OnPoint Community Credit Union | Kickstart Your Career as a Teller

My name is Holly, I’m the Teller
Coordinator at the Hillsdale branch for OnPoint Community Credit Union. I chose OnPoint because a lot of members talked very highly of this place. I always heard great things, and I wanted
to be where the members wanted to be. You meet new people, you also get to
build a rapport with existing members who keep coming in and that makes it really
special. You’re going to be helping members all
throughout the day processing transactions, but then also going above
and beyond and really looking out for opportunities and maybe we have some
products and services that can help save them some time or money. If you’re driven, hard working, you know you
can work with a team but also work independently, very outgoing, and just kind of have
that desire to help the members because that’s really what it’s all about. I think it’s as important to have
financial experience it’s very helpful it’s definitely a bonus, but I think you
can I think you can teach people how to do transactions and count money but
there’s that special spark that people have sometimes that really makes them a
great candidate to be a teller. You know there’s set hours, a lot of
positions are full-time right from the start, and that’s not something that you
find when you’re working for a lot of different companies and it really makes
it so you can have a little livable wage and be able to provide for your
family. Being a teller is an entry level position,
but there are so many routes that you can go. You can move within the branch up
to Member Services, Member Relationship Officer, Teller Coordinator. But what’s
really nice is we also have the main office here in Portland as well so there
are many opportunities. I love teaching and incorporating what
I’ve learned and teaching that to other people so that’s
kind of why I wanted to take the route of being a Teller Coordinator. When I can help a member you know really
save money or time, that’s what gives me passion about my job because we
get to help the member, and I know that they’re going to say great things about
OnPoint and we can continue to grow as well.

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