OnPoint Community Credit Union | Branch Life – The OnPoint Difference

We all have the same goal in mind, we
want to be a great financial institution for our members but we also want to have
a really fun nurturing and mentoring environment as
well. It’s been a night and day difference between working with the
commercial bank to a community credit union. OnPoint really cares about the
community, cares about their members, and cares about their employees. I feel like I’m being taken care of as
much as we want to take care of our own members, and that I’m just as important
in the picture as our members are. From our benefits to the way that we’re just
treated in everyday branch life, we’re very well taken care of and I
think that’s something that’s extremely important in an employer. You usually
don’t find a closed door in any office or a our headquarters. It starts there
like I said our CEO goes on down, everyone’s accessible. And you just feel like your
opinion is valued, and your valued. It just makes
me feel great as an employee that they’re so open and willing to move your
career up and help you along the way. When I need help with something, when I
speak with somebody on the phone looking for support, I’ve either had lunch with
that person or possibly had a training class with them. So you really get to know everybody that
works for the company, we really do have a family feel when you work for OnPoint. The one thing I love about working for
OnPoint is how many different branches that we do have. It makes it really convenient
in the morning for me to come to this branch because I can drop my son off and
get right over here. And that goes really for any family anywhere because there
are so many locations. The people here, the employees that I
work with the members that I’ve gotten to know, every day is just a fun day. Just welcomed, the people here are
some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. I’ve worked at many different places
and it’s just one of the most welcoming feelings that I that I can describe.
People are there to help you all the time and that’s what makes it special. OnPoint has been my family away from my family. The people here are awesome, the company
takes very good care of their employees and that’s why I would recommend it to
anybody and everybody.

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