OnPoint Community Credit Union | “Coco Donuts” Film (2017)

Seeing people smile, that’s got to be the
most enjoyable thing. When they walk into the shop and they see all the doughnuts –
the challenge of picking out just one… Seeing that something is simple as some
sugar and flour will create a moment for somebody. Being a Portland native it’s
really enjoyable just to be here and to see all the growth, all the potential and
to be a part of that. My business partners are longtime friends from high
school. As the business grows, you need some financial support in order to get
to that next level. So with OnPoint, getting into a credit
line or loan to reinvest in new equipment, a new location, that’s very
helpful. Having that relationship to help further the business is crucial. I’m
spending time out in the community. We want the daily doughnut-teer, that person
that likes to come in on a regular basis, hang out with their community, grab a
doughnut and a cup of coffee. We’re all putting in a little something to that
community to make a little bit better for everyone else.
Seeing the community come together that’s OnPoint.

One comment on “OnPoint Community Credit Union | “Coco Donuts” Film (2017)”

  1. Patricia Burgess says:

    What a lovely commercial! Loved this. Will look into OnPoint!

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