Payday 2 | Build – One Down Loud [Perk Deck Rogue | Rifle] (PT-BR)

Wazaaaap! Today is one more build for One Down! I did it, I used it and I liked it a lot, so I’m bringing it here for the channel So let’s go, first let’s talk about Perk, it will be Rogue, which for me is without doubt the best perk for One Down. Summarizing the perk, it gives you 40% more dodge, 15% chance you will not be targeted by enemies when you are near someone on your team, 25% chance of your bullets going through enemy vests, and finally giving you 80% more on the speed of the weapons exchange. Now let’s talk about the skills … here at Mastermind we go from Inspire, giving emphasis to Doctor bag, as it is totally necessary in One Down, Skills of Joker, the detail here is that we do not have the Joker skill in ace, it will make our converts not have 99,55% of damage absorption, but only the 99% that the skill Partness in Crime gives Another loss is that we will take a little longer to convert, because we will no longer have that advantage of reducing the time by 65% And they will do less damage, we will also lose 100% more damage from them … but you can also choose to take ace the Confident skill and put ace in the Joker, So you will have the converter with all the advantages, but you will only be able to convert one at a time … But in our build the most important thing is the amount, because they will take the “focus” of the enemies on us, which is very important in One Down, And the Jokers were not so fragile, they will endure for a long time, but if they die, nothing prevents us from converting more, even because we will use the Buzzer that makes it much easier to surrender them .. About the damage is not so important, because with this our build we will have a power to kill much bigger than just Crossbow, since we will Rifle, so I think that was good … Here in the Enforcer only Resilience in Ace, mainly to decrease the time of the flashes … in One Down they are very constant … In Technician we have the strength of our build .. Body Expertise in Ace, as I explained in our playlist “explaining the skills”, She causes all of our damage to the body of the enemies, have the HeadShot multiplier .. that’s the power !! The people shoot the body and give the damage of how we were shooting in the head … And without forgetting the other skills here of that tree, more accuracy and stability, we will be able to shoot while we are running, We’ll have 15 more bullets in the cartridge and our bullets will go through the enemy’s vests !! Just this already compensates for any disadvantage of the build, right … really good … Already in Ghost, we will have Dodge skills while running, more stamina and agility and Shockproof, essential! Here I miss Parkour in ace, because I like to run in all directions and recharge while I run, but then I had to give it up, unfortunately … Here in the silent killer, the focus is to increase the damage of our weapon, we will gain 30% more damage And finally, in the fugitive, Nine Lives and Swan Song aces, also obligatory for One Down build. I also miss Messiah, but as happened in Parkour, we will have to give up some skills because they are missing points !! And speaking of points, we are here with 2 points, in general, I leave them in Underdog and Scavanger… but if the heist needs to transporter or die hard, just put them !! Come on now show the weapons and equipment … In Primary we will use the M308, with the mods and skills we managed to leave it with 216 damage, 100 Accuracy and 92 Stability If you want to stay with 100 stability, just get one of those points that we put in Scavenger or Underdog and put in the Stable Shot M308 is my favorite rifle, I always use it in the Anarchist + Frenzy build… I really like it and I wanted to do a build for One Down with it .. I’m going to show you the mods right away, if necessary, just pause the video … In the secondary the China Puff Melee, the buzzer to more easily render the cops Throwable Flash, my favorite for One Down too .. Two doctor bags and suit for more dodge … So that’s it, guys! I hope you enjoyed the build, it’s a very good option for those who have already gotten tired of playing Crossbow Remembering that now you will have to be more careful with bullets, not because we have a great rifle and Body Expertise that we are going to shoot at everything We have to go dosing because the bullets are a problem in One Down, and we will not go with Ammo bag, so use caution and always remember to buy Ammo Bag in the preplanning of heists when available Thanks, see you next time! and “faloooooooooooooou”

16 comments on “Payday 2 | Build – One Down Loud [Perk Deck Rogue | Rifle] (PT-BR)”

  1. Lupuens says:

    Opa, mais build pra One Down, xD! Essa vou testar

  2. Marcelo says:

    o betinho como ganha esa mascara

  3. Leonardo Cavalcante Cardoso says:

    Aeeee fion
    Uma build de one down sem crossbow.
    Bom vídeo man

  4. RezoNMCZ says:

    Com certeza irei testar essa build, nice betones o/

  5. Acre Linux says:

    Rapaz, agora o homi é chegadão do b33croft mesmo. Só jogando com a lenda. Abraço e ótima build, mestre Beto. manja demais.

  6. diG says:

    algm p jogar pd2 frequentemente? (PC)

  7. Benjamin Arrola says:

    Beto, Comecei A Acompanhar O Canal Agora, E Ja Amei, Queria Ate Jogar Contigo Se Possivel

  8. Rony Lucas says:

    testei e gostei

  9. Rony Lucas says:

    o ideal nao é ficar com menos detecção com essas biulds sem coletes ?

  10. I Love Portugal says:

    Beto explica melhor pra min como q funciona essa kiler instinct q tem o increases weapon swapping speed by 80% e desse perk derk rogue msm

  11. I Love Portugal says:

    eita acabei escluindo a minha pergunta sem querer kkkkk, mas de qq maneira agradeço pela resposta amigo, agr tbm tem um porem, eu tenho 50 de dodge e vc 45 pq disso? continue assim amigo vc ja tem mais 1 fã kkkkk

  12. Beto TPF says:


    A carta Subtle (3ª exclusiva do perk) passou a dar 15% de dodge, antes era 10%.

  13. ooNCyber says:

    Beto, você acha que essa build é viavel para Crime Spree alto?

  14. I Love Portugal says:

    beto meu brother boa noite, vc sabe pq que serve o perk derk hitman? e bom?

  15. gabsF uwu says:

    Oh, o b33croft '3'

  16. Danilo Hideki Saito says:

    Gostei do vídeo, mais faz um outro porque mudou o perk. Na minha build tá aparecendo 55 de dodge..

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