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Hello I’m Michael from Dollar Loan Center. I’d like to take this time to show you how
easy it is to get funded online for a signature loan. First visit DONTBEBROKE.COM. Next you will see a button that says ‘APPLY ONLINE NOW’. Click this button and it will take you to
our application page. Select your loan type, your state, and then the type of funding you would like to receive. We’re doing online funding for this video,
but you can also choose in-store funding if you prefer to pick up your money at one of our area locations. Once these three options are selected, a sliding bar will prompt you to choose the amount of funds you wish to borrow. Once you are at your desired amount click continue. This next page will ask you for information. Your name, date of birth, social security
number, Address and other information so we may process your loan for approval. Once all your information has been entered click continue. Note if you are a returning customer you can log into our Members Area with your username and password to skip this and the next couple steps. Next you are asked to enter your bank routing and account number. You can find this information on the bottom front of your bank issued checks. Our next page asks for your Income and employment information. Income from alimony or child support payments do not need to be disclosed if you do not wish us to consider those a source of income. Are you a United States Veteran? Federal law provides protections to active duty members of the Armed Forces and their dependents. To ensure that these protections are provided to eligible applicants, we require you to sign one of the following statements as applicable. If you are not a veteran, you can click no. Then read the Notice of Financial Privacy
Rights, and select yes or no. Now you’re on to our Reporting Authorization Page. You must agree to authorize Dollar Loan Center to report information, to any major consumer-reporting agency. And you must also agree, for Dollar Loan Center to run your credit, for your loan approval. Next supply us with your digital signature, re-enter your loan amount and click continue. And that is it! Your application has been submitted. The last thing you will need to do is upload your most recent pay stub, most recent proof of address, a state issued ID to [email protected] And one of our loan specialists will contact you within 24 hours. If you are have any question feel free to
call and talk to one of our specialist at 1-866-550-4352. Thanks for watching this video. Be sure to leave a comment and like or share if you found this content helpful and join us for more helpful video next week.

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