Paranoid Trump Refuses To Work Near Staff He No Longer Trusts

According to a recent report in Politico,
Donald Trump is no longer working as much as he used to inside the oval office and just
in general, the West wing of the white house. Instead, staffers are now saying that Donald
Trump is choosing to spend more time in the residence portion of the white house and those
closest to him believe that it’s because he doesn’t trust his own staff anymore. Here’s how Politico explains it. When you work in the West wing, when you’re
working in the oval office, people are coming and going all the time. They walk right in and they knock on the door
and they come. They’re always listening. They’re always there. There’s always somebody every time you turn
around, but in the residents portion, that part’s off limits. That is technically Donald Trump’s home and
they can’t come in there unless he specifically invites them in. In fact, that resident’s portion of the white
houses where Donald Trump made his July 25th phone a phone call to Ukrainian president
Salinsky because it’s private over there because there’s not as many people come in and go
and except for the people he specifically wants to see, so he’s spending more and more
time over there. He is still working if that’s what they want
to call it. He does still have some people coming in there,
but it’s the people he wants to see the average staffers that people just running around making
copies, getting coffee, answering phones. They’re nowhere to be found and the reason
for that again is because Trump has grown so paranoid that he refuses to be around these
people anymore. Now, here’s the problem with this. One of the problems, because there’s many,
the first is that if the president doesn’t believe he can trust these staffers with what
he says and does, shouldn’t that just raise a bunch of red flags about what he is saying
and doing? I mean if he has nothing to hide, if he’s
not doing anything wrong, why does it matter if that phone call gets over heard or if the
staffer are down the hall, hear’s you say a plan that you’re going to do. If it’s actually a decent plan, right? What are they going to do? Go leak to the press and say, Oh my God, Donald
Trump’s going to do a good thing that, that, that that’s not how it works. If you think they’re going to go lie about
what you said, then guess what? They’re going to do that whether or not you’re
working in the oval office or the residency liars are going to lie in Mr. Trump. I think you know that better than anybody. So this makes no sense. Unless he is doing things and saying things
that might not be legal, I guess would be the best way to say that. And to me that seems like the most logical
thing. We can come to a conclusion we can come through,
right? He doesn’t want people to know what he’s doing. He doesn’t want people to hear what he’s saying. And it’s because those things he’s doing and
saying are probably very bad. Now, here’s the other thing though, Trump
has to trust his staff. He has to work with his staff. The country does still have to keep running,
right? We can’t just shut it down. We can’t just say, well, Trump’s a screw up
anyway. He can’t be doing this. No guys, listen, there’s little day to day
things that presidents have to do. Security briefings, things like that, you
know, keep us safe, make some minor decisions that could have huge ramifications later on
down the line. He still has to do that and in order to do
that, he has to have the trust of his staff. It has to go both ways. They have to tell him the truth. He has to give them a decent, honest answer
about what to do. He has to attend these briefings. He has to listen to the people who know more
than him and he’s not, but he’s still making the decisions. That’s what’s terrifying about this. A paranoid president is a dangerous president
and that is exactly what we’re dealing with with Donald Trump. And as these impeachment hearings go further,
as more and more people come forward and say, yes, the president did a crime, he’s going
to become more withdrawn. He’s going to stop listening to everyone in
his administration. But again, he’ll still have to make the important
decisions that we as American citizens are going to have to live with the consequences
of. And that means we are completely at the whim
of a crazy delusional and paranoid president.

100 comments on “Paranoid Trump Refuses To Work Near Staff He No Longer Trusts”

  1. Whit Tong says:

    He's just ordered a metal safe large enough for a person to sit inside. What's that for?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    TRUMP 2020
    Promises made. Promises kept.

  3. Oma Cool says:

    HE IS NOW disabled. RETIRE him.

  4. yerout 716 says:

    He isn't happy unless he is making an ass of himself!!!!!

  5. Juan Ramirez says:

    That’s what Cesar did too and it was those he trusted the most that stabbed him dead. Et tu…omni-bus? (You too…every-body?)

  6. Myriam Gapella says:

    For goodness sake, the chosen one is in charge of the whole country…..and he is a criminal, and not telling anyone what he is doing?. TERRIFYING. MUST BE STOP!

  7. Arnold Davis says:

    If you don't bow down to him he doesn't trust you fuc n piece of shit

  8. D James Morgan says:

    He alienated himself…FUCK HIM!

  9. MrOvadose101 says:

    25th Amendment…..

  10. Schwadevivre says:

    Not working as much???

    How can you do negative work?

  11. Jason Ford says:

    Trumps idea of working is tweeting at 3 am.

  12. CM M says:

    The  nut  case  occupying the  White  House  has  no  clue as to  what a president  actually  does. He is  advised  by  people  that  know  what  he is  supposed  to  do  but  he  ignores this and  does  what  his  feeble  brain dictates. He and  his  family  are  totally  self  serving  and  are  not interested  in  working  for their  country.  Still  reminds me of the  Borgas(the pope) and his   family.  There  was  even  incest  with that  bunch.

  13. tom patterson says:

    With Donald Trump not working with people he don't trust pretty soon he'll stop working with himself

  14. Lynda Ingram says:


  15. Lynda Ingram says:

    Remember people VOTE, and turn AMERICA BLUE. RED IS NOT GOOD.

  16. P McFadden says:

    what work?

  17. For Whatever says:

    I think the English language need a timeout when he is out, speak i dunno Spanish mb? Meanwhile til og get sorted out😥

  18. Anthony cortina says:

    Lol good hate speach. Trump will win 2020. After all this I'd be the same way. Instead of having fake whistleblower for the dems. I say keep it up potus. Trash channel

  19. Ninja Power says:

    More time to do lines!!!

  20. Mark Beards says:

    Someone has just developed Nixon syndrome. That comes from fear of all the under the table deals with the wrong people being exposed.

  21. Jaye autocorrects to Hate says:

    He never trust them in the first place. He’s always had everyone around him sign a do not disclose clause. He eats fast food because he believes somebody will poison him. He’s probably right. You may call it paranoia but I say he knows just how many people he’s fucked over.

  22. Jaye autocorrects to Hate says:

    Of course he’s doing illegal things. And with anonymous‘s new book out he’s become even more of a little sensitive Sally. He’s never listen to anyone. But the paranoia may drive him right into madness. Quite frankly I’d rather keep him busy being butthurt about tiny hands and bad hair until we get him out of office. It’s like busywork for students.

  23. Kim Nguyen says:

    Trump need to resign or been impeach and lock up at once

  24. Waung Foo says:

    Trump is aligning the us for war later on

  25. Ian h says:

    The arrow on the go left shirt on your ad is pointing to the right, is that on purpose?

  26. George STEWART says:

    You can only lie so long and then it catches up to you, all liars know that, except Trump does not care about the truth, it is just something that gets in his way. The people that support him are exactly the same way as Trump. The truth gets in their way. Talk about Christians.

  27. Eva Sanchez says:

    His working for Putin!!

  28. Poor Finian says:

    Trump's steady mental decline would explain the recent emergency hospital visit, and why his doctor is riding in the car with him. The scarier part, of course, is the fact his staffers are so afraid of going against him, that even if he becomes fully deranged, they'll likely do nothing (just cover things up as best they can), until the inevitable — he has a full breakdown in public!

  29. Jenny Kennedy says:

    Damn… Remember a couple of years ago when Trump went out of the country to meet with a bunch of other foreign leaders… Where he ends up dancing and touching a giant glowing orb

    That glowing orb must have granted trump some kind of voodoo powers or something where you can do negative time…

    That is the only way I can think of for him to say he’s working it even worse… He was hardly working it to begin with I don’t know how much less you could do without going negative…

  30. peachion2 says:

    You reap what you sow. Trump is miserable and he deserves it.

  31. Betty Lonv says:


  32. Phyllis Neal says:

    That would be EVERYONE ❗😂😂😂

  33. Pablo A. Omonte says:

    Hey ringer,
    1 wish u will learn better way sooner than evil trio Ratzinger-Gänswein-Soros ☝️🐸🦅🇺🇸 {🇩🇪🇻🇦}

  34. DENISE BELL says:


  35. jr Stz says:

    You think🤔 I'm thankful that those with Morales have come forth with his wrongdoings.

  36. Josephine Lucas says:

    We're in such serious trouble in the U.K. Oh that we had such wonderful transparency here. Umm. Perhaps your journalists could help us? It is simply not in our nature to scream out the obvious. The economy collapsed to shore up the banks run by the wealthy politicians . There is no system of accountability here. I miss US. Not "U.S." I mean us, the ordinary people.

  37. Christine Spence says:

    TheFBI should tap all his phone lines to guarantee that he doesn’t start another war. What a disaster this idiot is and so dangerous

  38. Cisco Zerratano says:

    Good move Donald. You trusted those Obama left overs and they tried to fuck you . Fire all of them. Mexicans for trump 2020

  39. Richard Dastrup says:

    Dont be fooled the best is yet to come 2020 baby

  40. dave silverthorn says:

    Best president in history. Democrats are the truly disgusting people. Thank God for Trump or our country would be in the toilet

  41. Paul Warwick says:

    He only plays golf.What work.He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.Phony President ever.

  42. Billy Rowe says:

    Well if the Democrats didn't try to undermine everything the president does slant everything into an impeachment inquiry maybe things would be different. I don't like Trump's demeanor or a lot of the things he says but i will vote for him again because the Democrats still don't get what Americans are saying. Elected officials need to get back to making the quality of life improve for every American ,not just the elites and upper middle class, legislate laws for equal opportunity for the poor and lower middle class to be able to elevate themselves through 40 hr per week jobs not through handouts and welfare.

  43. Joe Smith says:


  44. Naniquí Del Coquí says:

    He created his state of affairs. And, fools voted for this egomaniac with out of control fingers, mouth and ego. He is a sociopath and he is falling apart. The WH has been in a state of chaos shine he entered.

  45. Billy Rowe says:

    I really can't understand why it's wrong to investigate wrong doing by Democrats by another country in which the corruption obviously occurred we are doing the same thing by investigating Trump but that would be equality which is absolutely contrary to Democratic principles, so all of you millinials continue to be sheeple instead of starting your own true party of which i more than likely vote for.

  46. Projectheureka says:

    Wannabe "chosen" King of Israel n Führer of Earth's religious Nationalists, the dumb Trump, is having his Damocles Sword Fever-moments…

    Poor, poor super-wealthy hyper fascistic dark money elites, their own extreme nepotistic abuse of power always lingers deep in their decaying minds in forms of sharp blades swirling above their paranoid heads like laser-swords about to fall and impale them all.
    How ironic the minds of those who hold nearly all power when filled with blind primitive narcissistic religious tribal fear just is. That most dangerous paranoid fear is inherent to all Mafia Kings, to all "Dear Leaders" as to all similar inherently paranoid pedophile billionaires.

    Such criminal richest religious fundamental mad-men's cartels are the most amusing, and the most dangerous as Hitler Stalin et all have proven, whenever their collective tribal narcissistic Paranoia infects and drives the common Classes into new world wars.
    How ironic just like Nazi Germany then, most People now will not even realize that the rich men's paranoia of a few super rich most criminal fools actually has turned into a world war until the bombs come flying in.

    But, say that now, and you will be considered the mentally ill and the paranoid. How predictable ironic amusing those oldest gambits of those addicted to power just are.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  47. gilbert ortiz says:

    Preserve, Protect and Defend THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES !!! The Ultimate Sacrifice of our Heroes & Patriots & Our Grieving Military Families will Always be in our Hearts & Prayers and their blood is not for sale !! Our immediate and most dangerous situation is that Trump continues as President and Chief of our Armed Services. It has been investigated and verified by all of our Intelligence Agencies & NATO Allies, that Russia' (Putin) did attack and is influencing & undermining the Election Process in the United States !! The United States Adversaries are attentively evaluating and will continue to focus on Suckaberg's $$$$$$$ Russian weaponized media, to Elect and legislate in our Country !!! The Congress must divert urgent attention and funds to defend and respond to these threats. Stop wasting Billions on Nuclear weapons and War Games!!! The World has enough NUKES to turn Mother Earth into a RADIOACTIVE WASTELAND !! Not even a dictator wants to turn into a heap of fuming ashes !! The Majority of the American people do not have the time between holding 2 jobs , child care , caring for our elderly to investigate the Conspiracy and Obstruction .!!!!. Elected Officials abusing our own Constitution and Justice System to protect Traitors !!!! Pray that God gives our Generals and Others around the President, the moral strength as Patriots to Guard and Protect our Country !!!! By the way, where is Trump getting all this extra money to pay for these multi-million dollar Constitutional Attorney Firms ???? God Bless America, Mother Earth, our sick, our elderly, ,our families with children thrown to the streets by the greed of our Banks & Wall Street, the working poor, our citizen immigrants, our Unions, our Heroes and Patriots. Putin & his Billionaire Russian Oligarchs , Billionaire Pedofile International Club have been and are currently laundering money in the United States.. Just ask Trump & Co. which has been financed throughout the last 30 Years !!! Multiple Bankruptcies including Casinos !!! Of his own making, President Trump's greediness has left him with only 2 choices; chemical poisoning of his family by Putin or Prison !! The GOP & NRA received millions for the Trump Campaign disbursement from Russian Oligarchs. The NRA has 10 Million members, Trump has 30 Million followers, and the rest of the 230 million American citizens must VOTE these Traitors and Co-Conspirators out of Office and into Prison.!!. America has millions of working poor in prison who couldn't afford expensive attorney firms like Trump & Associates.!! The 1% Billionaires received 2 TRILLION tax cuts, while 18 years later the 911 first responders are dying while waiting for GOP to fund their healthcare !!!. These Casino Prostitutes in Congress and the House are bought and paid for by parasite lobbyist yelling from atop their Billion $$$$ Corporate Socialist Platforms against Democratic Socialism for our children, our elderly the sick and our poor. Our Constitution and Federal Anti Trust Act, Money Laundering and the Rico Act will take care the Trump Mob & Associates & Suckaberg's $$$$$ Russian weaponized media !!!!!. Bless our Country , our Heroes and Patriots. May all the Traitors , Co-Conspirators & useful IDIOTS be charged and given a one way ticket to Russia and in memory of sweet children, innocent victims of gun violence in America be given an NRA AK-47 when they step off the plane !!!!!!!!!!!! REGISTER TO VOTE NOW, TODAY, IT'S OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTIES AT STAKE .!!!!!

  48. NoWeapon Formed says:

    REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* and Moscow Mitch betrayed our country for money. Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith, Real Justice. Grand Old Party is now a Russia bought entity. PartyB4Nation. Let's clean up congress. VOTE2020 for Americans not Putin Puppets. Look where we are today America.

  49. Ernesto Flores says:

    He has never worked in his entire life. Thought he hired the best people smartest people. Is he is paranoid is because he did something wrong.

  50. D Lessard says:

    Lying D. trump works hard at not working. This clown thinks that now that he is our fake president everyone should like him no matter what. All he cares about is how many followers he has on Tweety and fox no news.

  51. Abraxas1177 says:

    Whatever little sanity he had left is now evaporating, not that he had much to start with…
    It's just delicious! I bide my time until he's been taken out to an insane asylum…

  52. stevie jongh says:

    Why is the US such a totally sick country

  53. Richard Anderson says:

    Can you blame him? With all of the traitors he’s had to put up with how can he trust anyone?

  54. Peg202 XO says:

    Trump is a malignant narcissist and paranoia is a component of that personality disorder, along with sadism. All in all, Donnie is a toxic cocktail of mental illness.

  55. EKIM says:

    Trump has the USA on “cruise control”….”auto pilot”….call him when there is a real problem!

  56. Anthony Zaleski says:

    Trumps. Tellin em all go pound salt. Great.

  57. Bernadette Leonard says:

    He literally a “do nothing” President now🤷🏽‍♀️😔

  58. Charlotte McLean says:

    Trump is using the Reagan defense….I don't remember. Typical.

  59. Dareis Nogod says:

    This guy sounds like he speaks English, but , more than once, he made a common mistake. He said, for example, "because there's many". MANY. More than 1. He should have said: "because there ARE (there're) many. 70 years ago, when I was in grammar school, even the worst student did not make this mistake, but now it's commonplace. As a kid I noticed that more & more grammar mistakes were being made by "Americans". I admit to making a few of my own, but not egregious ones. This is my observation of 1 of the many ways America has become unlivable for me, a minor one.

  60. Thomas Watts says:

    Putin be damned. If employment stays at 97% and inflation at 0% Trump will be re-elected in a landslide. Smoke dat in yo pipe.

  61. Cosimo Kramarawicz says:

    You are all alone now sucker.

  62. Pull my Finger says:


  63. Melissa Graham says:

    Send in the white coats!

  64. Miss S.D. Rosenbloom says:

    Mark my words…He will resign. Trust will be his plea.
    Still, we must pray for him while he is the President.

  65. Bill Smith says:

    Probably very bad but where is your proof probably or maybe wont work I want proof

  66. Gunnar Sovinski says:

    Career politicians have put this country at great risk. Trump is a brilliant man and getting it done even with the useless "business as usual" deep state blaming their own corruption on he. Trump 2020 change the channel folks.

  67. swfcocs1 says:

    Work? It's probably just more comfy in the residence when your days "work" is lounging on the sofa in your underpants stuffing his face with burgers and staring at Fox "news"

  68. Rebecca Tennant says:

    Can’t trust most any career politicians either! Isn’t the people he works with a bunch of regulars on the political scene?

  69. Phyllis Steging says:

    Once a crook, always a crook. Maybe the Rep's will finally wske up.

  70. mona Thomason says:

    Simply put, Russia in the White House

  71. Toia Townes says:

    Hmmm…so he is tweeting from his bathroom now with the door locked instead of during briefings with his staff?🙄

  72. Debbie Ray says:

    He has always been paranoid ever since he got in office. When has he ever listened to anyone?

  73. Richard Green says:

    I wonder what they will call Ghouliani when he turns on Djackass Drumpf, “a never Trumper?”

  74. Elsie Carnes says:

    He not paranoid! He’s a great President!

  75. Steve Dee says:

    Paranoia can be a good thing but not iff your unfortunate to be like trump and have sciitsaphrenia with it

  76. Stephan Maurer says:

    Well, I wouldn't trust anybody that works for Trump either…

  77. John Buick says:

    Trust is a two way street. tRump hasn't done any real work since he took office. As has been stated in a lot of reports in the past, tRump hasn't got the capability of understanding the briefings he get's. Like Tillerson said, "He's a fucking Moron".

  78. horselover says:

    "Paranoid", you're a perfect example of democrats and so are the idiot liberals who replied to your ignorant video.

  79. Lorna SinAmin washington says:

    So he can do there dirty work, in the dark…. Shameful! He's hiding it all. We are all in deep deep💩🙉🤦🏽

  80. Barbra Maes says:

    Terrifying is correct.

  81. Sailboat Girl says:

    Wait…stop…what do u mean he "works"?

  82. Dani Syx says:

    All I have to say is amphetamines…

  83. Terri Shelton-Quinones says:

    U have to invite vampires in too

  84. Sam Bacon says:

    When does he move into the Fuhrerbunker?

  85. EHDROCK says:


  86. Surly Pugsly says:

    The leader of the free world is a "Shut In", psychopath.

  87. Gary BEZNER says:

    I. Suspect Putin has hacked his decoader ring and is fucking with his fucked head

  88. Josemari Trillo says:

    He Got Caught!

  89. Susan Power says:

    I think its because of his worsening dementia.

  90. Katy McDonald says:

    He didn’t leave the residence till 11am most days anyway then he would go do some chopper talk of crazy bs before going golfing for most of the day. Then he comes back to the residency and eats cheeseburgers and calls his buddies to road test his newest stupid nicknames.

    It’s pretty telling that for someone who barely did any work he still managed to break the law in the tiny amount of stuff he actually did do. 🙄🙄

  91. Cheryl Dickson OConnor says:

    He's a criminal why wouldn't he be paranoid. It's beyond the Republican Senate to be protecting him unless they're deep in his criminal activity too!

  92. Willie Holmes says:

    Trump reminds me of the character Sonny Steelgrave from the TV show “Wiseguy”. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point to hear he strangled someone in a Cabinet meeting.

  93. eekns says:

    Good, when he works he does evil things.

  94. eekns says:

    I don’t need any more red flags, I’ve seen enough already.

  95. Lucid Spark says:

    I can't stand this guy's shitty attitude. It sounds like I'm listening to Fox news here.

  96. phu cue says:

    Why would Trump trust a bunch of lying ass no good rat bastard pedophiles ! Most of our current politicians have committed treason ! Trump has not ! You Dumbasscrats are going to find out what's really going on !

  97. SHADY says:

    dead giveaway

  98. Bill Pool says:

    When you're a TRAITOR to the constitution, maybe you shouldn't trust the people around you!
    Maybe he should try putting the interest of the United States ahead of his own interests!

  99. Akeel Taylor says:

    If trump doesn’t trust the people working around him the exact same people he put in those positions that kinda sounds like a lack of leadership. Do you remember avoiding to trump that was Obama’s problem lack of leadership when he couldn’t get somethings passed a republican held senate and congress. But strangely enough Obama never had any trouble trusting or leading the staff in the White House they always Ed seemed to be on the same page. The trump administration is reminiscent to a patient that has their syphilis reach the stage where it has invaded the brain.

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