Payday 2 – Bain’s Last Message (Reservoir Dogs)

Guys? Shit… –in trouble. Location is compromised. Gotta get you guys outta there. –is what I was afraid of. They’re coming for– –I’m so close to finding- –not much time– This is crazy, but you need to trust Locke! He is on our side, and whatever you do– You need to get to Brooklyn! Locke knows why! Fuck you! Fuck you! Locke will help you find- Be careful guys! *oh shet*

61 comments on “Payday 2 – Bain’s Last Message (Reservoir Dogs)”

  1. el scorcho says:

    this gave me a shitload of chills down my spine

  2. Omega Gaming says:

    Welp, gotta wait for Payday 3 to find out ehat happened to bain

  3. JiJi says:

    Bain drops the f-bomb only when he's serious.

  4. leprofDtri says:

    What did we learn ?

    Bain should really change is microphone.

  5. InfectedKaen says:

    Or crimefest 2018 with (finally long anticipation) no mercy payday 2

  6. robensate says:

    the coolest thing is that bain fought back

  7. gipi6 says:

    Does simon still want to leave overkill?
    If yes i am scared that they might kill bain

  8. Phoenix O'leary says:

    Hey Hoxtilicious! I loved it! Could you do some digging and find each Heister's reaction? I noticed that when you leave on day 1 (I guess day 2), the character's all react to Bain not responding (I.E. Chains saying "Now what? BAIN?!") I'm interested in hearing what they all say!

  9. laitsuZ says:

    Rips Bain

  10. glare says:

    Jesus fucking christ. Didn’t know bain would fucked up, damn man. Since when did the cop manage to track down the coordinates of Bain.

  11. Korstmahler says:

    Thanks for calling Spoiler on it, Mcbadass just planted the news right in the title, like a [ad friendly insult.]

  12. Csúb - Az Űrmedve says:

    I always thought Bain is some kind of high tech AI computer or some shit like that because the way he repeats himself often.

  13. [SB] Vinyl says:

    If bain died, atleast he went out fighting.

  14. Filipine Gazolin says:

    Bain Revenge Heist pack only 14.99

  15. 국현 says:

    is there someone who can write this down?? cuz im not a native english speaker so i need closer look with my dictionary…

  16. Nauotit says:

    Picture it : Bain knowing he's compromised, typing the last commands to keep the crew safe instead of instantly running, grabbing and brass-checking his Deagle, running away with his wireless headset, giving the final instructions before fadding away in smoke and bullets, only leaving his self-destructing lair behind.


  17. Matty says:

    finally now i dont have to keep repeating the heist to hear this

  18. Nauotit says:

    Is that a fucking Sentry Gun I can hear at 0:08?

  19. Dark Crescent says:

    Shits gettin Real Real serious…im legit freaked out because i figured bain was untouchable…God like or something

  20. SVAROG says:

    bain shooting – bain character pack

  21. DrScaphandre says:

    I hope Bain made it out. if not, he will be missed, and I will enjoy having Locke as the new head of Crimenet.

  22. Dad's Hammer says:


  23. Peter Man Fox says:


    Me defending the last piece of pizza.

  24. Anucha Chewachanon says:

    is bain using my csgo teammate's microphone?

  25. Cakrabayu Budireksa says:

    Wait what happened to Bain and what about the Payday gang

  26. Some 30 year old virgin who fantasizes about being anally penetrated by human foxes for pleasure says:

    I really hope this is setting up for events in PD3 rather than a shitty PD2 heist (although reservoir dogs wasn't shitty)

  27. Major Blitz says:

    Bain Has Taken away the Property of Many, But Only mistake he does is Ignores his Incestuous Cloaker Little Sister…

    Yandere Cloaker Heist – First Released at Japan in the Cost of 2499 Yen :3

  28. Darkaxero1 says:

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

  29. TheBlue22 says:

    He didn't die. He always had a plan B. If that did not work he had a plan C. Also he is too fucking valuable to just be shot by swat. They want his info not his body.

  30. Dat Aory says:

    mr voiceline boi

  31. Cody D. Buni says:

    Here's the transcript:

    Bain: Guys, shit! static Trouble! static Location's compromised! Static Gotta get you guys out of there- BZZZZT! …it's what was I afraid of, they're coming- Static I'm so close to find- BZZZZT! …no much time! static Can you hear me? static This is crazy, but- static …need to trust Locke! static He- static …our side! And whatever you do can- static and door breaching noises Unitelligible Locke knows- static and gunshots FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! Locke- static …help you find- static BE CAREFUL- Static and transmission ends

  32. Miles says:

    Bain Breakout confirmed.

  33. mun mun says:

    The fuck are we gonna do now!? BAIN!?

  34. blingster 123 says:

    Wait does that mean that the still will ACCUALLY WORK INSTEAD OF BREAKING DOWN EVERY GODAMN 30 SECONDS

  35. Tessa Drake says:

    It's ether Bain faked his death and got the freak outa there and get a new lair or he was captured and he saved his lair and left it for Locke or he's d de dead

  36. Rocket Sharpshooter says:

    He died from a massive gang

  37. Cozi says:

    I cannot believe there is actual interesting plot development in Payday 2 in 2018. Well done OVK.

  38. CYKA BLYAT says:

    Someone tell me what is dis plz

  39. A Box says:

    Were his last words “be careful”? I know Bain was the dad of the dysfunctional family of the payday crew.

  40. Joaquín says:

    We gotta get Bain back.

  41. hammer DMX says:

    0:28 was broklyn heist easter egg say from bain

  42. DAT REVERZE says:

    I'm on PS4 payday and catching up on the dlc, hearing the last two messages in reverse order makes me almost cry

  43. Zekairos says:

    "Be careful guys-!"
    Now I feel bad…

  44. Baby Bro says:

    at the end he said Locke will help you find… so there could be a chance that there will be bain breakout

  45. Adonis says:

    You know no one hates Bain when there are 0 dislikes on this video.

  46. feverflowinacacoon says:

    "Did you hear me-*static*" 0:17

  47. Long Ge says:

    Payday 3 Bain Breakout
    Comming soon…

  48. Bruno Chiarentin says:

    You can make a video of the reaction of all the characters when hearing this message, for example the Dallas speaking''Bain, what happened? ''

  49. Toaster The Roaster says:

    this sends chills down my spine.

  50. limon forlife says:

    Guess bain did not browse in incognito mode

  51. Bozuk Süt says:

    Press f to pay respects

  52. Reboomer says:

    Nam War Flashbacks

  53. RaiRei1613 says:

    Man locke was a cool guy it sucks he betrayed us in alaskan deal

  54. Iw0s says:

    RIP little angel 🙁

  55. Josh Anello says:

    i hope bain is dead now is update hell island already and the end video in payday 2 game

  56. Bozuk Süt says:

    B b ba bain is dead……… rip

  57. maybeDOS says:

    Bain has left the lobby.

  58. Çassie Graal says:

    Whos the new contractor now

  59. Yachter says:

    It’s like the “Disc 11” of Payday 2.

  60. The Scout Duo says:

    0:30 me reaction to furry subreddits

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