new letter.

  36. Angry Sun says:

    there also dosen't need to be a timer on most of these games

  37. Chief Nuclear says:

    I wonder how many free trials to audible I could have by now…

  38. Adam Herbst says:

    Laugh, Love, Lymphoma

  39. Zander Asact says:

    sooo… John winked and i just bought all of audibles catalog. am i doing this right?

  40. Julian Wivina says:

    Look at Barbara giving Miles the evil eye at 28:50 lol

  41. Makayla Reitman says:

    This isn't even a game show anymore now it's like who can piss Jon off the most

  42. Ollie Pugh says:

    I hate to say it but I think on the spot is like an old dog… It's only s matter of time before you have to put it down…

  43. MetalheadMC says:

    John had a bit of vinegar in him this episode

  44. Figgle Terp says:

    jesus christ 28:50 – 28:52 barbs look towards aaron changed drastically when he turned around, i sense some trouble going on

  45. Cat says:

    We need an On the Spot shirt that just says "Live it. Dream it. F*ck it."

  46. Evan Castro says:

    how is this show not cancelled? it blows.

  47. Tyquon Clay says:

    "say something sexy""Barbara do my taxes"

  48. Gaming Yuki says:

    rwby the anime. ya.

  49. モバイル Sentry says:

    This episode was a trainwreck but i enjoyed every moment.
    Also watch bab's face at 28:50, she's so done.

  50. Micaela Silva says:

    "I saw an opening and I went for it-OH GOD HE'S BACK!" XD I love Miles.

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    What is Jon's thing with pillows?!?

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    I think the reason John has long hair is because this show is slowly causing him to go bald and he is trying to hide it.

  53. Yolo Swaggins says:

    I think Tyler is quite funny

  54. RDeathmark says:

    i wanna give Jon a hug after this episode.

  55. Lazar Ruzic says:

    So Aaron and Barbara didn't see that coming

  56. MLP Shawn says:

    DANG Jon got beautiful eyes!!!😍😍😍😍😘

  57. MLP Shawn says:

    Can someone make a compilation of Jon getting mad!! that be amazing!

  58. MLP Shawn says:

    Octopus…. yes please. that had me dying😂😂😂😆😆

  59. lunarya says:

    Jon is going to end up killing somebody

  60. Logan Gibson says:

    This is my favorite episode so far. It was a beautiful mess

  61. Erika Larsen says:

    Miles/Aaron butt grab at 28:49

    there u go

  62. magictrick says:

    Tyler really sounds like buffalo bill

  63. TheRandomhobo123 says:

    this was the best on the spot episode

  64. Daniel Pruitt says:

    if you are a internet troll listen to this 13:28

  65. Cody Thomas says:

    what did kerry say bout steel beams?

  66. Jacob Weedon says:

    When he said keep going with the 9/11 he should have said "keep going with the 9/11 jokes, the points will keep on flying in"

  67. kai lmao says:

    When you realize it's Interview with THE Vampire c;

  68. Gifdar says:

    They should have Chris and his mannequin girlfriend go on, on the spot

  69. Edward Newkumet says:

    I'm late to this, but how many guys at rooster teeth has Barbara dated?

  70. Kaden Petersen says:

    "live it laugh it f*ck it"

  71. Grimalkin says:

    imagine Ryan on that redemption challenge

  72. Jarnsaxa says:

    I never noticed that Jon looks like Gerard Way, he doesn't even look that much like him, but now it's all I see when I look at him…

  73. Carlos Alaniz says:

    I have jury duty at the end of this month and this didn't get me out of it…

  74. kim says:

    Jon is slowly loosing his sanity…

  75. Daku Raita says:

    does anybody like chris? i like chris

  76. Julien Becker says:

    Dude, RP1 is my fave novel. #SorrentoIsTheRealHero

  77. i cant splel says:

    you know sync about game would've been way easier with 1 person

  78. Cayden Beatty says:


  79. Overtired says:

    Boy, Chris was believable as a creepy, obsessive boyfriend.

  80. Privatepain1234 says:

    "Tyler whats the most important number to you" "my moms phone number" "no.. its not your age. its not your iq. its not your moms phone number although WE ALL HAVE IT" please tell me i wasnt the only one to notice..

  81. rebecca elizabeth says:

    Every time Credit Karma sponsors them i'm waiting for somebody to respond to jon's question of their favorite number with "credit score"

  82. cutelily1208 says:

    Jon is so good looking damn!

  83. El Max says:

    Still watching this in August

  84. amberautomatica says:

    They should bring back 1 Sided Conversation.

  85. Aviator Mage says:

    Miles is a god among men

  86. G_Guy001 says:

    This is the funniest Aaron has ever been up to this episode 🙂

  87. Gildarts Winters says:

    Jon's pillow fettish strikes back, a new Star Wars film! #cryingjon

  88. shawn boyce says:

    the video of kerry in the big suit that burnie was talking about name is? can't find it

  89. Haley Grisham says:

    Aye this was filmed on my birthday.

  90. Thomas Portaneri says:

    I'm from the future to tell you not to let James put his hands on the Golden Gus

  91. Fiction Addiction says:

    Why isn't Jon's hair ever actually parted?

  92. Elena says:

    Why don't they play the game 1-sided conversation anymore?

  93. Ollie8 says:


  94. Heather Rose says:

    Aaron acting like pac-man

  95. Giacomo Zeitgeist says:

    0:55 OMG Jon's hair is G O R G E O U S 😀 😀

  96. Bob Stachowiak says:

    John: "What's the most important number in your life, Tyler?

    Tyler: My Mom's phone number.

    John: It's not your age, it's not you IQ. It's not your Mom's phone number, even though that's very important, and we all have one.

    (I just walk off punching everyone and I don't return until the show ends)

  97. barbaro267 says:

    17:58 BOWELS

  98. Tina Xu says:

    It’s like Jon is dealing with preschoolers

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