OnPoint Community Credit Union | “The Mark Spencer Hotel” Film (2016)

The place has its own heartbeat. My
favorite time is always in the morning on the weekends. It has a quiet rhythm of those that are
taking it easy, mixed in with those that are bustling to
get out door. My family purchased the hotel. Growing up I would spend many nights
here. Coming through the entrance for more than 40 years, I always feel like
it’s an extension of me and my family. To do this hotel renovation project
required a very complex plan, and Onpoint was the only one that could really understand
and appreciate the vision that we had, That trust is extremely valuable. The most important thing for service is to
be yourself. You can’t fake that you care, you have to genuinely feel that you want
to go above and beyond. The guests can feel that when they walk in the door.
It’s the experience. OnPoint cares about the member, they
share our joy for the project, they love the vision of giving back to Portland. If The Mark Spencer Hotel can feel like
part of the fabric of the community, it’s the best feeling in the world.

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