Online payday loans look legit, but could be laundering money

ADVANCES. MIRANDA COMBS HAS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ONLINE PAYDAY LOANS… it’s the season to travel… to do that… you need money….sometimes an advance… 16:48:45 “they get it online because they can get the money in a 30 minute period.” this room… inside the commonwealth credit union in frankfort…is a training room… there are so many scams out there these days…people like jamie akers are charged with staying a step ahead. 16:50:21 “we’ve had many instances of htis happening, and we’re talking not little dollar amounts, 10 thousand, 20 thousand dollars.” online payday loans…they are fast… but many times… a fake. 16:48:55 “it may say a reputable name of a financial institution, but it’s really a scam.” stand up she says it works like this… the online payday loan site will ask you to fill out some paperwork…and give you social security number…they get back to you in 20 or thirty minutes…and say, you’ve been approved. then they ask you for your banking information…and akers says, people give it. 16:49:40 “so when they give it, your whole account is wide open.” then, she y ey add another enticing twist to the scam. 16:50:00 hey’ll senbk an email and say, oh, woulyou like to make ur creditce better? d of urse what are you going to y? sure, if i’ve got a bad edit score, i want that ised.” 17:07:00 ayday lenrs who are scammers suallyo on the deep web and ready have your cdit port.” akers says scamme ve mobile banking…where you pture a check with yo phone d they immediatelhave access your account. :05:00 t’s all money launderi is at it is.” frankfort, minda combs wkyt MERA ONE MONITOR ANDING ERS SAYS TH ALSO SEE AOT OF COLLEGE STUDENTS THAT FALL VICTIM TO ONLI PAYDALOAN SCAMS IN THE SUMMER. STUDENTS THAT FALL VICTIM TO ONLINE PAYDAY LOAN SCAMS IN THE SUMMER. 1-SHOT MOUNTAIN SHOT COMING UP ON MOUNTAIN NEWS AT 11 . . .

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