Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 6 – Stealth Gameplay

Hello, this is Small Oil, and Welcome to the
sixth episode of: Payday 2 – a beginner’s guide. In this video, I’ll be covering the fundamentals
of stealth gameplay in Payday 2, including the mechanics of stealth, the alarm and what
can trigger it. Stealth is a completely separate option to
loud gameplay and is only available to some heists. It allows you to complete a contract
without the addition of police assault waves, resulting in minimal gunfire. If available, stealth will be in play from
the beginning of a heist and often involves very different objectives to loud gameplay. Stealth involves completing objectives without being seen, as to not alert any guards, cameras
or other triggers which may set off the alarm. The alarm is the point of no return in stealth
missions and is something you definitely don’t want to occur during the stealth route. If the alarm goes off during a mission, you can no longer complete the mission in stealth
and police assault waves will shortly be on the scene. There are several things which may trigger
the alarm, which you always want to be on the lookout for. They include guards, cameras
and civilians. Guards are the trickiest part of stealth.
There are always several armed guards randomly roaming the map who will begin to detect you
if you enter their field of vision. The ability of a guard detecting you is determined by
your detection rating. If you enter a guards view, a blue question mark indicator will appear and a sound cue will play. The more a guard can see you, the higher the indicator will fill. If you do not leave the guard’s view before the indicator reaches full alert,
he will spot you and start firing his weapon. Guards and other humans will detect sounds
such as unsilenced gunfire, glass breaking, explosions, civilians screaming and heavy
footsteps. If this happens, they will call the police, triggering the alarm, so always avoid making loud noises in stealth. Guards will also spot anomalies such as corpses,
panicked civilians, drills, broken glass or cameras and loot bags. This will also result
in a call to the police, triggering the alarm. Guards can be killed by an unseen melee strike or a silenced weapon to reduce the risk of being caught. However, guards require a pager to be answered when killed. Pagers are indicated by a yellow outline and must be answered within 12 seconds or the alarm is triggered. This will also happen if you do not complete the pager answer. Your crew can also only answer up to four pagers before the pager operator becomes suspicious and triggers the alarm. You must manage pagers carefully as other guards may spot you while you are answering a pager. It is also a good idea to bag the guards body once you have finished. Cameras are similar to guards, except they
are in a fixed position and have a shorter view range. They will detect the same visual
anomalies as guards, but take longer to do so. Shoot them out when you see a question
mark indicator or the alarm will be triggered once this reaches an orange exclamation mark. On some heists, Titan cameras will be present in Deathwish difficulty, preventing them from
being shot. Some heists will also have a camera operator
room which will disable all cameras if the camera operator is incapacitated. Civilians are another source of detection. They will call the police if they see corpses, drills or other panicked civilians, as well
as if they hear suspicious noises. To prevent civilians from calling police, you can take
them as hostages if you have cable ties, or simply kill them; however, this will result
in a deduction of your spending cash, whether you complete the heist or not. Hostages can also be led to better hiding spots, so cameras or guards do not see them. ECMs are the equipment you want to bring to a stealth heist. When active, they will temporarily prevent all communications and cameras, allowing you to deal with any hazards without fear of triggering the alarm. Once an ECM has stopped, cameras and phones will start working again, so if you did not disable them during the
ECM, the alarm can be triggered once more. ECMs can be upgraded with skills to extend
their duration, add a pager delay function and even add the ability to open some locked
doors. One strategy that many players have adopted is ECM chaining. This involves overlapping multiple ECMs to extend the duration of the communications block, so that the entire heist can be completed under the ECM effect. This requires close coordination with your crew, but can make a heist substantially easier
to complete. This marks the end of the sixth episode of
this series. In my next video, I’ll be covering the skilltrees of Payday and important skills for a successful heist. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. kiwidude1205 says:

    Great Video

  2. Stu Pidface says:

    2:13 Civilians screaming and footsteps can not be heard by NPCs.

  3. MrAsaqe says:

    One minor caveat with the Guards is if you remain still (aka not doing anything), the guards will attempt to apprehend you. If your friends do not uncuff you and dispatch security the guards will successfully call the police. This is handy if you need a distraction.

  4. Mazzy says:

    ECMs do not turn off cameras, and cameras will still be able to set off the alarm

  5. Killerlotr says:

    Great guide, you really need more subs

  6. Sam Johnstone says:

    When is the next video? Excellent series.

  7. MegaHellstrike says:

    Great explanation of the basics of stealth. This is really recommendable to watch for everyone who wants to get into stealth.

  8. DoshMeister0 says:

    Very helpful! I'm terrible at stealth though. But I might be able to do my first stealth heist because of this! Thanks!

  9. Wee Scottish Person says:

    is this 360 or Xbox one?

  10. Moldo says:

    I think he forgot something…
    At the beggining , when you have no skills you can answer only 2 pagers/mission
    BUT , if you get a skill Smooth Voice or something like that you can answer to 4 pagers/mission

  11. Multy HD says:

    More guides 😀

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