OnPoint Community Credit Union | Advancing Your Career as an MSR/MRO

You always have something interesting
going on, you always have something to do. Day-to-day it’s different. I might be
working with someone on a personal loan maybe to help them do improvements on
their house or buy their first car. I might be opening the first checking
account for a teenager, all the way to servicing businesses and making sure
that they’re set up correctly for their financial needs. That’s why I like the position it’s very
gratifying the feeling that you get and making a difference no matter how small it
is or how big it is. I’d say this position is a little bit
different than that of being a Teller. Teller is mostly transactional so it’s a
little bit more knowledge necessary. They do several things and actually
traditionally they can do most anything in the branch, so but primarily they do
lending that’s big for their position, they do a lot of servicing. Just willing to work as a team and just be
open to the changing dynamics of the branch. You just have to really kind of
manage your time and and pay attention to what you’re doing and try to get it
done as quickly and efficiently and with the best service as possible. Very member oriented so passionate about their job. A successful
MSR would be organized, would be a personable you know like I said it’s the
face to face with the member and knowledgeable about our products and
services. It has everything to do with being able
to interact with people is literally ninety percent of the job. That’s what made me successful as a
Member Relationship Officer, and I think in order to make that transition to be
in management that you have to carry that over.

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