Payday 2 Big Bank Death Wish Solo Guide Eng/Jp

This video will show a few things that
I’ve discovered, figured out. Going as is, No Asset. Watch out for Guards and camers. Look for
Keys and Keycards before putting your mask on. Keys Usually 2 Keycards are placed.
One of them is in the managers pocket or his safe. Run a serach for possible spawn locations of
keycard if you’re not sure where to look. This time, a good spot, easy to pick up. Staircase here I think is a good place
to take down guards and civilians. Like other jobs, you can lure the guards by
destroying surveillance cameras. Predicting that the guard will walk through
Cafeteria, then through the starcase i mentioned… Then this… (´・ω・`) You can always rely on shotguns. If you haven’t obtained Silent Killer,
ambush in the staircase mentioned earlier. No civilian walking…
No surveillance camera watching… Then you could catch one here. Walk her along the wall
where she won’t be seen by others. Take control over 4Employees/2Guards in this area.
This will minimize the risk of accidents. The one manager had
but I’ll use the other one this time. Civilians are restricted to certain areas.
Try to stay in restricted area to avoid Civilians. Always try to get visual of guards and civilians.
Spotting guards will help the team in coop. Okay, he’s not coming so I’ll goto him. Make sure that there’s no camera… Not exactly a good spot but I’m leaving
the corpse here to continue with the mission. Use the manager’s office side stairs
to avoid civilians. Going for the keycard located eariler. Patience,
wait for civilians to just, move along. Let ? sign dissappear
for your swift stealth maneuver. Columns, monitors, stack of documents,
everything is in your favour. I prefer to save ECM. Bain seldom succeeds, blames it on firewall. So as usual, more work awaits. You don’t have to enter a cubicle to do… this. Wall means nothing here. Crucial item for this stealth mission. You can hear the elevator on floor above
from here, the ding-dong. 1 guard + 1 employee or
2 employees spawn out of elevators. Cameras and guards detect opened timelock door.
Make sure that it’s clear around the door. That little thing lit up is finger print scanner.
That is where the vault is. Phone rang before the elevator this time.
I believe the pattern is random. If Jen from GENSEC is not convinced,
she will send 2 cops to check things out. The one that walked out of elevator…
He walked fast… I’ll be coming back to this area later,
better get rid of this threat. The lasers,
3 or 6 patterns cycle.
This time, 6.
00:15:38,000 –>00:15:43,000
count , set , then swim through. Practice if needed but it really is easy. Ghost Tier5 Lockpicking Expert Ace
A little bonus in the counting room, pick lock here.
00:16:17,000 –>00:16:21,000
Watch the stairs while picking lock. Open, but I’ll pick up the content later. It is important to know which guards are stationary.
Spot them, track them. If everything was done right, there will be
an unused bodybag for just incase. I strongly recommend
SpyCam : Entry Hall Do not rush to open,
patience. Vault door takes forever to open,
I’ll take that little bonus now. Silent drills will be spotted by guards
on almost all vault patterns. Keys will open these doors quiet, and fast. Placing bags, make sure they’re out of guards’ sight. I like sorting them by contents. How fast you walk
depends on content of lootbags you carry. Picking locks… tiring but needs to be done
unless you’re happy to leave with pocket change. Time to carry all these bags out.
Finishing up the job. No more employees wondering around.
Just watch the civilians. Better to have bags land on ground
than on roof of the van. Aim correct. Don’t dive. Even if you land on roof of the van,
job will end. … It takes time to do this job solo,
but I find it fun. Coop is thought out for this job as well.
4man crew would make it out in around half n’ hour. I hope this video helps,
for you to complete Big Bank Heist.

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