[PAYDAY 2] Build: El Tanque Carry (Build para One Down/Desolación)

Hi folks, MrCarlos here. And welcome to the seventh installment in my videos of Builds for Payday 2. This build will focus
in the use of armor, high damage weapons and the survival skills
of the revenant branch to survive on the One Down difficulty. With you, the Tank Carry. In Mastermind, Medic, we take painkillers, Doctor bags and Inspire. Next in controller, we take forced friendship and basic joker, and Partners in Crime ACE.
In tank, we take resilience ACE, Transporter ACE, Shock and Awe and bullseye basic, and Iron Man Ace. In technicianl we don’t take anything.
In Ghost we take duck and cover, parkour, and basic shockproof. In Silent Killer take second wind, The professional, and Specialized Kiling, all in basic version. In Fugitive, we take nine lives, swab song, Feign Death and messiah, all in their ACE version At the end, we have 6 points to spare, that can go to Specialized Killing ACE for damage
with gun equipped with a suppressor, Confident ACE, So we can have 2 jokers instead of one, , or can throw those skill points to minor skills, as in my case, where i take steady grip, stable shot,
Underdog, Hardware expert and Drillsawgeant, all Basic. On weapons, CAR-4 will be our main choice, using the modifications of the screen (description for english .png versions) With the modifications from the Butcher’s AK / CAR modpack and Specialized Killing Basic, this weapon can reach 192 of damage, which is the right and necessary.
Taking the ACE version of the weapon will hurt us grant us with extra damage, and it will make no difference in this case. You see, when you have a complete talent, You win an extra 25% damage when you hit the head of the Cops, and on mayhmeh to One Down, thee headshot multiplier of almost all units is x3,
plus 25% talent, we do 3.75 times the amount of your weapon damage with headshots.
With 192 damage, a shot to the head makes 720 damage, which is exact amount of Hitpoints for the nrmal Swats, and with two shots you do 1440 of damage, the exact HP of the Heavy Swat on One Down. The CAR-4 is one of the few weapons that can reach exactly 192, without using the fully Automatic mode (from the Gage weapon pack 1). The AK rifle with the DMR kit can also reach this number, but
I don’t have the achievement unlocked so I can not record using it, so i can’t recommend it. Awww.
As your secondary weapon, I recommend using a grenade launcher if possible, whether the Arbiter,
for grenade-spamming and the long range, China Or the China Puff, to kill the weaker units
and weaken the others. Another good option is a shotgun with Incendiary rounds, to stun enemies and keep them in an animation where they cannot attack, so your team take them easier. And finally the 5/7 to deal with
shields if you have none of the of the options above.
If by chance you decide to change a bit the build to accommodate your requirements,
and decide to take “Shock and Awe” ACE just for the shields How dare You.
A pistol like the Deagles, the White Streak, or a revolver. Can work quite well, as they can balance
some possible problems you can face with your ammo management I don’t have the AK / CAR Mod pack
The M308 Rifle can work just as well. Use the remaining six points to place
Specialized Killing ACE so the weapon can One Shot the swats, and Two-shots the heavy swats respectively. Take off the points of freig death ACE and place them on surefire basic, to increase the m308’s poor magazine This will give you a powerful primary
with perfect precision and good Rate of Fire. Feign DeaTH ACE gives you A 45% to stand up if you die so it’s not a build-breaking loss if you have a decent team, or even If you play with bots with the ability to inspire you.
Also remember that with the basic version, you have a 15% chance to stand as soon as you die, so once every six full moons you’ll just stand up alone and you will be confused, and then you’ll remember this skill, and you’ll laugh. I-it has happened to me. As your perk deck, my favorite choice when
Armor game is Armorer (Armourer). While its increase Armor becomes redundant in One Down (just a little),
its strengths are increased armor regen both for yourself and for your team,
This way you can get in and out of combat quite frecuently. But more importantly, what make this a really good perk is that every 15 seconds gives you invincibility for 2 seconds when
your armor breaks. These two seconds will will save most of the time playing
with this pek, and also the ability “Second wind” gives you more speed
when your armor breaks, perfect to save you from possible lethal damage. Learn to abuse these two seconds to be able to survive longer and to complete heists.
If you want another option, the kingpin perk deck from the Scarface character pack is very good choice on all the difficulties in general. With the sacrifice of choosing a conventional throwiable, to change it to the the adrenaline injector. Thus, once every 30 seconds, you can
activate the injector and convert 75% of the damage you take into health And when you have less than half of your HP, you convert 100% of damage you receive into health. preventing you from dying unless
you take a massive ammount damage. As an added bonus, you gain 80% more health, and every time the injector is activated, enemies prefer to shoot you to remove some pressure from your team. If they are doing something like fixing a drill
or open a door. As a reminder, the only thing that can kill you being in the injector is a Bulldozer on One Down. The damage it does to you is enough to kill you before you can recover, whenever the bulldozer shoot you sufficiently close and you don’t have any armor. And since we’re talking about Scarface’s perk, you can also use the gun that comes with that character. Say hello to my small Buddy, The little Friend 7.62 is a rifle that lets you bring effectively
3 weapons with you, half an M308 and half a GL40, only by occupying your
primary weapon slot, and is a pretty decent option when deciding what weapons bring to a heist. Just remember take with a secondary able to sustain you because the ammunition of this weapon is quite low, and the ammo pickup is almost half of the M308,.
BUT IT HAS A GRENADE LAUNCHER And also remember that counts as 3 weapons, so try to use an ammo bags only with your grenade launcher being full, otherwise you’ll waste ammo from the ammo bags which can hurt you and
your team. That’s another disadvantage of this weapon. BUT IT HAS A GRENADE LAUNCHER The style of gameplay is simple. always points to head to maximize damage. Use well your Throwables in case you do not take Kingpin, and use the map coverage as best as you can. This build, and builds armor
generally work best in closed maps where you have to keep watching
certain objective, like in undercover, banks, cooks off and rats, you understand.
Try to convert an enemy whenever you can. Converts are really good at One
Down as meat shields to keep focus off you, as well as
giving you a couple of speed bonuses and a 30% max health, which is also useful. On One Down, you’ll be grey in your first down (duh), so the skill “Nine Lives ACE” is essential in this
difficulty, allowing us to die one more time before being grey. This
It is another reason why doctor bags are much needed in any team composition. Thanks to swan song, clean rooms
enemies when you die, or try to approach your teammate so that they do not have
a hard time reviving you. Hopes to be revived by someone and continues to play
as safe as you can. You can not use doctor bags in Swan song, however if you are interacting with a doctor bag and then you enter swan song , you can continue to interact with the bag to give back the lives lost.
But you’ll be down anyways at the end of swan song and you loose a life. Still is better than custory, tho Use “Messiah” whenever your teammates can’t revive you, either because they are far away from you or because their inspire is in
cooldown. Just kill someone and press “Jump”before being incapacitated
completely. Also he used freely “Messiah” when
you’re in grey, because Aced messiah recharges by using a MEDIC BAAAAG, and you definitely want to use a medic bag when your screen is
in Grey. If you do not like to carry converted enemies,
either because you hate as they get stuck in certain maps or because you find one
very cheesy strategy, you can replace the skill with Stockholm syndrome ace, thus
you can come from custody anytime you want as long that there is a hostage or civilian dominated on the Map (Just 1 time per heist). This way you’ll be even safer, and you can return from custody if
all your teammates are down or in custrdy aswell. or there is an infinite assault in progress.
As general advice for One Down: Play the lower difficulties before playing
Down in One (this is… like really basic). With Stealth this is not as necessary, because stealth is the same on Mayhem as it is on Deathwish and 1D. However Assault is a completely different story The most frequent units on One Down, the heavy Swats, do 225 damage per shot, have a
90% accuracy, and their damage doesn’t have any dropoff the further away they are … that … that last last one is just stupid, so please play carefully and knowing when to move
and when to stay on cover. Try to avoid One Down public lobbies,
because although it is not impossible to complete missions It is better to play with experienced people
who knows missions or even with the A.I (bots) and their skills and perks modifications.
Learn how maps work. Learn when an infinite assault begins, to avoid
start one and there is someone in custody. By example, on Aftershock, begins an infinite assault when the last safe is placed on the truck. If there is someone in custody, wait before putting the safe Thus the current assault will eventually end
and you can free your teammate, and you are more likely to finish the heist. Stuns are very good at this difficulty. The concusion grenades as well as fire are very useful when trying to push to complete objetives or clean rooms. Also note the enemy’s reload weapon animations. Try not to be so far away from your teammates. While the lower difficulties forgives
you more and allows you to run and kill more freely, the use of difficulty coverage
is required on One Down. One shot is needed for the enemies to remove your armor and 2 for you
remove your health completely. And finally. If not for the achievements, really
I do not recommend playing this difficulty frequently. It is only designed for those elitists
who like the really hard difficulties, or for those who just want their mask
One Down (like me!) That was all the video, see you on the next video and here is some One Down gameplay with bots. By the way; put a sniper at least one of your Bots, you are not going to regret it It is very good, I put the platypus one, and sometimes i see a bulldozer and you look that is weaker than usual and you realize that it was the
bot with the sniper, and every damn bullet that shoots It is a death, it is better than your average public player, is very good. And one with a Light machine gun Shooting the whole damn
prprppprprpr, like he doesn’t care, Give another one the KSP, and *kiss*is a
wonder. Oh, and a shotgun, the Joceline or mosconi also work. Another tip for One Down, is not playing One Down. What a boring looking gameplay. I put it just because I forgot to erase where I say “here’s some gameplay” on Audacity I think it is ending. It is still going? Really? Oh no. Here’s the fade to black. TAN, TA TA TA, TA TARA

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