[Payday 2] [Achievement/Gameplay] First World Bank Stealth/1337

Hi, welcome back, you’re on the Unknown Knight
Gaming channel. Today we’re looking at the First World Bank
Heist, doing it on the following modifiers: Deathwish, Solo and Stealth.
Primarily we’ll also be looking at the 1337 achievement, and that is to complete the heist
in stealth, under 13 minutes and 37 seconds. So I’ll be providing some quick tips here. 1) Pagers. I recommend spending 3 pager uses
on the guards in the inner bank so that you won’t have to sneak in there. Spend the last
pager as you wish and I recommend the security room. The camera operator for the inner bank
is a civilian so no pager use needed there. 2) Don’t waste time tying civilians. Just
bag them. This is very important near the escape, because you’re not done moving the
bags. 3) Power boxes only spawn on the 2nd floor,
with 2 security guards to sneak by. You should be done with this objective by 3 minutes. 4) Security codes and cameras. The computers
in the west side can be under 2 cameras at once. Either take out the security room or
deploy an ECM. 5) The insider objectives after entering the
security code can be done by an unmasked crew member. This can save you some time. 6) There are 14 bags, but you’ll only need
8. You should have the vault open by 7 to 8 minutes. If you’re running late, just take
8 bags. You can save some time here, but there’s a little bug for solo players which I’ll show
you in the later part of the video. 2) It’s a reminder. When you’re at the escape,
don’t waste your time with the civilians. Take them down and get to the bags. I’m going to be putting some bookmarks here
for you guys in case you don’t want to watch the full video Ok so as mentioned before, we can save some
time here. Once you have 8 bags in the vent, the objective updates and you can meet the
insider to open the escape. I tried doing this and it bugged, so either have 1 crew
member waiting at the escape, or don’t activate it until you are ready to go. So after 8 bags, I activated the objective
and went back for the 6 bags. However when I got to the escape, the insider
was missing and all I got was a disembodied voice. Now where did she go? Let’s take a
look. There she is. And later, she’s walking INTO
the ground. I have no idea where she went, perhaps back to the inner area. She might
walk right back to open it but that’s too much time taken. I’m not sure when they will
have this fixed, but as mentioned, either have 1 crew member there to activate the objective
or do it after getting the 14 bags. Enjoy the rest of the video and see you in the next.

2 comments on “[Payday 2] [Achievement/Gameplay] First World Bank Stealth/1337”

  1. P. David Cress says:

    Thank you so much for making your Stealth Guide, along with these videos. They are very well done and give you a lot of the information needed to succeed in full-stealth heisting, but not so much that it would overwhelm newer players (like The Long Guide would, if they read it before getting a feel for the game.)
    I play a good amount of stealth games, and i found Payday 2 to be the most challenging to learn because it doesn't follow a lot of conventions from more well-known stealth games. But your guide and accompanying videos can really help to teach the ideas and mechanics behind stealth heisting, and give the player an idea of what and what not to do to pull the heist off. I wish I had known about your guide earlier in my Payday "career", as it would have saved me a lot of grief from learning by trial-and-error. XD But please, keep up the great work doing what you're doing! It doesn't go unappreciated. 😀

  2. undercop5567 says:

    The glitch with the insider clipping into the ground still hasn't been fixed. Thanks for the guide – lifesaver man, I thought I would have to restart when that happened to me, even went to use 2 ECMS on the ATMS for some extra loot and then that happened

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