OnPoint Community Credit Union | Small Business Spotlight: Northwest Restoration on AM Northwest

Welcome back to AM Northwest. They know how
to help local businesses achieve their goals because they are part of the
community. Here to talk about why local relationships really do matter, we’re happy
to welcome from OnPoint Community Credit Union business
relationship manager Julie Crist and founder of Northwest Restoration Jim Clark.
Nice to have you both here. Julie, let’s start with the idea of being
part of a community, you know that that is important, but
being flexible I would imagine is even more important. It is because not every business is the
same. You know not everybody, it’s not
cookie-cutter so we need to be able to understand who the businesses are, what they do, how
they do it, and in the story behind what makes them operate to be able to partner with them
in the best way. What services do you offer small
businesses? Lines of credit, financing for vehicles and
automobiles, business credit cards, and we also can
extend products and services to the employees
at the business as well. I would imagine that is a surprise to a lot of
businesses because I I’m guessing most people think credit
unions are just for consumers not business. Correct, and things have
definitely changed in the last several years in that we can offer a wide array array of products and services, to
include mortgages and investments, and in addition to consumer products. So
Jim tell us about your business, Northwest Restoration. So Northwest Restoration is a disaster
repair contractor, and we specialize in putting people and
their homes back together after they’ve experienced a fire, water,
or wind related damage. And how did you decide to choose OnPoint and a Credit Union, as opposed to I imagine you probably talked with
commercial banks and large banks? Sure, as a smaller business we just
felt like OnPoint better understood the needs of a smaller enterprise.
And you know we we really view our
relationship with OnPoint more as an advisory relationship, meaning that rather than the typical B2B type of relationship, I mean we send our
financials to OnPoint on a monthly basis and they come back to us with with feedback
that enables us to to correct our path or even talk
strategy with them, etc. So you two work together as a team I
understand, right? We do. So how often do you talk, and when you
say you get advice, have you had any problems that they’ve been able to solve
for you? Absolutely. So one example in going
back to your question, Julie and I probably talk once a month. One specific example where
she and her team has been very helpful, in our business we have a lot of
three-party check situations, which can dramatically
affect your cash flow in a negative way, unless you have a partner such as
OnPoint who got involved in and through
communications with some of their local branches enabled us to hurdle that, dramatically improving our cash flow.
Lets explore a little bit more about the advisory role of of OnPoint for
businesses. What sort of assistance are you offering businesses in that
capacity? Well we can go beyond financial services and make
recommendations on for you know maybe you shouldn’t be
doing your taxes yourself, have you thought about a tax professional and can we help you
in guiding you in that regard, or payroll, how is your payroll being done? So
being able to to take and kind of widen the net and the scope
of how a business is functioning. So almost like
for small business, a CFO role where your helping them with their finances. Sure,
you just gave me a promotion. (laughs) If someone is starting in a new
business would you be a good person to contact then?
We would love to be able to talk to with somebody that’s considering starting a
business to to just explore those options and the
opportunity. And I’m guessing all the
decisions because your local, you can handle everything here, it’s not a “hey Jim we’re going to get back to you, but we gotta send a letter off to corporate.” Exactly, we are all local in terms of decision makers, and such so that is a great point to to mention as opposed to big corporate. And Jim when you call your
not getting an automated service recording you’re getting a person. Absolutely in fact
responsiveness is a key element to our partnership with OnPoint. I mean historically if you were to call a big
box bank, you know you’re gonna have to go
through several different layers to get the kind of answers you’re looking for. Whereas at OnPoint they’re not only
responsive, but they come back with solutions. That’s great.
Yeah. Fascinating. Well thanks for coming and sharing the story with folks. If you would like more information about OnPoint Credit Union or Northwest
Restorations, we’ll have it all on o ur website at KATU.com, and phone numbers there on your
screen for you to call as well. Guys thanks again for coming in. Thank you.

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