Payday 2 Beta Co-op Watchdogs heist – Get Dat Coke – w/RedEye

yes epic you know what’s up guys and welcome
again payday 2 you they do the highest bidder is
somewhat using a contract payday 2 let’s see what you have here watchdogs 3 nightclub might see that you would see
it jewelry store ok there’s a bank payday 2 hacks with than the Sahara Mary Harney iron her things are overkill god damn idk 3
you want the payday 2 strategy watchdogs it’s true yeah yeah okay okay
let you know then season left enough Fe be great for
Starz okay okay art stop clay game begin at the loading screen guess yes check out the plan stocks Creek I think you got the only okay it did why sis do where us heavy jackets in Carey ever heavy rain and we don’t
actually have what to choose but you know but we have little our movers I don’t know custom there’s not much you can get is this running I have watched their no an incident right and the ballistic West the level no better get your gadget about him
whilst yeah I got it I got it and read it matter where with
United get truck actors contempt so ok shit my eyes they’re dead ball with
dead bodies or meet I don’t know could he does look
suspicious item the dead bodies K Graham the back next year carrying
coke Latics take something want you folks
about everything ok claps I cast I’ve and arguments are
taking anything anti-serb will come forth how to move how do we get the fuck out
crafts for 0 Oshiomhole shit ok with that over each
snap taking snaps in Z the fuck outta here
now I am will move more and where he’s posted by a find birth
control what you think is the objective okay I’m taking the planks for no reason it’s not magic pockets okay and where
the fuck outta I have no idea let’s just moved yeses
within 00 polices coming they want my name is
what im a come at me I’m not afraid which is best
addressed the fucking street usual and mystical somewhere safe I
think it’s just getting to that crackles okay let’s go against police assault in
progress 21 as let’s get the get the house okay oh I see Cameron snow and but the christmas girl whole disk
track of want to go somewhere crisp annexed area I’ll be able to hold
of him and move the coke summers Eve so let’s just throw those size I don’t know
okay may be here camp shown here oshit grab their backs am going to oh shit what’s poppin coming
slot thing coming and now the best time yeah is there an
easy way to get okay I’m deploying jammer I don’t know what’s going to be hard
redeployed a bit confused G&G at least for me and the Falcons the
stiff I think its US me is this yeah I think
my useless in here to serve I’ll it know the fucking there’s a now like a Let’s Move weather data yeah I fearful through the red line 0 and that’s how it is %um i think in
their bag and if beautiful ocean sniper sniper 0 the red
dot the school and this is like an explosive nope it is
not for us at least yes or should the back 10 can there before you go ok thank you Miss read them I have the bank’s I don’t know
what to use for their use a serious fight it’s here so by the way the take a half day we have
30 seconds only so let’s just try to get as many coke is the camp and we’re going to take
this house and a kit MK I couldn’t even get a que because I’m Forest Park I got a bigger
share it s write their accuracies funny and I thought that a yet anka is forced their accuracy yeah me
too fucking his game lies we got them the
last game moved moved to cope but the where timers flats seriously weekend and we need why wouldn’t you park were all
sweaty from because he’s a genius fucking geniuses
kept okay more Smyth incoming writer handling that get the magazine Nagar
fine sieve we need yet still airbag seriously if that guilt and worry okay all
response to get it through the roof rights last weekly were until lentils
let’s get going yep as your I am the AC st. well wealth
is talking to the wall for you okay ima the cups and stupid but their team isn’t make sure our its ok if a.m. defense just drop 00 0 heart it the more I get together
tomorrow more afghan-led and maybe try to get
those and get get it from there and get it from the back yeah it easier way closer also them mostar am a few okay I’m hits okay don’t okay there are three more
bags in this place and okay in doubt just be careful and drive
down the and wolf is down of war going ok where are you where are you
know I see you and you I fell down the job there for you today really chases down as well no i think is OK and let’s get the back and get the fuck
outta here OK wolf is in custody so fuck won’t
forget about forget about it you know no vote fourth wall and exact okay we’re surrounded yeah around sure you’re fucking
surrounded look at me and said I’m should okay moo
moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo their focus after get the fuck anti-hero dangled from the
fires of yeah McHale is just fucking run planning
ok show shed their climbing here they’re not as you can of %uh that one guy just wall he’s a fucking
ninja the Dana with the back door is facing get
shipping were on and forget about everything for shit them etc and okay I got it all how many bullets this
your magazine app like from 20 master home you must buy the a gates love their
and I will young us okay so now what duo escape where is it and I think that of the response to get down will we have
two your back in Goa governor just okay yourself ok he’s only coming so fuckig all the coming only add there’s a a okay where is the fucking
wolfman was sooo ICSE its I see it inc.’s okay I’m investing you i cant how I see okay he is reviving I’m covering potion i’m not i’m ok really really
fucking small cave okay if they got the driver another
option what great what’s it’s basically got the
fucking driver relief kayla just what you’re eating we we might be able to do this shit okay
more what to do no I don’t know do we get an
ever better get going with newsday the card for the driver yeah needs big the fucking police also mix okay until host shop followed Jesus okay let me back until
that happens a haze to go bad this is what happens okay I will be covering you from the through the 15 che’s you got
them and fix okay chains is down fucking riot
shield who cares chains retarded away yo I love me and you got fat and because we’re going to knife games I’m not really wait a little bit okay
it’s almost a year now only guy with the ratio black and not
scale cutting the chicken or beef needs and okay swatting coming okay it down in mind shit 00 a lot of swapping coming and now I’m
hurts madelyn home or small was like getting Kb just smoked for no reason to go back
into small or doesn’t nope not you just red of smoke this is my first okok fuck oshit what climbing ferocious osha worship no sugars go tonight and the granite
ship osha yale is just be here stay here only here can’t wait for Haley
the gonna come up here I think we could have done that machines
doing the a fucking retard else would you be doing okay thirty seconds left on the trial is just right
thirty-seconds 450 helicopter and I think we’ve if it was for the
second we should see it by now so he has been heading to capitol hill
and year yeah for sure they’re looking at
least insists its position okay there’s a lot of cops out there on
earth pockets sockets that appeared in the
fourth we can still move doesn’t I love not so much cops but
still for game I’m almost out over amo almost
everything of and we need some is250 bullets and I’m almost out okay I see
Haley when the show it’s in there okay okay let’s go let’s go osha a lot of ups really I’m I’m only olympiad 22 bullets left Steve
Israel of for the fitness test to get there just
shoots anything of Hamburg I have 20 left I have the RAM left just kill them I as mine okay let’s just fucking me lay them because I’m a badass get the fuck outta here get the fuck
outta here okay I’m down but I’m I have some ammo I’ll
try to help a chance to have %um should def means if okay I’m out of ammo cans same here gay think rushed for ammo and ocean okay I’m that I and St these means do what you can do
it she knows you’re dead back no kept his nerve yeah health plan you fail no money would be about are not the sad so I watch that the trailer at Southern
if you fail missions it right again everything will change it
won’t be the same so some places might be locked up at them it’s wealthiest about 6 p.m. so that’s certainly something markets this assault in progress osha it’s worth a dime in picking the log going back right and especially surveyed situation spot harps yes where the camera caught dead in
Paris here this phone you wondered idly this camera
on the back right yet pictures and clients I’m her romantic you’re in a brief Sonic and re-apply

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