Payday 2 ► MA-17 Flamethrower

1. This is virtually the same as the Not-a-Flamethrower, but the fuel tank has been moved from the top to the side.

31 comments on “Payday 2 ► MA-17 Flamethrower”

  1. Alex Vespa says:

    Wtf ????

  2. Nathan Kirby says:


  3. Dermelles says:

    Is this official?

  4. 安全子 says:


  5. VCheves says:

    Best flamethrower reload I've ever seen.

  6. Patrick Waldron says:

    ThE hEaT IS rEAl

  7. Aesthetic Gaming says:

    Who wants roasted cloakers?

  8. Patrick Waldron says:

    Why is there an accessory rail on top? 😂

  9. Avery Faucheux says:

    Elon Musk will make it to mars before we get this on console.

  10. NourムddiИ says:

    The new animator certainly knows what he's doing, but still I don't like his take on the MP5, either he gives it a new drill or just make Niphen's old and sweet reload back…

  11. Monika Salvato says:

    But why would you rob a bank with a flamethro— Oh, darn it, nevermind. As long as it looks cool!

    Oh, willn you do your favorite representations of the StG-44 or FG-42 rifles Frost?

  12. FN Fallout says:

    Elon would be proud.

  13. Big Turn says:

    Nice anims

  14. Benny Dingston says:

    H A N Z

  15. CamaroKidBB says:

    I love how this flamethrower looks.

    I love how this flamethrower performs.

    I need this in my life.

    It's no handheld M2 Browning, but it's almost as good.

  16. Simon says:

    Huh, i guess it's just a toy gun.

  17. NOIZION says:

    Wtf the name of the gun just sounds like a troll how the hell this really exist?! XD

  18. David125 Matias says:

    Not a flamethrower.

  19. M4sked says:

    There could be a whole lot of flammable green papers but hey LET'S BRING FLAMETHEOWER THERE BRUH!!

  20. Gaming Pro says:

    Do cod ghosts all weapons

  21. Scarceblackops208 says:

    I guess Boring Co. turned into Awesome Co.

  22. Kyaru says:

    Use flamethrower to heist, what can go wrong here

  23. Anschluss Gestirn says:

    New gun, nice!

  24. John Marston says:

    Well, that's a really boring looking flamethrower.

  25. Margub Rahman says:

    Oh it's mah boi Frost with another video YEET!

  26. Margub Rahman says:

    Also have tried i dunno

    Escape from Tarkov

    Play it alright!

  27. RUSH550 says:

    Oh its a toy gu-

  28. no says:

    >when you go to recent trends

  29. Dimitri Pia says:

    Badly timed joke aside, this is a good weapon

    The surprisingly high concealment makes this thing work wonders with crits

  30. Koki says:


  31. StreetX' PlaY says:

    Пиздец контент…

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