Patelco Credit Union – AT&T Customer Stories

[MUSIC PLAYING] Patelco Credit Union is
a member-owned financial cooperative. We are a $6.8-billion
organization with about 350,000 members. People don’t know what a
credit union is all about, and what makes us different
is that we are really focused on the financial
well-being of our members, not our bottom line. Technology has really been
an important component of our awareness efforts. Patelco wanted to build
the branch of the future. If you think of your old
branches, you used to walk in, and you’d have
someone greet you, and you’d have all this
pamphlet information. So with digital
signage, you’re taking all of those ideas, all that
branding of who Patelco is and you’re putting it
on a digital screen. They’re changing not only
their look and their feel but how they engage
their members. The AT&T
digital-signage solution is really providing a
wonderful enhancement to our branch experience. It really allows us to
create custom content that’s dynamic, that’s rich,
and revise it if needed. The relationship
between Patelco and AT&T is really key on
everything we do. That means working with them
locally, speaking to them on their terms. The collaboration
with AT&T is one that is deeply rooted in trust. AT&T identified a
huge pain point for us and brought us an
amazing solution that we’re super proud of and
really excited to roll out to our future branches.

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