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The benefits package, it’s awesome at OnPoint. It’s huge
when I talk to some of my friends and find out what they do and do not have
compared to us. Very few companies pay for their employees benefits. If you have
no spouse, if you have no dependents literally free. So you can’t beat that. I have recently signed up with the
Children’s Cancer Association to be able to do that with my volunteer hours. I have used them in the past for the Oregon
Food Bank, and I know that many employees have used their
hours for contributing to community in ways that is very special to them. Our HR department has put together an outstanding
package with multiple you know options for us to take advantage of. Very competitive match, higher than I’ve
ever seen at any employer and there’s immediate vesting with that,
which is market leading. After you have been here a year we have an
additional 401K contribution, which puts our 401 k plan head and
shoulders above any plan that I have seen before. Kind of goes back to our roots, we’ve had a pretty
solid tie to education, and because of that we
actually have an education or tuition program set up to help with tuition and books. I’m
taking advantage of that to finish my degree, but also to take courses that can
support what I’m doing here at work. We also have a number of incentive and bonus
plans that really incent employees to do the right things. To grow our memberships, to deliver the
service that we want, and we reward that. It’s great to have the support. Another
perk really is the people, the people make this company what it is. The people that you work with from tellers to, upper management, senior management is
like a family.

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