(OUTDATED) Can you make good weapons without DLC? [PAYDAY 2]

Is it possible to make good weapons without DLC? For the most part, yes! While your options for weapons that can keep up with DLC variants are rather, limited… …they do exist. In this video I’ll go over a few weapons you can make that won’t cost you a single penny… …at least, in real money. Now keep in mind I will be using a few weapons and mods that are unlocked through achievements and joining the steam group… …but none of them require you to have paid DLC to unlock them. Hope you enjoy! Let’s get started. The UAR. A personal favourite of mine, the UAR is still a competitive rifle with or without DLC. It’s worth mentioning that there are links in the description to the fully modified guns that I’m using… …along with some skills that improve the gun’s performance. Anyways, the UAR performs well under pressure. The damage and fire rate are on par with top tier DLC rifles… …and it sports a reasonably fast reload. Forget about trying to conceal this gun, though. It doesn’t have nearly enough concealment mods to make it work in a dodge build. The biggest failings of this weapon are the lack of mag size upgrades, (regardless of what DLC you have)… …and the piss poor hipfire accuracy. Be sure to aim down sights for any target further away than point blank. Still though, considering what we’re working with here… …if you want a standard, reliable assault rifle, this is an excellent choice. The M308. This weapon performs pretty much the same with or without DLC. It’s a very commonly used weapon, and for good reason… …it is the king of DRM rifles. This rifle doesn’t only pop heads with perfect accuracy and intense damage… …but when swapped to auto fire mode, it becomes a deadly answer to crowds of enemies and Bulldozers alike. It also comes with a reasonable ammo pickup rate, making it easy to keep your reserves topped off. Therefor, this weapon works really well on holdout heists. There’s not really much of a downside to the M308… …with or without DLC. Give it a shot if you haven’t already! Now let’s move on from assault rifles to akimbo weapons. These ones are tricky. There are so many of them, and they’re all free to everyone, and… …for the most part they all perform okay. Their biggest downside is ammo conservation. Their generally poor accuracy and ammo pickup rate, combined with firing twice as many bullets as usual… …makes it very hard to keep these guns loaded. The only set of akimbo weapons that seem to keep this in check are the Bernetti 9 pistols. When used in tandem with akimbo and pistol skills… The ammo pool for these dualies seems to be never-ending. Now, I’ve modded mine for concealment over other stats… …because akimbo weapons, generally speaking, perform best in dodge builds. This is due to their very high base concealment… …and their high fire rate pairing very well with crits. With these weapons you can shred basically everything in your path… …reload pretty quickly, and get back to… …getting downed on the other side of the map because you didn’t keep track of your health. JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE IN A DODGE BUILD DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN- [BEEEEP] …and get back to clearing rooms at high velocity. If used correctly in a complimentary build… …these little pistols are absurdly powerful. Moving onto primary shotguns, we have the Joceline AND the Mosconi. Now, I’m lumping these two weapons together because they effectively serve the same purpose. The Mosconi has a slightly faster reload and higher stability… …but the Joceline has more total ammo. The Mosconi can be modded for very high concealment, and while the Joceline has concealment mods too, they just aren’t as good. However, it’s really up to you which one of these you use. Anyways, both of these are very high risk, high reward weapons. They both do RIDICULOUS amounts of damage, especially with the OVERKILL skill giving an active 75% damage boost… …but you only get two shots before you have to reload. However, provided those two shots hit something… …that “something” is probably dead. So, if you’re willing to spend half your time reloading… …in exchange for unmatched stopping and killing power… …these weapons will deliver. Moving onto the only free LMG we have the KSP 58. With the addition of bipods… …light machine guns fill a niche of “perpetual area denial” that is only matched by sentry guns. Now, the KSP 58 is a pretty decent weapon on its own… …albeit with severe recoil… …but this weapon really shines when paired with The Silent Killer and The Professional skills. With substantially increased damage, accuracy, and stability… …silencer skills bump the KSP up from… …”pretty good bullet machine” to… …”QUIET DEADLY DANGER BOX!” And yeah, I know silencer skills make most weapons in the game better… …but certain weapons compliment them better than others… …and I think the KSP 58 is one of them. This is a great choice for heists where you need to bunker down for a while like Rats or Watchdogs… …but maybe not the best choice for more mobile heists, like Meltdown or Goat Simulator. So long as you know when are where to use it… …no cop is getting past you- [CLOAKER BUZZ] [CLOAKER: YOU CALL THIS RESISTING ARREST?!] And now the Platypus. This is the only sniper rifle available without DLC… …so it’s not like you have much of a choice if you’re looking for long-ranged shield removal. Thankfully, the Platypus isn’t terrible. There are better snipers available through DLC… …but the Platypus still holds its own very nicely. It comes prepackaged with a long-ranged scope… …but you can use a custom sight on it, or remove the sights all together. The mag size and ammo pool are pretty small… …so you may wanna take your time when shooting to be sure you don’t waste ammo. If you wanna play a point-and-click adventure, and need a long-ranged answer for shields… …well, you don’t really have another option… …but this will do its job. Now let’s move onto secondary weapons. Unfortunately, SMGs are in a bit of a sorry spot without DLC. The vanilla SMGs range from “completely useless” to “serviceable”… …although, the CMP manages to deliver as a fast firing bullet-hose. This is not only a weapon I would suggest using silencer skills for… …but I would recommend AGAINST using it without. Without silencer skills the low damage, low accuracy and high recoil really shows. However, with the right skill set, this gun is excellent… …and it allows some of the best features of this gun to show through… …like the unmatched reload speed and the huge ammo pool. If you’re willing to spend the extra skill points… …this gun is a good choice. If you aren’t willing to spend the skill points… …you’ll likely find yourself using the Heather. And don’t get me wrong… …there’s not very much that’s bad about this gun… …but there’s nothing really special either. Decent ammo pool, decent accuracy, decent damage. It’s… …decent. If you wanna use an SMG, and don’t have silent killer or DLC… …this is probably your best bet. Do be careful though… …while the tactical reload is pretty speedy… …the reload from empty is less than ideal… …especially in the middle of a firefight. Other than that, this gun will probably do you okay. The Deagle. Anyone who has played Counter-Strike knows the legacy of the Deagle. It’s referred to by many as “The Hand Cannon”… …and for good reason. [BAM] There’s a few different ways to get this weapon up to maximum accuracy and damage without DLC… …but I like to use the Long Barrel and the Jungle Ninja Suppresor… …just because of how ridiculous it looks. It’s up to you and your build to decide how to best customize this weapon for your needs… …hell, the base concealment is even high enough to use in dodge or stealth builds. With huge damage, a big mag size, a good ammo pool, and a fast tactical reload… …the only real downsides to this weapon are a below average ammo pickup rate… …and a very slow reload from empty. But the upsides are so impressive… …that the Deagle still stands as one of the best pistols in the game, with or without DLC. The Bronco. The Bronco really shines as a secondary weapon that requires basically no skills to be good. The available weapon mods make the accuracy, stability, damage and even concealment high enough… …to be a monstrous killing machine… …at least, for six people, and then you gotta reload… …which is one of the two majour downsides of this weapon. It’s a six-shooter… …and none of the mag size increasing skills affect this weapon… …so you’ll be reloading a lot. The Gunslinger skill helps speed this up… …but then you’re getting pistol skills, which isn’t really the point of this weapon. The other big flaw is you can’t put gadgets on the Bronco at all… …so, no laser to help you hip-fire. But, if you can look past the small capacity, and lack of a gadget mount… …this revolver is a great sidearm, regardless of your build. The White Streak. Effectively a Baby Deagle, (in more ways than one)… …the White Streak is a middle ground between the huge damage pistols like the Bronco and the Deagle, and… …well, every other pistol. There aren’t very many weapon mods available for this guy… …but that isn’t really a bad thing. It’s pretty much ready to use as soon as you purchase it. The damage might be a bit lower than Papa Juan… …but the faster reload, the bigger ammo pool, the faster rate of fire, and the very high concealment… …make this a great choice for both dodge players and armour players alike. “I WANT THAT THING DEAD.” [BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM] That’s, basically The Judge’s motto. You look at something, and, well- [BAM] -Judge it. This shotgun, much like the Bronco… …doesn’t need any skills to be good. Slap some of that free buckshot ammo and the Shark Teeth on this thing and you’ve got yourself the highest damaging shotgun in the game. The only thing holding The Judge back is the small, non-upgradeable chamber size… …and the small ammo pool. But, nonetheless, if you need something dead- [CHAINS: BULLDOZER!] [BAMBAMBAM] -The Judge has got your back. The Locomotive 12G. Now, The Judge has the highest damage of any shotgun in the game, so that seems pretty hard to compete with… …how does the Locomotive fare? [MONTAGE OF LOCOMOTIVE SHOTS TO “RAZORMIND”] It’s pretty good. In all seriousness, not only is the Locomotive the king of shotguns, it’s arguably the best secondary weapon in the game. Even without DLC, the Locomotive performs phenomenally in every stat! The damage is very high, the rate of fire is shockingly high for a pump-action… …the concealment is great, the mag size is pretty decent but it’s backed up by a very fast reload- [BAM BAM BAM] -and it just kicks ass! You can mod it for high accuracy for kills at any range… …or low accuracy for CQC blasts that will often net you multikills. You can conceal it for dodge builds, and then even put it silencer on it to use as a guard cannon in stealth. It’s fast, it’s ammo efficient, and it hits… …well… …like a Locomotive. And that’s it! You CAN still make potent weapons in PAYDAY 2 without DLC. This video was a hell of a lot of fun to make, and I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

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