Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 1 – Overview

Hello, this is Small Oil, and Welcome to the
first episode of: Payday 2 – a beginner’s guide Payday 2 is a co-op heist game developed by
Overkill Software which allows you and up to three friends or two AI to pull off epic
missions where you can not only rob banks but also hijack armoured trucks wreck up a mall rig an upcoming election infiltrate the FBI headquarters itself and much more. Primarily a first person shooter, Payday 2
also incorporates RPG elements, allowing you to level up through experience, while unlocking
skills to advance your character along the way. The 4-man Payday 2 crew comprises of Dallas Chains Hoxton and Wolf who fall under the direction of Bain, the
faceless voice helping your crew pull off the perfect crime. Bain will regularly give your crew instructions
and tips throughout your heist and it is often wise to follow his advice. Payday 2 contains over 20 different missions,
each with a unique map and objectives to perform. Objectives must be completed to advance through
a heist. While most heists are completed in one level
or “day”, some heists include up to three different days which all must be completed
before you and your crew receive your payday. While these missions take more time and skill,
the pay-out and experience is significantly increased. In addition to the main days, there is a chance
your crew may need to escape before you progress to the next day. This is achieved through an additional mission
after one of the main days of a heist. The possibility of escapes is an example of
the core mechanic which makes Payday 2 so unique: Randomness and variability. Every heist in Payday 2 will be different
each time you play it. Whether it be the number of guards or security
cameras on the map, the types of loot found the locations of key assets and objectives and even an entire bank vault; almost every aspect of Payday’s heists has
some sort of variability to it. Each heist in Payday contains different types
of variability which often require different strategies to complete its objectives. This ever-changing nature of the game keeps
each heist fresh and prevents a crew employing the same strategy every time a certain heist
is played. After a heist is completed, you will receive
experience points based on the difficulty level of the heist and some money based on
the amount of loot your crew recovered. The difficulties available in Payday 2 are: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Overkill and the ultimate challenge: Death Wish. Higher difficulties have more enemies, stronger
cops and harder objectives. Every successful heist will also net you a
playing card which will reward you with a random gun mod, mask or material. For every level you gain, you will receive
one skill point (plus an extra 2 every 10 levels) to spend on a skill tree. There are 100 levels to advance through, plus
a prestige-like system called infamy. More detail of the different skill trees and
infamy will be covered in the later videos in this series. Money is a separate resource which you can
spend on new guns, mods and masks, however, most of the money earned from a heist will
be placed in an offshore account which cannot be spent on these items. This money can instead be used to buy specific
contracts as well as becoming infamous. Again, more details on these mechanics can
be found in later videos in this series. This concludes the first video of my Payday
2 series. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it.

23 comments on “Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 1 – Overview”

  1. James Doo says:

    Such an awesome vid for a really good game! Definitely showing this to my newbie friends. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

  2. TheSaqman says:

    Woooh! Keep it coming! This is one of the funnest games of late to come out. Good work 😀

  3. scott wong says:

    AWESOME video!!!! Wish i had a better PC to play it!!

  4. nzglegoli says:

    Awesome cuz! More!

  5. cephasman1 says:

    I like the randomness they have to spice up the game.  Sounds good.

  6. choren64 says:

    This should be the official beginner's guide. So helpful, detailed, and descriptive. Thanks man!!

  7. SkipTheSparrow says:

    A tip, haven't watched later vids, but try to have less down time between information

  8. The king Salvador says:

    How did you get those missions on 360 cus I have one and I can only find three dlc's

  9. Tara Radm says:

    Just bought payday 2 for ps4 nice helpful tips as I have never played this before and was kinda lost

  10. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Bach says:

    Real sexy voice lol Nah honestly, useful advises and explanations for beginners like me XD

  11. v2Drake says:

    whats the backing soundtrack to this video>?

  12. Shlomo Kikenberg says:


  13. Wyte Fang says:

    I'm liking this but he talks so slowly and a lot of this stuff is obvious basic stuff (half the video wastes time on "this is a shooter" – "everything is variable" – I understand that some folks, a very tiny group of gamers I'd imagine, need this but most people do not. Still I'm liking that someone made a series for this game as it badly needs one and it badly needs a tutorial. So thanks Small Oil!

  14. Hanysek 04 says:

    i have 1 question what can i do with money because i only see 1 thing buying guns and upgrade your safe .-.

  15. Haziq Musher says:

    watching all kind of guide , tutorial and still i don't understand how to play this , my brain hurt , and nobody want to help me , everyone just like 'nope , you noob . do it yourself"

    edit : i don't have any cash i only have starter item , every single mission is fuking hard , i can win any of this

  16. Devin Parker says:


  17. TA YOO says:

    You recieved the game for free you are here to see a guide here ? Nice !

  18. LJW002 says:

    Any good way to improve fps? I am getting only around 20 which makes things hard for me….

  19. Sigmar Heldenhammer says:

    I'm only here because its free now :/

  20. TigerKirby215 says:

    Gotta love that self-echo effect. How much more self-centered can you get?

  21. EnderBrosGaming says:

    when I was looking for a guide I want one like best weapons and heist I played on Xbox I was lvl 100 but I'm getting it with all dlcs for PC and its not the same different weapons skills characters

  22. Paul Castro says:

    This seems like a pretty damn cool game I wonder why they gave it away for free? It's been sitting in my library for like a year and I forgot about it.

  23. George Bush says:

    You deserve way more views and subs

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