Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 3 – Common Gameplay

Hello, this is Small Oil, and Welcome to the
third episode of: Payday 2 a beginner’s guide. In this episode, I’ll be covering gameplay
basics common to both the loud and stealth approaches. This includes mission objectives
like the drill, class specific equipment and casing mode. Every mission in Payday has a bunch of objectives
to carry out in order to complete the day. While these objectives can be unique to the
heist you’re doing, there are some common tasks which appear in almost every heist you
will play. One piece of equipment you will become very
familiar with is the drill. Love it or hate it, the drill is an integral part of the Payday experience. Every locked door, cage, truck, safe, and vault will often need to be drilled and this takes time. Lots of time. The drill can also get jammed or stopped by the cops
which needs to be fixed by a player. As you gain levels, there are several skills which
allow you to make your drill more efficient, give it a chance of fixing itself or even
bypassing it entirely, but be aware that whenever you see the drill symbol, you’re probably
in for a bit of a wait. Payday is often referred to as a bag simulator
by seasoned players. This is because all significant loot in the game needs to be bagged up individually
and brought to a drop off point in order to be collected. Different types of loot have
different weights and can prevent you from sprinting or even slow your walk speed to
various degrees. Each type of loot has a certain value which will be added to your payout if
you collect it and complete the heist. Heavy items such as gold or artifacts are generally
worth more, while lighter items, such as cash or jewellery do not have as high a value.
The higher the difficulty, the more bags you will need to collect, however, each bag is
worth more. Another important point is that any extra bags you collect above the minimum
required for the mission will net you significantly more money towards your payout. Once you complete your objectives, your crew
must take your bags and make your way to your escape vehicle. This will usually be a van
or a chopper and the day will be complete once each of your non-AI crew members are
in the escape zone. Any bags you are carrying will be counted towards your payout, but you
must throw any extra bags you have into the vehicle for them to be included. If a crew
member goes down in the escape zone, you will still be able to escape, but you will have
to revive any downed team-mates outside of the escape zone. I’ll be covering downs
and revives in greater detail in my loud gameplay video. There are 5 pieces of unique equipment you
can bring to a heist, each providing a different use to your crew. The doctor bag is unlocked via the Mastermind
skill tree and as the name suggests, lets you replenish your health. A basic doctor
bag will have 2 uses or charges which will replenish your health to full and reset your
custody counter. I’ll be explaining more on how this works in the next video of this
series. The ammo bag comes from the Enforcer tree
and also has a pretty simple application. When taking from an ammo bag, if there is
enough ammo in it, you will replenish all the ammo for your secondary weapon and then
for your primary. The percentage of your total ammo you received per gun will be deducted
from the charges of the ammo bag. A basic ammo bag holds up to 3 charges, letting you
gain 100% of a gun’s capacity 3 times. The Technician tree unlocks trip mines. These
explosives can be deployed on surfaces and are activated by an enemy passing through
the mine’s laser. They will instantly kill any enemies within its range. The biggest
reason people will unlock trip mines is that later in the skill tree these can be upgraded
to shaped charges, which allow you to blow open some safes or doors which would otherwise
need to be drilled. Technicians also have access to sentry guns.
Sentry guns can be placed on the ground and will shoot any enemies in its view until it
runs out of ammo. Last, but not least, ECMs are unlocked through
the Ghost tree. ECMs are the most useful equipment for stealth and will block cameras and communications.
More on ECMs will be covered in the Stealth video of this series In most heists you will start off in casing
mode. Casing mode allows you to survey the area without alerting any civilians, however,
you cannot perform any suspicious actions including jumping or crouching, which really
only leaves you able to walk around. Also, dependant on your detection rating, guards
and cameras have a much smaller range and ability to detect you compared to when you have your mask on The main use of casing mode is to allow your crew to figure out where the key objectives are located and to formulate a plan around this before you mask up. This concludes the third episode in my Payday 2 series. In my next video, I’ll cover the two separate approaches to a Payday heist: Loud and Stealth. See you next time.

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    Even though these videos are old, they're very well edited and helped me a lot. I'm a new player from the free weekend/discount and I had trouble finding good tutorials like these that properly explain everything 😀 Thanks!

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    my only complain with the videos, was your voice audio was low but good enough to listen to

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