On The Spot: Ep. 46 – Trump of the Corn | Rooster Teeth

*music* The best way to describe my first team tonight is that if there was a successful British sitcom comedy that went on for a few good seasons, gained a sizeable fan base these guys would be the weird American spin-off version that never got quite past the pilot episode… it’s the two whitest boys in town Tyler Kohn and Kurt Johnson my second team tonight kind My second team tonight kind of remind you this kids on the street
that you ever really wanted to feel comfortable around and kind of avoided
but your mom somehow became friends with their moms you happen to like awkwardly
play with them at their house like like just did you hate that anyways please
welcome Jeremy Dooly and Trevor Collins I’m your host Jon Risinger and welcome to on the spot don’t talk to me while I’m introing okay it’s good to
be here yeah all right great he didn’t very
happy to be here he didn’t ask though that’s why I got to know they’re just
ready to be amicable even without prompt yes exactly listen I gotta hold the show to a higher
standard yeah I I feel like we’re uneven with our wardrobe well I were just a couple of blue-collar
guys yeah you’re blowing your load and your Joke and we’re just that’s what we’re just right out the
front of my eyes you know middle and they’re hard-working neither
are expected range i have a real track you need to kind of avoid your own home
boys like you – but the guy that uses the butt of a
wrench instead of the head because he is that good there you go terminology there are two
ends so there are two uses exactly up and tell me what’s going on here some
people are kind of dressed up for the situation yeah and some people are
dressed appropriately this might be the first time that’s
where my guest is like way fancier than I’ve ever been on the show well it’s
because our struggles and I were sitting on a little bit edition one guest’s to
people such as you well you’re gonna do it right I saved your life exactly I respect the show on the spot
and it’s themes and motifs and that’s why I dress according to the coast the total john is a good example for
on-the-spot let’s be honest here it was actually pretty close to giving
you guys bonus points 3 well yeah I mean I said you are based on bone hard one I feel like I’m ready just to hear your
Jeremy’s like business pitch of what what is your sell maybe your pitch at
some point our guys in it it’s not about all right so and shut up kert welcome to another episode of on the
spot we have a few orders of business to get through before we get two games first is this episode is brought to you
by credit karma and Squarespace they’re up there thank you very much for a sponsor’s
episode hopefully it is to your liking and we have a game later on we’re going
to need your prompts for we’re going to play impromptu bitch if you want to use
the hashtag OTS prompt you want to tweet us person place or john rowe we might
pick some good ones and use them and we might ban people that get bad one so
that that works out good for everybody other than that you know some of you
guys are fighting for obviously the golden Gus well okay but we’re not sure Curt have you
ever not will negotiate for exact an interesting point that to bring up at
the top of the show I have been robbed many times I’ve been
very close to winning and then you find a way in a way I find a way yes you finally fall of you yes somehow you
find a way to strip me of my winnings ya life in jurassic park right yeah John find online of the way I like to
think of it I’m regulated chaos male female frogs finisher there we go almost there ok so that is
the bags all the business you got to get through we’re going to go ahead and move
on to our team names so what I don’t quite know as soon as
it’s not necessarily just about you know winning that John it’s about God and
family first and everything we stand for that’s what we stand for so what’s our
team name it’s a jet that’s a couple of blue-collar guys this
is just a gravel blue collar guys that’s the name of your i was surprised and
kind of listening and you know I boy we’re on tour 365 was a blue collar
comedy tour we’re on tour but we do have time for
our family asked for is dressing down yeah well but not and got i absolutely
adore it when when Tyler goes into Texas mode
it’s fantastic I’m just being myself and disturbed you
know he only do I was be like you know what you’re doing i’m sure the walmart
there’s nothing wrong with that that’s right all i got a halfsie going on right now
what you guys as a team name Wall Street you want to go what we were
discussing team casual humor but i think i think we’re gonna go with team higher
standards higher standard because i like to show him to hold it up there right which is the host so far as I’m
surprised you guys didn’t go with team wrench but or whatever it was that you
were talking about before well AKA I think that’s synonymous with
the blue you no longer time and I’ve never seen a blue collar worker has not
used to a branch but so and you have a lot of experience because they all work
for you . exactly yeah that they’re like you know the common were even wonder
like life is mold out all right let’s move on to our first
game which is ABC stores are ABC’s the story time is the game where each team
will be given a scenario they’re going to act that snare like really improv
comedians and they’re gonna do that going back and forth starting each lines
their dialogue with a letter of the alphabet get to the alpha male get
points for each side of the alphabet they get negative points to use the
wrong letter and they can skip X and Z but you get bonus points if they use it
so that makes everybody yeah Mr loaded up on my ex terms yeah
just got a list of them on yeah and that’s all I’ve got something from 500
not really all in on extra navier– fit with the only actual out and play hey everyone the matter xenophobe that
used to be called patriot that’s what I’m all about you know what
I don’t know how I feel ten points Tyler and points it out okay
yeah we’re all those points with you no more which is an alien that we that we keep
out your window I got over there Derek words these colors don’t run that’s all
I know let’s go how it’s done all taxes for
some time here with the job I’ve no no other Tyler shut up we gotta go to the game oh
you’re we would like to find out what couple of blue collared comedy comedy
tour guys is named a server is what’s our scenario Tyler thinks that Kirk has a secret and
that secret is that he’s a werewolf Kirk his secret is actually just shit
himself in public so grab an interaction here we’re at
tylers trying to figure out what’s going on with the blue collar such where you
go happy all the time I was all just a couple of good old boys lose three ambra
but usually raccoon I so six o’clock what letter we can start off with a oh
right off the tight good old letter i will start off with
tyler on this one ready set go I mean it like a werewolf to come by
this neck of the woods you wouldn’t happen to see any suspicious activity
going on have you before you go any further there’s something important that
I need to tell you can you tell me do you think you can handle it if I do
everything I know says that I’m prepared for this moment
Frank I’ve told you this before and I’m just hesitant to tell you that again
it’s just very unsettling for me well help is what i can give you because
I know what you’re going through out but what I meant to say was no golly I don’t
think you do know what I’m going through well just because you say that you know
I you know I don’t know if that’s the letter that wasn’t a werewolf and k i’m
not a werewolf that’s not what I have to tell you I a I started to different letters with well
you got to think that’s just an utterance i think yeah I think yeah you
straight in with that you’re a werewolf and then also came at the end and just
wrap it up with ya there will always try they didn’t get
off to a good start don’t start off on a going to start stuff what else is
reading the ex I had a perfect and I don’t want her w werewolf yeah well ? as well yeah I exactly where yeah well in their world well well well
as every little light reading is it your werewolfism but I think we got about 13
18 letters and he did pretty good hey Tina I lost count yeah are there
that many I you didn’t get to go in your seats in
the mission sweetie I know I think that I don’t think we had 60 seconds there no you did we want to run it back no we
don’t know that we do it again we need a nap well this year and we need
to roll the tape back yesterday I mean we don’t do that here let’s move on to your guys’s scenario
and see if you guys can do a better job than that hmm your story is you guys are a long
time couple of artifacts are driving home after a funeral together oh yes we are good night everyone oh my
god jeremy is very upset and Trevor for
something he did the party but rather to know what it was and now we’re kind of
starting off that kind of himself that’s what scenario that happened this year we
couldn’t have planned wardrobe better what letter we can start off with d start off with the d 6 seconds on the
clock will start off with Trevor ready set go man driving driving home
ever been like this really just gets to me everything you say is just going in one
ear and right out the other for what reason are you being so abrupt
with me God do you really not even know how do you think that this is right
start at my eyes aren’t even there how do you think that this is right to
talk to me like this what I’m in the wrong I’m in the wrong here do you really think that what was wrong
with you Jeremy ok but finally just get your act together all right clearly went on the same page
loosen up all right loosen up my own business is all I did
but then you want to come in and just make things worse never have I ever oh never really
pleased Jeremy quite you like you to say things
along notice on to me after this telling me what it is I don’t know you’re
sleeping in the same back tonight tonight that’s it to every night I really
ridiculous that’s my trunks very true well I gotta go well oh alright tumblr helpful with that one
wow you guys were like on a roll they’re here for points underneath those
yesterday that i didn’t know we were role-playing we were just we just have
recorders going to rip it that’s not surprising though the
educated man yeah and we just came from listen my like to teach myself yeah mhm when I can literature hey PDI you get away with that bernie is
in there you’re gonna deal with that for each addition I mean when a man in the suit says that
to you listen I got another one no okay that was fantastic before we are so that
was that you guys around before we get to finding out how well the guys in the
suits did very well you may not think about these two words much Jeremy you
may not even know how important they are I’m gonna say what I’m saying once free
Jerry credit score Jimmy your credit scores I’m telling you nice hit two nothing
with it no i don’t how can i find out yeah maybe
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going to create , calm / on the spot right now after the show thank you hold on while I
was epic yeah yeah i think you said the
water was nothing is important at one time per port to port yeah but I really can wear your good
host you ever turn John overturn cards know anybody here turn turn is when one
guy had sex with a girl in the second guy comes in just turns it up yeah one that we were just talking about
that Jack we got you turn that milk and heard of it i don’t want to understand
now what our vascular know your mother milk butter you know something ya know
what what is turning credit card do turning credit cards just hacking travel
hacking yeah yeah yeah i like the second semen
joke huh spider with scores are huh . up whoa look at her solo to look over here
have bonus points and yeah they got a bonus points right extra well how do you
embed your wall Mars from back here I don’t have people for that so they can
just read what you’re thinking I say it out loud you didn’t say there
he must have missed it did you they did the letters they count the
letters back there oh now I maybe now it’s making sense now
it’s all making a very happy time is going on this fucking show this is my a few times right it’s just always so fresh and original
pies for so long yeah i mean all I see is lines in the road is this point
because I’m every day’s a blur countrymen and yeah it’s nice to not
fire people and we need to move on to our next game right move on to our next
game it’s fun we have to do is improve it we
have to move on you have you can’t do any more of this product which is a game
where each team will be given a person places on earth you’re gonna act like
the big writers for a movie pitch they’re going to give me their next week
film idea using those prompts the six and the clock to use those and come on
the best film idea that the one percent time and i will call it when they switch
people that make sense to you very finely dressed gentleman it does
when we’re ready to pitch we are here to pitch no jokes just we’re just going to go
straight to the point and you look the part for you guys hear something just
you’re gonna sell this movie move on in our next business venture business
adventure capital adventure is an adventure that . that’s why I’m here in
a few good memories like the kid who stole his death benefit and my dad was a
little yeah that’s exactly the same size as me huh let’s find out what higher standards
from higher standard hashtagging please you guys going to use John Cena pot up thank you on a cruise this is a horror
film from someone I can’t read there Nance falling dad’s fault nad nad
something next following that X volume on you know we want to shout out to
there we go I’m so John Cena on a cruise horror film
6x in the clock when you start with Jeremy on this ready set go in a world dominated by
suplex sharks mmm there’s only one man to board the
cruise ship to stop them from throwing people off the side forever well what are the Sharks throwing people
off the side of the boat yes so they did the audience is captured by
this man’s traps because he works them out every day Jeremy wedding hood traps you look
lovely by the way John arm that man is John Cena he comes onto the
boat and the first thing he sees is a shark in a span back however walking
down the ramp onto the boat into the dining room where it’s the greatest show
of them all all of the the people on the boat our enraptured by this image of John
Cena cruzo mania is where they’re going to fight all the shit to heart and on
but not but as he goes to grab the shark in a post and the ghost by Timothy
because the vampire zombie ghost shark throwing people over the edge of the
boat the hero is now the villain what so know
that when we get our first check listen I was going to go somewhere
completely different pics it and you were talking about previous sharks
throwing people off I gotta say you know why did I talk
about your peas this is that going to set your traps go sharks that’s scary yeah well worth
it can you can you recall the creature you describe at the end of the hell ok John Cena it but they did go over
this out of the boat name of the movie oh shit son see you later oh that’s not anything to do with the
room and I don’t matter i’m not everything is everything is what he says
John see you later as he throws the shark right or is it spelled ica cuz
they’re on a cruise ship no that’s what John please you’re not
pitching anything here that’s please respect let’s calm down I feel like jerry has said no to me so
many times episode of big no-no and improv trying to save on the spot is
what i’m doing here Josh Ark of the Covenant come to audit the show shark of
the Covenant watch us be people in the people in the back I I demand we take five points from John
and give them to us you never in the next door nice John not
a good idea no they’re gonna do it because we’ll see we’re going to do is see they’re scared
of how much you know what’s scarier than a go shark
goes dad mmm Bill Cosby right now Bill Cosby’s
lawyer but as Tyler’s legal advisor i would like to say goes that a bit too
early reference true shut up we gotta move on what are their
prompts Benedict Cumberbatch in Iowa is a gay round copper yeah in Iowa cool we got shafted with good old Benny which
Benedict Cumberbatch yeah a wrong com yeah it’s a rom manager Shannon rom-com
because I mean you could it’s all the same it is it is everything
is going in something yeah just think of it like on with
buckles I think we have our first pillow the
side so okay so many in Iowa if you can make any reference to iowa i
will be impressed six o’clock starting off with hurting
you need to stop this ready set go okay we open on the Iowa caucus
everything’s crazy there’s caucuses going on all over Iowa
caucus here caucus their caucus there in walks benedict cumberbatch there then walks a
young aide looking to start a career in politics and in he sees a corn field
outside and he thinks cork he thinks he sees a shirtless bronze man
in the cornfield and he does in the camera swoops in and we see Donald Trump
with his shirt on little reaping corn and a blur so Benedict as fast as you can go runs
backwards through the cornfield trying to get to the shirtless Donald then he
walks up to him grabs a beer looks at him and does Dirk
what does that thing with the beer where you put it in your mouth and hit your
teeth ever so slightly so that they know that you’re a rough boy but Tyler
cockney there is comedy there’s a fart joke
after the sex I was just the that was like Jesus is
learned yeah sizzle yeah sizzle reel reel yet on the dogs that excited yeah
so I’ve i’m not an expert in agriculture but i’m pretty sure you don’t reap corn it’s how the device called with the
remaining four diets hollywood baby it’s just cursed all out on the court
field happened downstairs still around 100 yeah you’re listening all
Cumberbatch was running – no matter what happened Jeremy I asked you to be on my
shoulders combat with me the whole fucking time all fairness you have a
suitor is observed like an asshole in all fairness you did say I would like
you on the show next season who you want to be with a lesson about six people and
then the next day send a message that said also Trevor a little bit in your
writing going on here and I’ll could not be happier I think I think Jeremy the
whole time for on the spot we don’t have your curl for no sure it’s
a it’s Cumberbatch’s of the corn remember no way i can he no way , and I
better go you said everything over here that’s so
often and move in and enjoy you know exactly what I go and I get to where is
it that way but it’s something with like coming in the caucus in the corn uh-huh call me corn caucus caucus corn ,
caucus corno caucus we’re going with that ah do we have more time you spoke with five
points oh you something . how I really about
jet just Donald Trump is relevant we should get points relevant to find you
again for getting parking . and we know Cosby and Bill Cosby yeah points to them shut up we’re going to a number on that
urges well they know how many points we this is the baby just helps me to know
you will see the points when we get back after this ok people in the back room please please
give us another five points pine are you let’s look at you want our
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floating didn’t got it i’ll put that in mind you’re likely to get it going to
pick up in his closet shrine I’m keep that for later other points just putting you in your
jacket oh wow those five all right that first
five we did get her but it only got five I don’t know you can bet it’s going to
help so 6925 that’s what 44 . difference it’s alright it’s a bit little steep ok so you guys you guys have we have a
game as we always do prevention challenge bring in bringing our stuff
road here are on the spot something like that we have some cleanup I don’t like that
we’re in certain know we got we got to get going all right we got you covered we’re about
to off someone there you go just put that over your head this is just for them right the first
head to the whole head through the hole there you go let’s make sure we go Jesus
that should cover your suit nice and make it yeah I think I wait and I wait I know I
know this is a notice we’re gonna try and be like this is our Kelly we’re going to be on them right cut what
is with you what is with you please introduce I just
trying to work this way on the right so we played the cookie challenge for
you put it on and i’ll turn it down we’re mixing it up we have some some
some mini waffles waffles sit there staring ball and there’s
seriously a little help with a little track i like i like how how quickly Jeremy went from the big cited school
girl oh I hit it will go wherever likes a lot of sort of merrill no I’m going to
increase the profit oh god you want to take the jacket off of this we might
want to look at that Jack’s office is it just eating these was never your jacket
so what the guys are gonna do is they’re going to place the waffles on the
forehead without your arms are gonna get into her mouth easy enough I like how we have food on
the episode and it’s actually pretty tasty food and it’s not you it’s very
good oh yes yes thank you think there are no
real soon all right here sir thank you very much for these classes gentlemen
all right guys we’re gonna put 60 seconds on the clock you guys get as
many as easily be like your shirts are going to get it all right also bought this shirt last time as
always we challenge you guys will get points for each when you get your mouth
so you put it on your forehead and put on your forehead and get her a line
right down all you do is bite into it that’s all
you got to do what wait you didn’t say maple side down to just I did know yes I can hear it from the boon is it
going to slide still there’s rules you never know who tested it this is TV baby arrived TV syrup side
down join me give you light the way back
there no oh there was beyond ready she says well get going to basically
glasses ready set go going to the plate on here oh oh it’s always got it – oh no i’m not some nuts no Gerald’s
got it James got all the mustache oh wow one for Jeremy there you go drivers
close trevor is close to everything is going to tumble right now oh this is the
control of the tongue is gonna get it do it right there has got it triggers got
it don’t fuck it up oh he’s got to jeremy’s turns got one
that’s three guys ladies ha ha ha , but the strip your
hearts up to go home they’re serve going to Jeremy sinuses
right now or 8 7 6 i’m going to be five four three blinking is like sticky – it’s like you’re always going to
because I’m going to shoot under a lot of lights I’m sweating a lot the loss of the saltiest waffles I’ve
ever had we got clean up for these guys no oh I
on the air that’s what punishment for another year
before was that more waffles I believe that was for i’m gonna give
you guys 10 points each that will give you almost take you up to like basically
missed tying their towels or something well they’re all alive real organized oh it there’s no sensation quite like a draw a
table here all of those into the mouth oh that was very impressive now what you
guys did a really good job don’t you know what my mustache I didn’t
have been raining for days yeah its Benjamin that got a left-right that off what he’s failing your step brother and
my face is all wet oh the extra shiny for the camera yeah ok so for ten points each you guys catch
up almost all the way to fuck my napkin thing was a big bucket it’s the white but somewhere you gotta
get with this were sitting on one of their way possible you are sitting on a
waffle that’s like your pants will taste that
later too I’ll give you five extra points for that
oh yes ma’am we went ahead final game think about it mmm John’s like UNICEF over here what
mm-hmm unicef think about the game where you
seem to be given a question or answer the question one word at a time back and
forth through teammates but get 60 seconds on the clock to do it the twist is that whenever they hear the
bell galaxy because interjected the word then a team that’s doing the question
has to continue with their answer using the word the other team throws into like
screw them up each team will get a question and i will
pick whoever has the best answer and a parent considering we’re at best answer
wins the show whoa well it’s a lot online so we’re
going to start off with the blue collar comedy boys couple of blue saree couple
of the park yeah what’s the question how to prepare
for the SATs I don’t know that couple of the food
collar comedy boys toss all right let’s get her done prepping for the SATs one
word at a time back and forth starting off with tyler go first find a smart man and then tie his arms
behind a chair what word uh h0 pic then I get off on
someone around bear professor and discover that life is
pubic hairs all the time because that’s life yeah baby shit welcome to take very good that you
guys money for its when he’s a keeper I’ve never seen someone so fucking
nervous is Kirk at the end I didn’t know they could give us like I think they
don’t have any sense in the sentence on the fucking show get every time you hang a street so much that’s all we did good though my face is so sticky oh there was yeah
it doesn’t love my late everything link is gonna be hot in here ya know what i don’t like is that really
what you’re going to say pencil at one point because you would use one to take
the s80 sure the bottom line is usually very sad why
our story on if you said pencils on a hope and a prayer that he would say
pencil you didn’t we’re going to give me an opportunity to
have a sense of get off you were with on what I was like getting
off on a professor’s belly while on all your prob with pubic hair yeah not a way to take KSAT the tree
that’s the teachers into is read out the answer we first find a smart man and
then tie his arms behind zebra then get off on someone around the
professor and discovered that life is pubic hairs all the time because that’s
life yep maybe shit welcome to texas area
that you have a confusion right there one yeah that whole fucking years
there’s the bottom part it just yeah well say you ain’t shit fit so you can’t stay for a piece of paper
don’t decide who i am as person exactly these Wall Street mobile types wouldn’t
know that taking those jobs syrup on our face the wall street that was that was
that was very is very good let’s find what you guys a question mhm how to make a best friend we don’t
know anything about syrup right in here in the I know every time I was it what
how to make a best friend six o’clock starting with Trevor ready
set go well begin by finding a great person who you
adore and that and then you kinda lingus them afterward afterward afterward you pay to leave
because well it’s just a general rule the kind of situation but after they
left they returned and become your best friend oh dear yo yo well up and down but
yo-yos almost had it yes but if you want some looks like all
right I don’t know if the camera got it but they were such a look of shame on
Trevor space and said hey they didn’t know what he was looking in the idols
like it you know they’re sitting next to him as he said Harry joke huh cunnilingus is a verb is what i learned
from that story when you come any time away just go down like naming the action
be an action you know where we never talked about you know those things
running late it’s a word yeah there you go – I got the cutting
the good major major props you react off on a teacher’s hands are behind his ear what did you talk about never suggested
yes what I know how to do i love the things that co-workers say to each other
here rooster to fuck her driver hi I don’t work here let’s read that way oh there we go we’ll begin by finding a
great person who your door and then you can link is them afterwards you pay to
leave haha because well it’s just john rule kind of
situation whatever your last day return and become your best yoyo up and down
but yo-yos I said that’s pretty good yeah you’re
gonna do a show and you’re like yo-yos man how do you not have a friend after
situation like that yeah almost every child knows everybody get it . all right
. and i’m going to get points to higher standards hi I all pit stains it’s so high yeah so I yeah I gotta get mostly
because you guys are able to roll with the whole jar rule a situation that you
can just roll that wasn’t under handed toss that’s pretty lob a lot of specials like
ourselves we can you not you want the overall amount of our job
fool you’re going away tomorrow all the motorway yeah straighten your tie like that is always
try let’s find out what points at the end of all that oh god my porch with that was a good one
of the car . we don’t like this is what I’m talking about your then the yeah yes I want you to live a loser you never
won just quickly down for who you are yeah but God making that smug grin he’s
like I know you on the back I’m happy myself i always am I want to
thank all of my guests Trevor jeremy Tyler especially
especially Kurt tyler and i want to thank our sponsors credit karma and
Squarespace thank you for joining us I want to get it out please join us next
week for an episode of on the spot bye guys I yeah

100 comments on “On The Spot: Ep. 46 – Trump of the Corn | Rooster Teeth”

  1. Luke Glover says:

    Hey, Trevor is finally on one. He's in some stuff, but usually not for long and not often. 😛
    Nice teams.
    I wonder if Jeremy's gums have healed completely yet.

  2. Lord Warkworth says:

    Jeremy is a stand up legend! Is there anything this guy cannot do? Is there? Apart from being beaten by Ryan in VS

  3. BootManBill says:

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    59995555555559995 59995
    59999999999999995 55555
    59999999999999995 59995
    59995555555559995 59995
    59995555555559995 59995

    highlight the numbers
    press ctrl+f
    press 5
    read the message

  4. gamester091 says:

    Tyler needs to be in more things

  5. Kaleb Bell says:

    Lol Kirk is great

  6. Jack P says:

    Who's that guy sitting next to Jeremy?

  7. SickChip says:

    I'm very lonely.

  8. Frank Slather says:


  9. Scott Christensen says:

    Trevor looks like joseph gordon-levitt

  10. DCVertigo says:

    So when is the Blu-Ray out with extra footage of the practice runs coming out? hint hint

  11. goneatzero says:

    On the spot always makes me laugh harder than any thing else I watch

  12. marygrace hulett says:

    omg tyler

  13. Adrian Griffin says:

    Jon Risinger looks like a drunk sleepy Jon Snow

  14. NaJHaikezeh says:

    Everyone was hilarious in this episode! Team Higher Standards is amazing and I'm so excited for Kirk's new RT show.

  15. WutangchickeN Gaming says:

    That improv between Jeremy and Kdin(or whoever) was pretty damn good.

  16. H2OpoloPlaya23 says:

    Poor Kirk, at least you are one of many funny guys in Lazer Team!

  17. Harrison Brink says:

    Deep Blue Cena

  18. eatthatmuffin says:

    For the movie, Shark K. O. out out of know where.

  19. Maxim Williamson says:

    Could of called the movie "Deep blue CENA"

  20. IkeFanboy64 says:

    I can only Imagine Tyler's face when Jeremy said "Well"

  21. MemesGalore says:

    I freaking love this show

  22. Josh G says:

    So…who is the heck is Kurt? This is the first time I've ever seen him

  23. Alex P. says:

    Trevor and Jeremy are the best.

  24. nicolegend says:

    trevor looked pretty hot in his suit. jeremy… jeremy kind of looked like an out-of-touch business mogul, bless his soul.

  25. Ramon Perez says:

    whats the intro music?

  26. General Kael says:

    Kirk looks like the creepy neighbor from every television sitcom from the 80's.

  27. PsychicSatyr says:

    Love the beer Jon is drinking, noticed it immediately lol.

  28. Oliver Marks says:

    Is it me or do the people in the back laughing sound like chickens at 19:14.

  29. BLinkK - says:

    jermery made this episode for me

  30. Claire Affair says:

    Jeremy and Trevor look like their ready for a heist.

  31. Abby Durham says:

    Does kirk remind anyone else of David Spade???

  32. Conor Rogerson says:

    Why does everything have to ALWAYS 'be a t-shirt'. Stop forcing it

  33. plaarwnleelrl says:

    I have that tie Jeremy's wearing.

  34. Caleb Allen says:

    should have named it cream of the corn

  35. Bruce Ho says:


  36. Connor Lofton says:

    "Saltiest waffles"? Well, I've got a game for you…

  37. renardo3333 says:

    "I'm always happy with myself" – Jon Risinger

    Guess he's not so happy anymore after that newest On The Spot

  38. Sensual Ethiopian Police Brigade says:

    Is it just me or is one of Jon's eyes sagging

  39. elle says:

    god wtf tyler is so hot

  40. I Am Lame And I Play Games says:


  41. Abby Richoux says:

    As someone born and raised in Texas, Tyler's "full Texas" mode was scarily familiar.

  42. tytugarouga says:

    jon is so done with jdoolz

  43. SDreadnoug says:

    Trey$ongs is the best

  44. Munkzilla the G'rilla says:

    Corning The Batch?

  45. [Tuturu!~] nyeongcat says:

    Trevor's looking goooood here.

  46. holmy13h says:

    Kirk is hilarious

  47. Isaac Martin says:

    "male and female" I am VERY offended. I actually gender identify as a pineapple and the fact that Sean only stated the cis genders is appalling. – feminist. (joke about feminism)

  48. Shadow0no0more says:

    how the hell did they not come up with field of creams?

  49. Quinten Peters says:

    Is credit scores an American thing? because I have never heard of it here

  50. sushimew says:

    Everyone really picked up their freeze frame game at the end of this one.

  51. Aaron Batte says:

    it's grate watching this with one eye but still laughing even if you are drunk off your f**** face

  52. Thadeus Crimson says:

    Somehow I get the feeling that this episode is rather business related.

  53. josh brown says:

    Texas airports should hire kirk and tyler

  54. Cbo The Second says:

    Jeremy looks right out of saints row in that suit.

  55. Mr Me says:


  56. barbaro267 says:

    19 NICE TRY 20

  57. John Smith says:

    I love how everybody used to hate Jeremy…
    I knew all this time that he was funny af

  58. Daniel says:

    I feel bad for John. He's surrounded by all these hilarious people and can't keep up.

  59. HeftyChutoy says:

    And the name of the movie is John SEAna!!!!!

  60. Payton Radcliffe says:

    Tyler's voice just drips testosterone, and it's sexy as hell

  61. Tayler L says:

    I think that putting 5 commercials on youtube per video AND the commercials through oj the spot is a bit much. i don't mind the way John tells his plugs but when his plug is interrupted by a youtube ad it is a bit much.

  62. James H says:

    "Jaws Cena"

  63. Jake Michael says:

    I can't wait until they buy pants of the proper length

  64. i cant splel says:

    well good teammates always stick together.

  65. Viridis Echo says:

    I dont know why but Kirk looks like a freshman desperately trying to grow a mustache.

  66. Natasha Didytch says:

    Trevor looks SO HOT in a suit ugh

  67. Sir Prize says:

    The guy with the moustache reminds me of Homer's neighbor.

  68. opalcitrine says:

    oh my god this episode was so good

  69. Lizzie M says:

    22:24 Tyler's little victory dance is my favorite thing in the world, too adorable

  70. ArterialNeptune says:

    I'm convinced Jeremy and Kovic switched place for the redemption challenge

  71. Phoenix _ says:

    Jaws Cena

  72. BlueBloodstains says:


  73. juliascool1 says:

    Finally my state has been recognized

  74. juliascool1 says:

    Finally my state has been recognized

  75. barbaro267 says:

    This is a great episode mainly because they aren't playing Cunning Linguistics for 15+minutes. I hate that game.

  76. dakota owens says:


  77. Julien Becker says:

    Well that was a CROP failure.

  78. Nate Ryans says:

    Trevor is a handsome man A+ good job.

  79. Veronica Lopez says:

    9:32 greatest ABC's of storytelling in my opinion. Hilarious!

  80. Samantha K says:

    DEEP BLUE 'SEA'-NA! (cena)

  81. Hollie says:

    I'm thumbing up for Trevor in a suit dang

  82. Morgan Chamberlain says:

    damn trevor looks good

  83. Gildarts Winters says:

    According to Tyler, Bill Cosby is the grim raper.

  84. Jill Kealling says:

    "He's a raper." Thank you Tyler, much appreciated.

  85. Jill Kealling says:

    how to reference Iowa: corn

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    Deep Blue Cena

  87. Gold Star Of Venus says:

    9:35 – 10:35 best minute ever. Of all times.

  88. Joe Schlesinger says:

    I feel like the movie title they should have gone with is "Creampie of the Crop"

  89. ambxrpeoplxs says:

    Jeremy is such a good actor. Why isn't he on more eps of OTS?

  90. youvebeensarged88 says:

    I love Jeremy's feet don't touch the floor.

  91. L R says:

    I didn’t know Jeremy could even dress this good. Usually it’s a partially blood splattered slime sweater.

  92. CutterHistorical says:

    20 letters for Jeremy and Trevor… MUST BE A RECORD!!!

  93. NerdPlex City says:

    I want to know where he got spandex from because John Cena doesn't wear spandex.

  94. Celeste Yi says:

    life is not based on bonus points

  95. Celeste Yi says:

    9:19 Jeremy gets into character XD

  96. Charles-Gwen Stephens says:

    I don't understand what happened at 16:40

  97. Markanthony Joyce says:

    On The Spot
    Jon gets bullied by Jeremy

  98. JaQuan Jones says:

    I wish they would give recognition to the CunningLynguists who they got their title from

  99. zhi shangdi says:

    trevor looks a lot like john mulany in a suit

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