(OUTDATED) What PAYDAY 2 DLC should I get?

This is a question that gets asked all the time on the various PAYDAY 2 forums: “What DLC should I get?” PAYDAY 2 has an awful lot of DLC… …and if you’re not an avid, hardcore fan, it may not all be worth your time. And, don’t get me wrong… …if you love the game, and have the money to spare… …go ahead and get all the DLC, if you want to! I know I’ve done it. But what’s the BEST DLC to get? The DLC that’ll add the most to your game for the least amount of money… …and will keep things interesting and, above all: fun? Well seeing as you don’t need to own heist DLC so long as the host owns it…. …and character packs are a matter of opinion… …(and most of the perk decks that come with them have viable vanilla alternatives)… …this video will focus on weapon packs. After looking through all the weapon packs available, and keeping in mind what’s in vanilla PAYDAY 2… …(assuming you’re a member of the PAYDAY 2 Steam Group of course)… …I’ve narrowed it down to the top five best PAYDAY 2 weapon packs. Hope you enjoy! Number five is the Gage Shotgun Pack. “FINALLY SHOTGUNS GET SOME LOVE!” was the tagline, and… …it, kind of delivers. A bit. Okay, so… …the weapons in this pack aren’t really anything special… …except for the Raven shotgun… …a high mag, high concealment primary weapon… …that works great in both stealth and dodge builds. The other two shotguns, the M1014 and the Street Sweeper 12… …aren’t really anything to write home about… …and the melee weapons are pretty weak. So, why did I include this pack? [BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM] [BAM BAM] [EXPLOSION SOUNDS] [POP POP] [BONNIE: GOT THE DOZER!] The custom shotgun ammo! This ALONE saves the entire DLC pack. Buckshot rounds increase shotgun damage… …flechette rounds increase shotgun range… …AP rounds pierce walls, armour and shields… …and, most importantly, the explosive rounds. Explosive rounds are amazing! They send enemies flying, kill Shields handily… …and stun Bulldozers while breaking their faceplates off… …making them a very easy kill. A very common weapon to see dodge players running is the Judge shotgun… …(unlocked by joining the PAYDAY 2 Steam Community)… …loaded with explosive rounds. That fast fire rate and high damage combined with a 30% crit chance… …makes this weapon very potent. If it weren’t for the custom ammo this would be a very weak pack… …but for anyone who uses shotguns frequently this is a must-have. Number four is the first Gage weapon pack. Everything in this pack is pretty damn good! The Eagle Heavy Rifle offers high damage with a reload speed rivaling Val Kilmer’s… …the SpecOps is an all around solid SMG… …and the Signature .40 is a concealable, high damage pistol with a big mag size… …perfect for dodge builds. This pack also nets you frag grenades- [BOOM! BOOM!] -pretty self-explanatory… …as well as the grenade case asset. You can buy this on most heists… …and anyone on your team can use this to replenish their throwable weapons. It’s a must-have for longer heists like Rats. But, in my opinion, the most useful addition in this pack is the firemode modifiers. There are two kinds: single and auto fire. Normally on most weapons you can swap between these at will… …however putting one of these mods on your weapon will lock it into single or auto fire mode respectively. That may not sound that useful, but the important thing is that these mods increase your weapon stats. The single fire mod increases your weapon’s accuracy… …and the auto fire mod increases your weapon’s damage. If you have a DRM rifle that you normally only use single fire mode in anyways… …or an assault rifle that you have good trigger discipline for… …these mods are perfect. The only thing keeping this pack from being high up on the list is… …since its release we’ve all gotten free grenades from joining the Steam Group… …so the defining feature of this pack is a bit… …redundant. Still though… …the grenade case, the fantastic weapons, and the great weapon mods… …make this a good weapon pack to pick up nonetheless. Number three is the Gage Ninja pack. This pack has a hell of a lot to offer! The Kross Vertex SMG has an absurdly high fire rate with good damage and accuracy… …the Kunai melee weapon is excellent due to its poison effect… …which stuns enemies and does damage over time. The same poison can be found on the shurik- Sher-ou-kens? She-roo-kins? Sher-uh-ken? Sh- sh- Shrooken? The same poison can be found on the Ninja Stars… …a throwable weapon that can be picked back up from the corpses of your enemy… …oooor more likely the wall behind them. There are also poison arrows for bow and crossbow type weapons… …which, are neat, but explosive arrows are better. But above all: the Lebensauger. Hooooooooly shit! This is debatably the BEST sniper rifle in the game. It comes with a good magazine size, a high damage value… …and a HUGE ammo pool. It does have a terribly slow reload… …but there’s enough skills that increase sniper rifle reload speed to make up for it. Basically, this pack is excellent! It adds a lot of varied content, and nearly all of it is fantastic… …oh yeah, and it, adds the pistol crossbow… [pew.] …nnnnneat. Number two is The Butcher’s BBQ Pack. This pack manages to outdo the Ninja Pack for the amount of varied and viable content it adds. First off you have the Piglet… …a six shot grenade launcher that packs a PUNCH. The only thing holding this back is the ungodly slow reload speed… …good lord. Next up is the Steakout: an AA12. It’s… [BRATBRATBRATBRATBRAT] …an AA12. Not only is it one of the best shotguns in the game with it’s huge mag size, fast reload… …high fire rate and good damage… …but god dammit it’s fun to use! And then there’s the flamethrower. This weapon, honestly, isn’t even that good. The damage is pretty low, the reload speed is even slower than the Piglet… …and even though it pierces shields and stuns enemies, explosive shotgun rounds do this better. However… It’s a fucking flamethrower! Who cares if it isn’t good it’s a FUCKING FLAMETHROWER! It’s so fun to run around and light everything on fire and LISTEN TO THEIR SCREAMS… AHAHAHAHAH- The melee weapons are pretty good but the Motherforker stands out in particular as a very fast… …very high damage one. It’s still up there with some of the best melee weapons in the game. After that we have incendiary rounds and Dragon’s Breath rounds for grenade launchers and shotguns respectively. They aren’t really anything to write home about, but they’re more fun, goofy content to mess around with. And finally, and most importantly, we have Molotovs. These are arguably the best throwable in the game. It’s effectively fifteen seconds of area denial… …as any enemies that try to pass through it will be stunned and burn to death. This gives you a chance to revive teammates, patch up, get ammo… …and after the fire burns out there’ll be a big patch of ammo drops leftover… …from any enemy who thought it was a good idea to charge at you straight through a floor of fire. Basically, most of what’s in this pack is good… …and EVERYTHING in this pack is fun! It’s hard to get anything better than that… …except for this. Number one is the Gage Mod Courier pack. Now, I was debating putting this in the number two spot… …and moving BBQ Pack up to the number one spot… …but as I was recording the footage for this video, I realized something. I made a point of only using weapons and weapon mods from vanilla PAYDAY 2 and the DLC that I’m talking about… …but as I was modding the weapons to make them good… …I realized how hard it is to make ANY good weapons with the Mod Courier Pack. So, okay, basically… …every heist has these packages that you pick up that are hidden around the map. After you get enough of the various kinds of packages… …you unlock one of each weapon mod that the package contains…. …and you can do this an infinite amount of times. So, as long as you keep picking up packages in heists, which… …you always should because they give bonus EXP anyways… …you’ll keep getting the weapon mods passively. And all of the weapon mods are REALLY, FUCKING, GOOD. Barrel extensions that increase damage and accuracy substantially… …quadstacked mags that double the mag size of most assault rifles… …red dot sights for pistols, various scopes for other weapons… …scope mounts for the Deagle and the Bronco… …concealable laser gadgets, combo flashlight and laser modules… …a pack of extra crosshairs for your sights… …and a WHOOOLE bunch of other stuff that makes almost every weapon in the game objectively better. I know this pack doesn’t add any new exciting weapons or anything… …but if it makes nearly every, single weapon in the game better… …it’s hard to argue with this being the best DLC pack in PAYDAY 2. If you play a lot of the game, this DLC is a must-have. And there you have it everybody, hope you enjoyed! Lemme know what your favourite DLC is in the comments below… …and be sure to join the PAYDAY 2 Steam Group if you haven’t already… …as it unlocks more content than all of these DLC packs put together. Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

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  1. Sexually Confused Penguin says:

    6th sense + AP round = OP

  2. stevevokhe says:

    DRM rifle? Not DMR?

  3. Debra Presley says:

    What do you use on the eagle heavy rifle

  4. SpiritWildfireGaming says:

    Nice. I got the one on 1-st spot before watching the video.

  5. Uffle says:

    what if you bought the GOTY ed for 25 bucks

  6. Dalolface Hansen says:

    Plz stop saying drm it is dmr

  7. TheYpurias says:

    I have to take issue with the Stakeout shotgun. All that ammo doesn't mean much if it takes multiple shots just to kill a beat cop. It's kinda fun if you stick HE ammo in it and use it to stunlock a dozer, but you'll still need a teammate to actually kill the dozer for you.

  8. Laurent Dulieu says:

    My Question is why isnt the Sydney charater there? she has the best perks in the game+The charater is fucking great and it makes you unkillable on one down if you take frenzy with it

  9. WtfTedd says:

    Is there any map pack I should get or any character?

    Because I have $20 on console, and so far im thinking of getting

    Gage Ninja Pack
    BBQ Weapon Pack
    Sokol Character Pack

    Is this good?

  10. Eyeream says:

    Chivalry as the bow can decrease your concealment

  11. Daniel Olah says:

    Well, the flamethower can be good if you build for crit! Try it.. 😀

  12. Erbil Aydin says:

    What about Overkill, minigun and rpg ?

  13. Deutsch land says:

    Gage Shotgun Pack Finally shotgun gets some love

  14. Eero Lyly says:

    I have all of em

  15. fuskie says:

    The Le-ben -soy-ger ?

  16. Yesterdays Garbage says:

    you sound like light yagami 5:45

  17. Reyhan Dikah says:

    can anyone rank the best and the worst dlc?
    i already bought gage mod,sydney pack,overkill pack and big bank.
    Did i chose the worst one?

  18. Alex Krycek says:

    Well, I bought a bundle during a steam sale, the whole deal wasn't that bad. They released just as much DLC since them tho.

  19. InhaleMemes says:

    I thought i can just buy some dlcs in the Summer Sale with my played non-skilled weapon skins and Safes so i don't need to use 'real' money but i don't know if i should Do it

  20. HUsoldier150 says:

    jesus christ that laugh scared the shit out of me

  21. Aaron Goh says:

    At 5:46, we knew we lost him.

  22. Ellie Johnson says:

    Just get DLCUnlocker and get all DLCs for free, including all skins in best condition.

  23. Cardhozo says:

    I know right its so good use flamethrower

  24. Bruno Martin says:

    Do you obtain the mods of the packages even without the gage mod courier??

  25. Pedro Delgado says:

    i love the vector secondary its op af

  26. Extra Game says:

    i have problem i have all gage dlc but i can't use them

  27. whyarewehere says:

    I'm on xbox should i get payday 2 and dlc?

  28. Locke Lamora says:

    BBQ pack, because flam thrower

  29. saint says:

    4:15 You spinned him right round, baby.

  30. The Hessian says:

    "The Lebensoiga!" Good german pronounciation haha
    I'm german but I don't blame you, german is a fkn hard language to learn / speak.

  31. James Mercer says:

    I reckon the spec ops pack can take one of the spots, the arbiter, the quick mags, and the other interesting and innovative mods. and then the chivalry pack because one down

  32. Max Aldebarane says:

    Western DLC > All.


  33. Ayy Lmao says:

    i just have get weapon packs and sokol, i never host so i never use the heist dlc.

  34. jonas says:

    my is Syndey pack is of cors the gun is the most nice to have

  35. Atom says:

    #1 dlc: Chivalry Pack
    The pointy stick on the big crossbow does more damage then a 50. cal.

  36. Connor Shaw says:

    Wow, I'm surprised how much the game has changed since I made this video. Lots of buffs/nerfs and new DLC have changed my opinions quite a bit. Might make a follow up vid sometime next year.

  37. The7JuiceMan says:

    Should I pick up the big score edition for PS4? it's on sale for $20.

  38. Cakedud3 Lol says:

    my favorite is the gage ass pack

  39. Halalaluyafail3 says:

    best dlc? just get a different game like half life three

  40. Halalaluyafail3 says:

    did you forget that gage pack one give rubber and strait grip?

  41. Asiucias S says:

    how many they cost???

  42. Left4Nerf says:

    butcher bbq pack is one of the bests

  43. GorrillaVision says:

    I love using the Flame Thrower on Bulldozers because they just stand there and its easy to maintain ammo when you use the Enforcer tree

  44. Kalvi Animations says:

    w8 a sec. if gage coriour pack gets u mods on gun will it give u shotgun ammo?

  45. D. Sneakers says:

    I bought the GOTY version so I already had half of these from the get-go

  46. Handsome SpaceGamer says:

    You sound like the dude from Vsause! haha

  47. dodaj komentarz do sklepu says:

    what dlc Has money boundl

  48. Kierkegaard says:

    The flamethrower is my favorite weapon

  49. DanteTheCamel says:

    after watching this i realize youre an evil mofocker

  50. Carson says:

    I really like the goty edition on steam, I think it gets you a third of the dlc for very little more than regular on sale

  51. Jakub. M says:

    5:12 nice touch with that music

  52. Alfredo Shooter the young god bro like dead ass says:

    I think this channel is the channel GeneralMcbadass should have become.
    RIP Genpai

  53. yung minor threat says:

    are all the dlcs 13 gb?

  54. Camron Steyn says:

    Im too lazy to open notepad so im gonna list the dlc he recommends here:

    5 – Gage Shotgun Pack
    4 – Gage Weapon Pack #1
    3 – Gage Ninja Pack
    2 – Butcher BBQ Pack
    1 – Gage Mod Courier

  55. SteelWolfVlogz says:

    do brq pack next

  56. Koolskullgamer says:

    my dogs name is bronco so when I first played payday I was like ''I must use this gun it is my destiny''

  57. marinesciencedude says:

    It's interesting that I have ALL of these DLC, but only two are not in the GOTY edition. Screw waiting for a video on THAT, I'm making a playlist.

  58. killerbug 12 says:

    how i change that menu like look at healths of crew

  59. Amelia Galindo says:

    Fuck they're all good!!!

  60. The Man says:

    I love the gage shotgun pack so much. I love going super tanky build and just pretending to be a dozer blowing everything in sight as my friends scream at me for charging in only to come back with 500 bodies

  61. Luis Gabriel Negron says:

    if youre on ps4/xbone get the crimewave edition and the bbq pack

  62. cupcake1711 santori says:

    sadly iam a 12 year old so i bought the goty version bc i got some dlc but iam just not allowed to buy things and i dont have acces to my moms creditcard D:

  63. Bas Barbeque says:

    all of them

  64. Jacket says:

    just get a dlc unlocker

  65. Cross 76 says:

    Gage spec ops pack is nice. The magazines are awesome. Who needs reload skills.

  66. Boneless Chicken says:

    The piglet takes so long to reload, that I played another game and finish it.

  67. that guy says:

    just buy all of em

  68. but says:

    do there is dlc on ps3 payday 2?

  69. mscalindt says:

    DLC Unlocker is the best DLC, trust me. 🙂

  70. Max Jacobsson says:

    how did you get your hud like that plz tell me??

  71. h says:

    The raven is just a modified Goliath

  72. Absolute Zer0 says:

    all of it lol

  73. Dumb Animations says:


  74. Gustav Meedom says:


  75. DieKupplung says:

    1:38 Whats the name of this weapon and in which dlc is it?

  76. Sum_ Gud_CHICKEN says:

    I use flamethrower only for overcrowd situation

  77. Sunquad says:

    I'm not a hardcore avid fan, LOL got all dlc

  78. Omar Sharawi says:

    7:48 gun

  79. ThisGuy says:

    Me: "Hmmm… What DLC should I get? I need to save my money for rent"

    Me to me: "Buy them all"

  80. avo says:

    I have all but scarface xd

  81. The Metal Shotgun says:

    why do we need concealment to dodge

  82. taco says:

    Just get all the dlc XD

  83. Jumping Buddy says:

    sokol pack
    nuff said

  84. xxdarktimes 666 says:

    goat simalater

  85. Belen Defarrell says:

    Scar face doctor it's good

  86. Leotachy says:

    All of them :>

  87. AsdF says:

    can someone say me how he got all the shaders is it the colour grading mod ?

  88. Joshua Ebony Pangihutan Sitinjak says:

    I Have 5 DLC

  89. Punk Raydej says:

    Just get Sokol and Sydney. Done.

  90. Spebby Alt says:

    Oh rip.

  91. morris lee says:

    I need 2 DLC most

    1. Gage mod courier pack

  92. Shoeaj1 says:

    5:49 I think Connor went insane for a moment

  93. Banana Phone says:

    Why am I even watching this video? I already have this.

  94. Garry's mod Red says:


  95. SuperTartine592 EG6 says:

    Designed Rifle Marskman
    In french its "tireur d'elite designé au fusil"

  96. Rabbit Delight says:

    This is a different time of payday 2

  97. Brodie Haddon says:

    405th comment
    Damn I missed an opportunity there.

  98. Vladimir Koskovitsch says:

    I want all these DLC in the Video but u mst have Payday 2 Ultimate Edition

  99. Nobody Famous says:

    best dlc is gage ass pack

  100. 6lue Already Dead says:

    So he says the streetsweeper (which also has a large mag) isn't that good& has bad damage but he likes the "aa-12"(i 4got the in game name) which does less damage?! Am i missing something here? Which i might be cuz I'm far from a pro at payday2

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