Pay Off Debt Fast in 2019 While Starting a VA Business

– Is your New Year’s
Resolution to pay off debt? Watch this video to learn why freelancing as a virtual assistant is the best way to reach
your financial goals. (upbeat music) Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba, oh
my gosh, I cannot talk. The timely ma-ba-ba-ba. When I move, I’m in a different color. I’m Lauren Golden, the founder of the Free Mama Movement,
and every Tuesday we drop a new episode at Free Mama TV, showing moms how to start and run a successful freelancing
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a new video each week. Did you know the average
American household carries over 137,000 dollars in debt? And the median household
income was just 59,000. If you’re sick of being in debt and you’re looking for a way out, virtual assistant is going to give you the flexibility, control,
and most importantly, cash, you need to ditch the debt. As a virtual assistant, you’re gonna have flexibility over your schedule, control over when you get paid, and there are zero requirements, and little-to-no startup
costs to get started. Let’s dive in. Being a virtual assistant is something you can do while you have another job. You can do it as a stay-at-home mom, you can do it full-time employed, part-time employed, it doesn’t matter. What’s great about virtual assistance is that you decide your own schedule. It is the ultimate in flexibility of time. You are in complete control, so you can do this on nights, weekends, early in the
morning, or during naptime. You get to decide how
much work you take on and how many clients you work with. As a virtual assistant, you’re gonna have complete control over when
and how you get paid as well. Not only will you determine your rate as a virtual assistant, but you’ll also have a say in when and how you get paid. Of course you’ll need to communicate these expectations with your clients, but at the end of the day, you’re in charge of your
own freelancing business. Most VAs just starting out can expect to make anywhere from 15
to 35 dollars an hour, depending on the scope of work. I’ve been able to charge 75,
100 dollars or more an hour for certain projects for clients that are more complex or require technical or creative skills that maybe
they don’t know how to do. You’ll also get to talk about
when and how you get paid. I’ve charged clients for
big projects in advance, where they’re actually paying me before the work is complete. I’ve been paid weekly, bi-weekly, it’s all up to how you
communicate your expectations with your clients and making sure that they are on board and appreciative of the work that you’re going
to be completing for them. It’s just so easy to get paid quickly from clients as a virtual assistant so that you can start
paying down that debt. Freelancing as a virtual assistant over the last few years has given me the ability to give myself
a raise whenever I want. Tell me below in the comments: how would your life change if you could give yourself a raise any time you wanted? Without a doubt, one of the best parts of starting a virtual assistance business is that there are zero
requirements to get started. You don’t need a specific degree, you don’t have to take a certain program or hold a certificate. You, right now, are qualified to get started as a virtual assistant, doing basic tasks like
scheduling appointments or checking emails or customer service or product fulfillment,
scheduling social media posts, there are so many ideas of things you could do as a virtual assistant, and again, you don’t need any
sort of resume, portfolio. You don’t need anything to get started. You are ready right now, and there are entrepreneurs out there who
are dying for your help. Perhaps more importantly, there
are no costs to get started. You can start freelancing
right now, today. And it just starts with you telling people that you are a virtual assistant. Come from a place of service, genuinely want to help entrepreneurs, and they will genuinely
want to give you money so that you can start
paying down that debt ASAP. Now you know why becoming
a virtual assistant is a phenomenal way to pay off debt. You’re gonna have control
over your schedule, your pay, and more importantly, there are zero startup requirements. You can get started right now. If you want a deeper dive into services that you can offer as a virtual assistant, check out my free resource
with over 70 different tasks you can start charging for now. The link’s below. Also, if you’d like to be a part of a community of mamas just like you, I have a Facebook group where thousands of mamas come together for support and action-taking tips and motivation. As always, if you liked this video, please let me know by liking it below. Subscribe, and share it
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5 comments on “Pay Off Debt Fast in 2019 While Starting a VA Business”

  1. Heidi Petruzzi says:

    This is a goal of mine for 2019 – start paying off debt! If I could give myself a raise any time I wanted to…geesh…my financial stress would definitely subside, I'd feel more in control of my finances, I might actually be able to put some money into my savings instead of taking from it to pay bills….the positives are endless! THANK YOU for posting this video!! I'm excited to look into the 70 skills info!

  2. Sheena says:

    I would love to be a VA!

  3. Nikki Sisavanh_JACVS says:

    #iamafreemama…. well I will be soon. 😉

  4. Chris Carvalho says:

    Great video! 😁👌

  5. Quana Dukes says:

    I am a mother of 3 and I would love this I just don't know where to start lol I'm an office administrator now so I have all the skills!! Where do I start???

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