Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 5 – Enemies

Hello, this is Small Oil, and Welcome to the
fifth episode of: Payday 2 – A Beginner’s Guide. In this video, I’ll be covering the different
types of enemies including special enemies and common strategies to help combat them. There are several non-special enemies in Payday
which do not have any sort of unique attacks. These common enemies can be broken down into
two subsets. The first set are the weakest enemies in Payday and can be differentiated
by their lack of a helmet. They include: security guards, gangsters or mobsters, plain clothes
cops, gensec guards and FBI agents. Often a single headshot or even a quick melee strike
will be enough to take them out. SWAT units are the stronger subset of the
common enemies and can carry shotguns, pistols or assault rifles to deal more damage to you. Normal SWAT have a dark blue uniform; heavy SWAT have a yellow highlight and can deal
more damage; Stronger FBI SWAT have a green uniform; Heavy FBI SWAT wear a Tan armor which
must be pierced; and Elite SWAT are the strongest and hardest hitting of the group, although,
they only appear in the deathwish difficulty. All enemies have a headshot damage bonus which
multiplies your guns damage if you land a bullet in their head. With a consistent aim,
headshots will provide the most efficient method of eliminating enemies. If you land
a fatal headshot on a SWAT unit, their helmet will fly off, confirming the kill. If that wasn’t enough, Payday offers 5 ‘special’
enemies, each with a unique style of attack or defence. Special enemies can be spotted
by players and will have a red outline when this is done. Shields carry a large riot shield which renders
their entire front face impervious to most forms of gunfire. They will often ruin a sentry
technician’s day as their sentries waste their entire ammo pool firing at a single
shield. Shields can be easily taken out by someone with a sniper rifle or they can be
stunned briefly with a grenade, causing them to reveal their bodies briefly. If none of
these options are available, you can distract them with the help of a team mate forcing
them to reveal their weak backside to one of your crew. Tasers wield an electrified stun gun which
will incapacitate you for a period of time. If you are hit by a taser, you will involuntarily
start firing an entire clip from your gun. The taser must be shot by either you or your
crew, so he flinches, to stop the tasering effect. If this does not happen after a certain
amount of time, you will go down and must be revived, although this does not count towards
your custody counter. Snipers sit on the edges of the map, either
on rooftops or in far windows. They spawn in pairs and use a sniper gun with a laser
sight which indicates where they are aiming. While they do not have a high fire rate, a
single shot will deal a lot of damage to your armor and health. It is best to spot them
and take them out as soon as you see a red laser sight which belongs to a sniper. They have relatively low health, so this will not take many shots. Cloakers are the ninjas of Payday. Possibly
the most feared enemy in the game, cloakers hide in the shadows and will charge a player
while emitting a high pitched whine, before taking you out in a single hit. This usually
happens very quickly and from any angle, so a good situational awareness is a must. As
soon as you hear the instantly distinguishable sound, immediately check you and your crew’s
surroundings to take out the cloaker before it takes out one of you. Getting downed by
a cloaker does not reduce your custody counter. Bulldozers are the infamous tanks of the game.
They sport a fully kitted out bomb suit which is near impenetrable to gunfire. They also
hit extremely hard. Your best bet on taking out these heavily defended enemies is to team up with one of your crew and lay waste into his faceplate. A bulldozer’s faceplate is
the weakest part of its armor and once his face is revealed, a few shots to it will be
able to take him out. Specials add another layer of variety to the
game, forcing you and your crew to adapt your strategies and loadouts to effectively combat
them. This marks the end of this episode. Next time,
I’ll be covering one of the largest topics in the game: Stealth gameplay. Thanks for watching and be sure to tune in for the next episode.

37 comments on “Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 5 – Enemies”

  1. Xaiborg says:

    Useful and informative videos! I just started playing this a week ago and although I've gotten most of it down, there are still very simple things I'm learning.  I wish they had a tutorial in the game, then I might have known earlier that;
    Doors can be shot to unlock, if your team dies/'fails' instead of terminating contract then you can free-retry, you can escape while dying, etc.  
    The little things really do matter in this game, especially when you've retried a mission several times only to lose again because of some small nuance you had yet to figure out, or a guard walks into you.

  2. Deniz Y. says:

    Pretty good video! A nice idea would have been to show the health values of enemies in each difficulty and maybe throw up some graphics à la XboxAhoy. I found the tone and pacing of the video to be top-noch though so keep up the great work.

  3. Joe Bennett says:

    Security Guard———————30———————3.00
    GenSec (Armored Transport)—60———————6.00
    Blue Swat—————————-80———————4.00
    Heavy Blue Swat——————-100——————–1.67
    FBI Swat—————————–130——————–3.25
    FBI Heavy Swat——————–200——————–2.00
    Blue Shield————————–100——————–1.67
    FBI Shield—————————130——————–3.25
    Death Wish
    Security Guard———————51———————2.25
    GenSec (Armored Transport)—60———————6.00
    Blue Swat—————————136——————–3.00
    Heavy Blue Swat——————-170——————–1.25
    FBI Swat—————————–130——————–3.25
    FBI Heavy Swat——————–340——————–1.50
    GenSec Elite———————–240——————–1.625
    FBI Shield—————————170——————–1.25

    Doesn't have titandozer but I dont think many people care

  4. Jim Halpert says:

    Nice vids 🙂 just started payday and your videos really helped.

  5. God Ex says:

    How i unlock the sniper and the granade launcher? I play in xbox 360

  6. Miles Beler says:

    Would you recommend me using a controller for this game on pc? I noticed you do, and seem to do very well with it indeed? I am new to PC gaming from console, so is this recomended?

  7. Mocha Coffee says:

    So sad that the people who can't afford Payday 2 on Steam can only get a demo for 6022 MB

    Like if you think this game should be Free 2 Play with a special gift for the F2P's when they download it

  8. hacking117 says:

    Pure awesome! This should be shown in school

  9. Nico roys says:

    You should say that you should not underestimate some of the plain clothed cops. Some of them hit really hard.

  10. suprtroopr1028 says:

    does the ghost melee resistance prevent cloaker instant down?

  11. AJ S says:

    I almost died XD

  12. 9,999,999,999 views says:

    Law enforcement NOT enemies

  13. WinterTheAnalyst says:

    Please make more!

  14. Leon says:

    Although an amazing idea, it would be nice to add on how to combat the non special enemies like the armoured FBI.

  15. Flaming Mad Skaven says:

    Everything is easy for me to take out honestly. Though the Cloakers. Are the worst fucking thing. I hate them more than Bulldozers.

  16. Sushobhan Karekar says:

    when I played yesterday on overkill.., I encountered a group of "Law Enforcers" holding a purple shield and using tactics like the spartans did in 300.
    any idea who they are and how to take them out..??

  17. Lsmcb says:

    hey dies any one now what the big tank thing is called

  18. PixelGaming says:

    hey whats with the skulldozers?

  19. Todd Howard says:

    the most dangerous enemies on overkill or deadwish is weak cops

  20. Tortle Does says:

    medics are added

  21. Zylf T says:

    cloalckers aka ninja mother fuc*ers aka ninja basters

  22. Reiken says:


  23. Phsyco says:

    Who remembers being terrified by the cloakers scream

  24. scarfweather says:



  25. MisterDoge says:

    3:54 what happens when u back talk ur mom

  26. Psycotic Peri says:

    Now we make every enemy a bulldozer with shields and add the hydra effect.

  27. random videos says:

    Why am i watching this im lvl 40 something

  28. NeedsMoreBoosters says:

    Great video, I knew most of the specials but didn't even tell apart some of the normals.

  29. PutoAnimations says:

    How do I mark enemies on Xbox 360?

  30. nome says:

    Whats the shotgun that u use with the speculator sight?

  31. ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ɢʀɪғғɪᴛʜ says:

    Great video and I know I'm 4 yrs late but… "Clip"? "Sniper gun"? Well nice video either way

  32. shane Smith says:

    Dude holy shit the cloackers are badass

  33. Banana a herb says:

    is he saying spicial

  34. nickolas humphrey says:

    wow cloakers even send you into the state after you take enough gun fire when downed what was that called? bleeding out?
    but anyways that means even if you had that thing that made you able to rev when you get a kill you couldn't
    well luckily feign death is a thing

  35. Alex Siancas says:

    You in you exam So happy
    You brain : 3:54

  36. Nebula says:

    The wooloo man is the scariest

  37. lil_yung_h_12 says:

    bruh once I was tasered by a taser and downed by a cloaker

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