Payday 2 – Achievement Guide – The Man with the Golden Gun – Solo with Bots

So you want to get this achivment? Ok, i will help you a bit. Do what i did and everything will be fine. Go into assets and get a vantage point. Other assets are optional. Get Golden AK. Upgrade much as you can. Accuracy and fire power is your priority. As secondary weapon take something big. I choosen Locomotiv shotgun but you can take Desert Eagle etc. I prefer iron man build with additional ammo bags, there will be not so much opportunity to collect ammo. Choose melee, everything will be fine. When heist started, we shot instantly to make assault faster. Go to vantage point. Deploy ammo bag. Stay near air condition and wait for Skulldozer. Meanwhile you can kill some cops, FBI agents etc. Keep a low profile, regenerate armor. From time to time look at ladder. Bots usually ignores cops. After a while you will be cordoned by them. Another important things are snipers. Take them out. We will hear message from Bain about snipers, but care and look sometimes on thier spot. How to fly by Locomotiv. 5/10 Before chopper land, focus on ladder. “I belive i can fly…” After arrival of chopper, kill rest of cops fast as you can and focus on big guy. Best part now 🙂 Skulldozer should bug on roof. Easy target. Aim head. Don’t forget that Skulldozers has aim-hack and they can easly take you to custody. After few accurate hits, we make more dmg. Sometimes xd Cary about buldozer hp, bot’s can start shoting him in worst time, when he almost died. DEAD! Don’t waste time and restart map. It’s faster than waiting for next wave. It’s all from me, subscribe and watch my other videos. Elo!

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