Payday 2: A Beginner’s Guide – Episode 8.2 – Enforcer

Hello, this is Small Oil, and Welcome to part
two of the eighth episode of: Payday 2 – a beginner’s guide. This is the second of the five parts of this
episode. In each part I’ll be specifically covering each class in detail, including their skills and standard builds. In this part I’ll be covering the Enforcer
class, including its role in the game, its notable skills and common builds. The Enforcer brings the firepower to the team
by playing an offensive role in Payday. The class focuses on strength skills as well as
increasing damage dealt while reducing damage received. Enforcers are able to increase their
proficiency with all shotguns in the game and also gain access to the portable saw in
the fifth skill tier. Here are some skills which you may wish to take as an Enforcer, as well as some you might want to avoid. The Ammo Bag is the trademark skill of an
Enforcer and will initially provide enough ammo for 3 maximum reserves of any weapon. When taking from an ammo bag, the bag amount will reduce by the percentage of the max reserve you filled, thus preventing waste. Transporter allows you to move faster when carrying bags, while the aced version lets you throw bags further. Acing this skill is vital for any build as it has low tier requirements and you will be moving bags frequently. Shotgun Impact aced gives a straight 35% damage increase to shotguns. This becomes very useful at higher difficulties. Shotgun CQB basic allows you to get back into
the fight quicker by reducing your shotgun reload time by 50%. Shotgun reload times are relatively long, so this is a valuable skill. Ammunition Specialist makes your ammo bags
more efficient by doubling your supply with the basic version and adding another two max reserves to each bag with the aced version. Berserker aced increases the damage you deal
the lower your health is below one quarter. In the Deathwish difficulty your health will
very frequently be below the 25% bar, effectively giving you a constant damage boost. Hard Boiled increases your accuracy with shotguns and hip-fire. The accuracy increase provided by his skill is completely outclassed by certain weapon mods and is not worth spending 4 to 12 points on. Fully Loaded aced increases your ammo pickup amount by an additional 75%. This can be quite useful on longer contracts with many enemies. The Portable Saw is a unique weapon exclusive to the Enforcer class. It gives you the option of taking a saw as your primary weapon, allowing you to open deposit boxes, ATMs, doors and other objects quickly. The saw’s ammo is used whenever it makes contact while spinning. It is not worth attacking enemies with the saw. Overkill basic provides a 75% damage boost
to your next kill within 5 seconds if you kill an enemy with a shotgun. This skill is very valuable on higher difficulties and can increase your damage output significantly if you can chain kills in quick succession. Iron Man basic provides an additional armor
option, the Improved Combined Tactical Vest, which effectively doubles the armor from the next tier down. Iron Man is a very useful skill on higher difficulties, and will provide you with the tankiest build in the game when combined with the Bulletproof skill in the Technician tree. By also taking several ammo skills, you can
create a build which is quite capable for solo gameplay as well as team play. A build with minimal points spent to unlock the Portable saw is also common as the saw provides higher loot potential and time reductions. One of the most popular Enforcer builds takes
advantage of the shotgun skills in the tree to maximise damage output and create a super efficient killing machine. Skills such as Berserker and Overkill can combine to become very effective in capable hands. The Enforcer tree provides many skills which
work well together, so remember to experiment with different skill combinations to find
the best build for your playstyle. Thanks for watching the second part of this episode. Remember to tune in next time where I’ll be covering the Technician skill tree.

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    my techforcer build is this

    I have high damage shotguns, extreme armor and shaped charges with upgraded drills.

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