9 comments on “PAYDAY 2 – BIG OIL SELECTOR – SOLO + APP – PS3 / PS4 / XBOX / PC”

  1. RapticViiRal Izzda says:

    Did you add me? My psn is oisse656la2002
    And can we do this cook off glitch together?
    Nice Video!!

  2. Vito Indarto says:

    Badstyles, where is the link for the app download man?

  3. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    on description

  4. District 9906 says:

    back again for the best fucking thing ever u

  5. Paula Cavaco says:

    you are the best

  6. District 9906 says:

    can you do a invisable glitch next? thx 👌

  7. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    send your id

  8. Badstyles Gameplay says:



    Sorry, I stopped paying attention and just listen to the music. Great choice

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