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I was formerly a teacher, and I was laid
off due to all the budget cuts in the 2008-2009 era. I came on as a teller
not really thinking that this was going to be a place for me maybe permanently.
I was a linguist in the Air Force, and I honestly thought it was just a job for
me to get home. I lived in the midwest and I thought it was just going
to be a transition position, and then once I got here I just learned how
wonderful OnPoint was and the ability to grow was amazing. With everybody’s
encouragement and then finding things in me that I didn’t even see in myself, and
their encouragement to just move up and find a career within OnPoint I’ve
decided that this is the place for me and I’m not going anywhere. The MSS position is really the entry to the
entire company, either that or a teller of those two depending upon if you
prefer face-to-face interactions or if you like talking with folks over the
phone, but either way it’s going to be an entry level position and we have a great
culture of promoting from within. We don’t expect a teller to stay a teller forever. Once they’ve mastered their position we start to look at different
opportunities for growth. So once you get your foot in the door within six months
to a year there’s a lot of opportunity to move up from there. Regardless of your
position there’s always positions to move up and that’s kind of the
culture of OnPoint. Whether or not you’re looking for a career in the
financial industry there’s something else here. We’ve got marketing, we’ve got
investments, we’ve got all kinds of different places you can take your
career, and if you don’t know OnPoint is a great place to start because
they’ll help you build that direction and guide you to wherever it is your wanting
to go. I have become more successful than I ever imagined.

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