BOOST XP + MONEY $100.000.000 yes its working afther update 3:25 2 Hours later … and 40 bags on the next escape on left we will secure the bags 1 more 🙂 41 bags Lets go Boys !!! Backup ups… Payday : $100.890.00 its like the old deathwish – 4 skulls you can do the same without glitch if you survive 2hs,taking amo from the coops ,yes you can go loud 2:20 15 744 000 XP share this video with your friends !!! Subscribe to help the channel thanks for watching

22 comments on “PAYDAY 2 BOOST XP + MONEY $100.000.000 PS4 / XBOX / PC AFTHER UPDATE”

  1. Ironzombie says:

    I think you got more because of the infamy bonus I was infamy 1 and got 7 million

  2. mac price says:

    so the glitch still works after the last update?

  3. JC says:

    the random cops apeared to me too!

  4. JC says:

    but when u escape they appear some cops to me it appeard 7 skulldozers

  5. 113 inc. says:

    i remember doing this one way before the update and with the basement sentry gun glitch and the duplicate bag glitch. walked out with 537 bags.

  6. Thiago Borges says:

    amigo por favor me aruma o save editado do dragon age 2 xbox 360 plisssss

  7. Thiago Borges says:

    mais amigo acha o mesmo qui esta qui no yotube ???????

  8. Alexander Jankovic says:

    Anybody who wants to do it with me on Xbox one?

  9. Blame Match says:

    can you do this solo?

  10. 113 inc. says:

    have they patched this already? i tried it a while ago and only was able to make it work twice tried it again today and keep getting lots of cops

  11. Glenn Lloyd says:

    you can throw the bags in the van without touching the road… this way you can make as many bags as you want..

  12. INTIMIDAR TM says:

    gonna have to do this cuz my data got corrupted hopefully this works

  13. Pedro Amaro says:

    obrigado por tudo 👍

  14. Tgarnatz - says:

    So You have 2 place 2 turrets

  15. barok gamer says:

    n consigo fazer

  16. Uneazy G says:

    my psn is diamondakaibo11 please explain to me how this works

  17. Ian Doors says:

    can you add me if you have a pc? its : iDortz in steam

  18. Doctor Rage says:

    add na plus,e me ensina a fazer?,não consegui entender muito no vídeo, "RyanColtNet"

  19. Avos Alex says:

    Still works just watch out for snipers and helicopter troops, use 2 sentries at each location

  20. Trippie Uchiha says:

    Does anyone have gage ninja pack for xbox if can you please take share me it please thx

  21. Lukas Games says:

    so this is blocking cops or what?

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