OnPoint Community Credit Union | Credit Card TIps – Money Matters (2010)

Here’s another Money Matters tip from
OnPoint Community Credit Union: It’s true credit cards can make life a
little easier. You have to have one to buy anything
online, and they’re a great way to start building a good credit score. But credit cards can also make your life a
nightmare, so here’s what you need to know. When picking a card be sure to check
into the annual percentage rate and fees, not all credit cards are alike, so don’t just sign up for the first one someone offers you. Ask your credit union rep for your best
options. When you do get your card make sure you always pay on time. Those late fees can really start to rack
up, and if you miss a payment the interest rate you pay could skyrocket. If you
think about it those shoes that were on sale aren’t such a
bargain after you wind up paying months of additional interest and late fees. Remember, the most important thing you’ll ever
do with your finances is to take control of your buying on
credit. OnPoint Community Credit Union has more information that will help you
get your finances on track. Check out KGW.com/OnPoint
for more tips.

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