[Payday 2] 5 Akimbo Weapons Every Player Should Try

Last week MoustachedPotatoes and ‘uh’ requested
a video covering akimbo weapons, since they, and myself have trouble telling them all apart. I confess that for the most part I just use
the Akimbo STRYKs for everything, but after some research, I’ve learned about other builds
that favor specific akimbos. So today we’re covering 5 Akimbo Weapons Every
Player Should Try Starting with #1 The Parabellum pistols can hit 32 concealment, the highest
possible for non-DLC players. This is pretty great considering the amazing
damage output. Speaking of damage output: #2 the Goliath
shotguns will probably never be as famous as the Judges, but they absolutely are worth
trying out. They have an insane per-shot damage output,
great ammo pickup, and reloads its whole clip in one go, making them feel like a DMR you
don’t have to aim. #3 is the Akimbo Broomsticks, another high-damage
pistol and one of the only high-damage pistols that can accept laser sights. Unlike the Parabellum, you can reach very
good accuracy and stability even without DLC mods. But if you want perfect 100s in accuracy and
stability try #4, the akimbo CR 805Bs can hit their best stats even without DLC mods,
and are best used in semi-auto since they 2-shot most heavy units. Remember that all semi-auto akimbos are fired
twice whenever you pull the trigger. If you want to go for full-auto, don’t forget
#5 the Kobus 90s are my personal favorite akimbo SMGs because they have the best possible
accuracy and stability of the SMGs that specialize in truly blistering rates of fire, not to
mention the speed-pull magazines let you reload in under 2 seconds without using skills. Bonus #6 this gun doesn’t actually exist,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I really wish Overkill would add Akimbo
5/7s. A fast-firing, low ammo count, armor-penetrating,
low accuracy primary would be an extremely unique weapon in the Payday arsenal, not to
mention it would give base-game players another armor-penetrating primary besides the Platypus. Considering almost every other pistol got
an akimbo version, I’m hoping akimbos 5/7s were just held back because they were buggy
or something, and we can look forward to seeing them in a future update. That’s all for this week, as always this is
aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, keep those helmets flying!

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  1. Dribbleondo says:

    In memorium to Dallas.

  2. RJ says:

    R.I.P Dallas
    May he find a medic bag in heaven

  3. Bill Green says:

    this video's URL brought to you by racist crows

  4. uh says:

    hey that's me!

  5. Jorgee says:

    Love your fast af video style mate, keep it up!

  6. Rocxic Gaming says:

    one of my favorites are the akimbo mp5s

  7. blake spurgeon says:

    You need to show the wepons in death sentence OD and what's the zombie stuff at the end

  8. blake spurgeon says:

    Oh ya I'm a og player forgot they updated that

  9. blake spurgeon says:

    The zombies at the end was…

  10. Nauotit says:

    Never forget his sacrifice.

  11. aura enchanted says:

    i tink more people need to worship our akimbo uzi sub machinegun overlords. with ammo boosting skills the UZI's can have more ammo total then an LMG, and clips as big as the bootleg. while having far and away better accuracy, rate of fire, near perfect stability. the uzis are also capable of being very ammo efficient with a fairly decent pickup rate. while not death sentence / one down viable its mainly because the 46ish damage possible isnt holding down its otherwise phenomonal stats

  12. blake spurgeon says:

    Guide for golden grin but like in depth

  13. João Carriço says:

    Now top 5 perk decks
    BtwHow quick these vídeos are let me watch them twice in na hour

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