Overview of the Financial Aid Process

So you want to go to
college or career school. Maybe you started saving early. Maybe you’ll discover
some buried treasure, but more likely,
you’ll need another plan. So, if paying for college is
going to fall on your shoulders, the U.S. Department of
Education’s office of Federal Student Aid is the best
place to turn for assistance. I bet you didn’t know that we’re
the largest provider of grants, loans, and work-study funds. All
of which are easy to apply for. And when it is time to apply for
aid, head to your favorite spot to complete the Free Application
for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Each October, a new FAFSA
is available for the next school year, and completing
it is free when you go to the official website: fafsa.gov. Your selected colleges will use
the information on your FAFSA to figure out how much aid
you’ll get, so make sure your info is accurate. But if you need to, you can go
back and make some changes. If you get a grant or work-study
job, congrats, you won’t have to pay the money back. However, a federal loan is
borrowed money, and you’ll need to promise to repay it. Remember
to borrow only what you need because a federal student loan
is a real loan. Just like with a car or home loan, it’s
important that you understand what you’re agreeing to. Although college, financial aid,
and the prospect of an instant noodle diet can be a little
overwhelming, you’ll be putting yourself on the path to success
when you take the time to plan out your options and let the
office of Federal Student Aid help you along the way. If you have questions
or need more information, please visit StudentAid.gov.

17 comments on “Overview of the Financial Aid Process”

  1. UrbannMatt says:


  2. Joe Heath says:

    What do we do if we missed the deadline for this year and are attending in the spring?

  3. zebonaut smith says:

    Only in America do they feed their students an "instant noodle diet"

  4. Iwanttogotoschool school says:

    Financial Aid can be difficult to understand #Wecanhelp

  5. scott clute says:

    Start researching now for applying…FAFSA!!!

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  8. Strongfa1th Sam says:

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    now I am filling out my css financial aid request.
    I can't understand what and how to write in
    "Current value of parent's tax-deferred saving plans?"


  9. Mo Ferdman says:

    F-A-F-S-A people. Stop saying Fasfa, you're wrong. (Except snarky people who comment, I expect that).

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  11. Jocelyn Barber says:

    Please help – I've already called and spoke with FLVS – what do I type in the search for FAFSA to find Connections Academy in the school search? It won't come up at all when I type connections academy or florida virtual school typed in the search bar. Thank you.

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  14. Sabotage Beats says:

    student aid is a scam. i have 50 grand in debt. DONT DO IT.

  15. EDWIN says:

    I want to discharge my student loans. Devry University mislead my education. They did fraud.

  16. abel rodriguez says:

    This video would be much effective and just if you add close captioning for inclusiveness

  17. Keisha Domingue says:

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