Origami Money Cat (Jo Nakashima)

Fold in half and unfold Fold the corners to the crease you just made Fold the corner up Fold and unfold Fold like a waterbomb base Turn over Fold and unfold the right and left edges Fold downwards while mountain-folding on the previous creases Squash-fold on the top Turn over Fold the left corner to the center and unfold Fold the edge to the crease you just made and unfold Crimp-fold Repeat on the right side Reverse fold to shape the head Fold the tip up and down Turn over Valley-fold Swivel-fold Tuck it below the other layer Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold the bottom up to the nose Valley-fold the corners Tuck this layer below the chin Valley-fold the corners Fold the tip behind Money Cat finished!

100 comments on “Origami Money Cat (Jo Nakashima)”

  1. abbeyglencircle says:

    are u mexican or japaneese.

  2. Cvxhi says:

    Stuck on the ears.

  3. Dark Infinity says:

    Dude, epic videos, keep making them. 🙂 Also, could you make a tutorial on how to make a dollar origami sword? Kthxbai.

  4. Yogesvara Guerrero López says:

    Using 2 scuare rectangle

  5. Yogesvara Guerrero López says:

    Didn't worked!

  6. vincent lambert says:

    Thank you jo ! I'm going to make money cat.

  7. PotatoGamers says:

    What do you have brasilian coin ?

  8. Space Cookie Kat says:

    Wow this one is easier then the dog I'm gonna try it 🙂

  9. gillian says:

    this one is easier then al you hav fold !!!!

  10. Rey JU says:

    Siiii 10 pesos mexicans

  11. luadamariana70 says:

    Jo… VC É O MÁXIMO!

  12. Rizzi Emma says:

    I don't understand how to make the version with the eyes.. Help please ! 🙂

  13. TheMultixGame says:

    work with 1 dollar coin us?

  14. TheMultixGame says:

    this is hard D:

  15. Gustavo Miralha says:

    Muito legal

  16. Gustavo Miralha says:

    Muito Legal !!!

  17. AzyPebble says:


  18. Hasufel y Arod says:

    That's a 10 pesos Mexican coin.
    That's my country and origin. : )

  19. Dsnovocastrian says:

    Very nice!

  20. Paolito says:

    Thumbs up if didn't know what is a swivel fold.

  21. Patricia Venegas says:

    I live in Mexico City and peso means coin pesos means coins and tacos are delicious 🙂

  22. twitchster77 says:

    Needs moar voice over!
    Great vid though.

  23. Nicolle Dos Santos says:

    its a brazilian 1real coin

  24. Nicolle Dos Santos says:

    actually its a 1real brazilian coin.Did you know he lives in Brasil

  25. Hasufel y Arod says:

    I didn't know that.
    Obrigado, Nicolle.

  26. Gilberto Rubio says:

    Its too much im gona die

  27. Ben N says:

    Isn't copying money illegal?

  28. The Golden Witch says:

    Funciona com a nota de reais do Brasil?

  29. Luke Fancher says:

    Guys literally he's doing something illegal HE COPIED MONEY

  30. Jade says:

    it's too hard to make with real money… too thick

  31. DeL says:

    I guess its ok since he printed only one side

  32. Julio Minini says:

    vc é br ?? moeda brasileira

  33. Anthony Price says:

    its not illegal what is doining all he did was photicopy a picture onto origami papaer

  34. Homeless DJ says:


  35. tam khong says:


  36. tam khong says:

    but cool

  37. Scootch says:

    Dude we know its u u don't have to put ur "user" -.-

  38. Scootch says:

    But thx u for the help I made my first three origami's!!!!!!! A fox, hardest of all… Swan! And I'm only a kid! The LST one is money cat…:-D 😀

  39. Minh Nguyen says:


  40. Lucas Vinicius says:

    Muito legal

  41. Lucas Vinicius says:

    Muito legal

  42. Julian Holleman says:


  43. phú minh phú says:

    very nice folding patterns

  44. TheCuteSylveonCat says:

    I ALWAYS have trouble with steps like 3:05 especially when my real cat jumps in front of the screen

  45. твоя смерть says:

    Большое спасибо, Джо Накашима.

  46. Lil Dave says:

    Tnx I like it 😎

  47. Sarah Lam says:

    thank you I like it.

  48. Roman Prada says:

    Have trouble you kneed voice descriptor  

  49. Ssergio says:

    ja una moneda de 10 pesos
    la one coin 10 pesos

  50. MoonAvem says:

    Its so cute! I put a 2 dollared Canada coin instead but it might not work since you wrote, "* requires 500.000 money cats with 1 dollar coin each" heh and i don't have time to make 500.000 money cats XD

  51. arxsyn says:

    I really like this design and idea behind it. When I make mine, I will decorate the face with eyes and whiskers, and possibly a nose. I'm sure the outcome would be super kawaii! Thanks for the money neko cat, nyaa!

  52. ok why says:

    Your tutorials are awesome! I'm 10 and I love to folding origami.

  53. kage3587 says:

    origami. Ori (fold) Kami (paper) 

  54. Sophie yum yum says:

    c est pas top comment t explique

  55. Sophie yum yum says:

    trop mal explique

  56. Sr. Dylan Quality-Grey says:

    Works with 1 euro coins too

  57. Chief Holly says:

    I am so confused right know…

  58. Marel Garcia says:


  59. ET Kohru says:

    Does it work with golden dollar

  60. Bianca Galindo says:

    I'm lost lmao

  61. Lunar Vixen says:

    I got thid origami cat dollar for MY birthday! it was amazing. Then I was being a fool and unfolded. I found this vid so I can redo it

  62. Joie A says:


  63. The Hawker says:

    what is going on at 3:45

  64. Cilina Marie says:

    love it thanks!!!

  65. SeaBea189 :3 says:

    I never have to pause when I watch your videos

  66. Santhosh Anu Mathew says:

    where did u get that paper?

  67. ยศพัฒน์ วรรณา says:

    สวยมาก very very goodddd.

  68. Park Jimin says:

    I did it! It's so cuteeee…. I love origami!

  69. Jun Liu says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha Im rich hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  70. just origami says:

    it,s so cool jo your so cool but can instal videos bit faster example every week ok your cool

  71. The Rock says:

    I n past I have a coin like this and now I lost it

  72. Mily Villalba says:

    A Pablo Agustín le gusta esto.

  73. Shannon Backwater says:

    It took me 4 ever but I got 🙂 I cant wait to give it 2 my sister 4 her bday 😀

  74. coughing frog says:

    do quarters work? if not, other american coins? (silver dollars?)

  75. hana is tired says:

    omg, how did mine end up coming out 1,000 times worse than yours…

  76. Stephen McDermott says:

    good video, thank you. one complaint? is that using a dollar-copy that's white on the back is a bit confusing … dollars also fold a bit differently, why not use a real dollar for the video? but it's a good clear video and I really appreciate it … I'm using it to make a gift

  77. ShootBigBucks Gaming says:

    terrible tutorial

  78. Bete Verri says:

    ai como estou precisando

  79. Wes Robertson says:

    I tried so hard to make her cat! It didn't word out well…

  80. Sergey Yurkov says:

    If you had trouble with any of the steps, here is a quick tip: click on the 'gear' icon and set playback speed to 0.25. This way the video slows down and you will be able to make out all the details of some really complex folds better.

    Tip B: to make ear folding easier, fold on either sides, to the front and back, and not just to the front. This way you create additional creases to aid inward folding.

    Thank you for the tutorial, Jo.

  81. Yo 21 says:

    you know it's illegal to print money, according to my parent's friend.

  82. Anna Blake says:

    So hard I started to cry because of frustration! And he's cheating it's waayyyyy harder to do with REAL money!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  83. Camry B says:

    to those saying it is impossible to create with a us dollar, it is not. sure, mine came out a little lopsided and can't stand up, but it still looks adorable and can hold a silver/gold dollar.
    keep practicing, persistence is key with origami. i love the video!!!

  84. Phallic Questionar HD says:


  85. Natalie Rivera says:

    I just made mine and put a euro in it…SO CUTE!!!

  86. me myself says:

    I am really upset! I don't get how to do it! And its making me have an enxiaty attack! I know its not your fault but when I get upset then I am upset with every one! But its really not your fault so I'll change the thumbs down that I just did, to a thumbs up! Your awesome and I'm not upset at you its just that I had to let out my frustration somehow! But really thanks for the video! And I'm sorry for being upset with you!

  87. emma komanekin says:


  88. mohammad mahdi mehrabi says:

    how do you print it

  89. ElNacho Macho says:

    I do the money cat with real money and…I LIKE THIS VIDEO

  90. Cad the Polar Bear says:

    Making it for my bby cousin she is gonna love it

  91. sergiojsjtube says:

    I do it with a real dollar paper 💲😺

  92. sergiojsjtube says:

    Its so cool 😎

  93. sergiojsjtube says:


  94. AHL and RNA Nias says:

    hay Mr. Jo Nakashima how do I get a commercial license from the author to make this video tutorial in my youtobe video content?

    I want to make this video tutorial to tell people that there is so much that we can make with origami paper. thank you, Mr. Jo Nakashima

  95. Nada Osama says:

    even though mine ended up looking like i got it from a dog's mouth, i still love it

  96. fuck this shit im out says:

    This did explain not like a video that u saw that was like 10 seconds

  97. Andreia says:

    That coin is from Brazil 🇧🇷 I used to live in Brazil

  98. Stanley Bunjamin says:


  99. Gabo Hernandez says:

    No me funcionó -.-

  100. Art Muse says:

    I love!! Ty ty!!

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