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Welcome back to AM Northwest! In today’s small-business spotlight: knowing your customer, means knowing your community. Here to share
why local a financial institution makes all the difference. We’re happy to
welcome back from OnPoint Community Credit Union business relationship manager Julie
Crist, along with Lenore Lowden from Pioneer Pizza. Welcome! Good morning. Where is Pioneer Pizza by the way? It’s in Oregon City on Redland Road. Very
good. It’s a sit-down diner, right? Yes. OK yeah and then obviously you’re
a customer of OnPoint Community Credit Union. Tell us why being a customer and
that business relationship is so important to you? Well we’ve been through a lot of the big banks
and got kind of nickeled and dimed a lot for it, and then
when we went to OnPpoint, it was you know just they, I walk in the door
they know what I need and they take care of me, so it’s I’m
a name instead of a number. And you because you have a lot on your
plate so to speak. You’ve got eighteen employees, right? Yes. And so to know
that you can just relax and let OnPoint handled it, that
must feel good. Yeah, it is really good. Julie, tell us a little bit about
the services you offer and why you’re able to help folks like Pioneer Pizza. Sure we’re
able to do anything from just simple checking accounts, all
the way up to big lines of credit or maybe even
commercial real estate loans, and when it comes to business it’s
important to get to know and understand who the business owners are, and what
their needs are and kind of what their goals and aspirations are for the business. So we
can make the best recommendations, and give the best
not only financial services but sometimes advice that’s not regarding financial services.
Is that what you mean by holistic approach? Exactly, it’s the big picture it’s not
just a transaction. And it’s not just like financial
advice, it seems to be a little bit more than that. True, gosh
there are a plethora of questions or situations that
can come up that we can shed some light on. Whether it’s payroll processing or gosh I’ve outgrown my tax accountant, I need I need to find
somebody new. You know those types of things that can
come into play that we’re able to give some information on. We’ve heard
other businesses say that it’s almost like having you know a
CFO. It’s almost like having a financial
officer in your business there with you all the time, is that your experience? Yes, exactly I mean they were able to
provide me with lines of credit, so giving me more then you know day-to-day capitol to make things work, and yeah
it’s been a really positive experience for me. And didn’t you recently just want to expand
your parking lot, and needed some help and OnPoint was able to help you with that? Yes, it was kind of a tough call because it was a late 1800 building and in a flood zone, and they were able to take care of us and
that was really nice. What did you do in that case? How did you manage that? How much time do we have? (Laughs) Well and the other thing is from what I
understand, you were able to call and make direct contact. You’re not getting a variety of people. Right. You are person to person on the phone.
Yes, Tony Mendoza he is awesome. Yeah and these kinds of businesses… most people think of credit unions, they think that’s where I’ll go when I want to buy my car or my boat. Yes. And that’s about it. Well it’s true, but there’s way more to it than that. Explain that. We’re able to work, again it’s
a holistic approach in being able to address not only the personal needs
when it comes to finances, but but business as well. We hear we hear
a lot of business owners talk about that line of credit,
you know to those of us who don’t run a business, how important is that to a success of
business? It’s vital because a lot of times the money that’s coming in doesn’t always align with the money
that needs to go out. So that line of credit is providing a
bridge for what’s coming in versus what’s going out
so an owner business owner can manage their
finances well. All right thank you very much. We want to tell folks that if they’d like to
find out more about OnPoint you can or Pioneer Pizza you
can call 503-228-7077 or 800-527-3932. We’ll put the information up on our website at KATU.com Thank you both very much. Thank you.

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