OnPoint Community Credit Union | Kick start your career as a Member Service Specialist

I personally am a huge fan of the Member
Service Specialists role because it’s such a great place to start because you do
learn a little bit about everything. We are one large department, but we like to break it down to four mini departments. We have a group of
loan officers, we have some credit union direct lenders which deal directly with
our dealer partners, we’ve got our technical operations so TechTeam and
support, and then our general MSS which do all the inbound phone calls for members.
A typical day in the life is we come in, we log into our computers and we are
immediately in in the queue. There’s a large variety of questions you’re going to get.
They could be as simple as what’s my balance to you know what’s the weight
limit on the wheelchair ramp at the Lloyd center. You are talking to a lot of members
every day and you’re dealing with their money which is very important to them, so just being able to express empathy and be understanding and treating every
member with respect. We may have you know guidelines or things set in place that can’t
done this way but if we think ok we did this for the member, we can still support them
while protecting their membership and protecting the credit union. So really just being
able to think outside the box. We have people from all sorts of backgrounds. We have people that have
worked in restaurants, we have people that have worked in other financial
industries, or people that have worked in other call centers that aren’t financial
industries. You don’t have to have one specific background to work in Member
Services. It’s just really about having the drive, and being able to provide that
excellent service. It’s actually a very one-on-one
experience. At the very most I have maybe three folks that I’m working
with at a time, and we go through about an eight-week process so you can
really get the fundamentals down of your job before we actually throw you in and
have you answering phones on your own. And when the calls come up you’re prepared
and you know how to handle them. I really enjoy how our executive team is
30 feet down the hall. It’s really nice to walk past Rob Stewart and have him know
your name, and say hi to you on a daily basis. It really promotes that team
atmosphere. Sometimes it can be intimidating if you’re not part of the
banking field. It was definitely intimidating for me, but I’d say it’s definitely
worth the jump. You have a lot of support not only from the management team but
from your peers as well.

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