13 comments on “Payday 2: All DLC Masks”

  1. gamingwithreilly 0634 says:

    like your vid

  2. gamingwithreilly 0634 says:


  3. gamingwithreilly 0634 says:

    like the end to

  4. - Exillion - says:

    Video starts at 0:28

  5. darkghost1715 says:

    these videos are awsome

  6. Adam Michalak says:

    Intro song?

  7. EPICWHITE says:

    can buy mask or how to get mask idk i just bought the game ultamite edition

  8. Sexy Dawg says:

    liked it

  9. Chamski Pieseł says:

    sub+like 🙂

  10. Funkybaby965 says:

    You are a cheater thats impossible to have this all mask With only lvl 75 -_-

  11. The Guy That Like Play Minecraft says:

    Emm I'm new at this game I just bought the ultimate edition yesterday why I can't use my dlc weapon, mask and character it said empty slot…

  12. Burnt B3ΛST says:

    How do you unlock these

  13. Impulse 01 says:

    I got a headache when your intro played

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