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Portland Teachers Credit Union is where we came from, that’s our roots, that’s our
heritage. We had a strong tie to education, and that’s what brought me here. My mom
worked for the school district, and to have an organization that since changed or grown, and taken on OnPoint
as a name, and still held that same strong tie to
education. That’s something you know that makes me proud to work for this organization. Although we have a very small, family type feel, we are out there, and we’re go getters.
And just like we want our members and our employees to thrive in the community,
OnPoint is thriving. We have made a deliberate choice to build
new locations, new branches, new touch points that’s not just about
branches, it’s about technology and a lot of different types of things, because our member owners have
told us how important that is. We really raise
the bar every year to try harder and harder to meet the needs of our members, to
grow as employees, and to reach our goals. Those goals are constantly changing and motivate us to do better each
year. We are an institution that believes that we can continue to grow and
continue to make a difference, obviously in the markets that we serve
currently, and in future markets as we look at growth. Markets like Eugene, Bend, over into Clark County, over into Vancouver. And are entry into those markets
isn’t necessarily just to make money, our entry in those markets is about OnPoint making a difference in that community, and we have to earn
that business. So by making a difference in that community first, we’ll in turn have those particular
people that are deeply engaged in that community become
a part of OnPoint. Our goal is to be a larger institution, and make
sure that every single one our employees have an opportunity to one, be involved in vision and strategy and number 2 be involved in executing that vision and strategy,
and to be able to grow inside of the organization. And when my time is done OnPoint
it’s not gonna be about me, it’s not going to be about my direct
reports, the executives at OnPoint, it’s going to be about the people.
It’s gonna be about what the institution as a whole had an opportunity to
accomplish. We’ve accomplished a lot, and we’re going to accomplish a lot more.

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