[PAYDAY 2] Cambios al Balance del parche 167

wena cabros, MisterCarlos here, and welcome to the video about the patch that came out yesterday for Payday 2. It’s the patch 167 that introduced a new safe, and It has a pink armor, YES. No but that’s not the point, the point is that brought something that I did not expect, and that I would like to see in future patches: improvements to the balance of the game. At last someone at Overkill said “you know, the game is not very good balanced “, so they changed numbers expecting results, so, let’s see what they did. Changes to weapons The flamethrower received on hell of a buff. To begin with, your ammunition collection increased by 666%. And now pick up between 4 and 14 … fire. Pick ups 14 fires. The probability of ignite the enemies increased to 50%, before it was 10%, but the fire lasts in enemies 1.5 seconds, before it was 6 seconds, although it is much easier to catch the enemies and keep them on fire. And now it is self-sustainable because of its good ammo pickup it looks like a new weapon as it is now. The Airbow, the newest weapon in the game, received a nerf. His concealment dropped from being 28, to 5, basically eliminating its use in any Dodge and crit build. The judge shotgun now collects approximately 20% less ammunition, however now he has 15 more bullets in reserves, for a total of 40 bullets. Weird change, I do not know What else to say. The Heather submachine gun, normal and akimbo, received a buff to his stability, from 44 now has 52, and has more concealment, from 25 now has 28, making it easier to use in Dodge builds. They also changed the recoil pattern to make it easier to use. The 5/7 gun received a nerf. A minute of silence so that the video reaches the 10 minutes please. It was a joke, His stability dropped from 52 to 36, which does not matter that much, and its accuracy is low from 64 to 48, so you’ll have to fix the latter with some skill points, such as steady grip, equilibrium or the professional. I do not know why they decided that this particular weapon needed a nerf, but they left the secondary grenade launchers intact Anyway, sleep sweet prince, someday they’ll fix you again. Perk Decks Stoic. Now the damage over time you take will be received in a period of 12 seconds, instead of 16, so you will receive more damage overtime every second, forcing you to use the flask more often. Gambler received a buff. Now cards number 3 and 5 give you 20% of life, for a total of 40% of life. That is, the same as tag team, but you cures the whole team using gambler. And also the cooldown to be able to heal your team when picking up packages of ammunition was reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. So it’s a good buff … Nice … nice .Infiltrador, also received a pair of changes. To begin with they changed the order of the cards, the seventh is now the first, the first is now the third and the third is now the fifth, no idea why. The “Overdog” card now increases the damage reduction to 12% instead of a 8%, and basic, medium and advanced combat training cards give 8% damage reduction each one, instead of 6%. And finally, the Overdog” card now gives a totally new effect: when you hit with your melee weapon, the second hit and each subsecuent hit deals 10 times more damage This effect only lasts a second, but you can do very high damage if You decide to take a quick melee weapon, like a knife. Sociopath also received a buff, the same effect from Infiltrator’s “overdog” so the use of blood thirst is no longer mandatory. You also get an 8% damage reduction, instead of the 6% It was before, and now as an extra, it also increases your armor by 20%. Maybe infiltrator and Sociopath will start to appear more often on high difficulties. Sociopath with the new overdog card feels very good, and it was what was missing if you’ve ever wanted to make a melee build for this game. As for tag team, now you can activate it if you target colleagues that are up to 18 meters away from you, unlike the 10 meters before, besides that now it is easier to activate the effect according to the notes, although I have not noticed, and the deaths you make will increase the duration of the effect by 1.3 seconds, instead of 0.6 seconds. So if you can do at least 1 kill per second, you can keep the effect alive for a while Maps Many maps received bug fixes, I should not even mention it. However, one change that caught my attention was in Big Bank They reduced the prices of escape and entry. The C4 tunnel before cost 6 favors, now it costs 3. The elevator escape before it cost 6 favors too, now it costs 3. And the entrance, to open the vault with termite instead of the drill, costs 5 favors, Unlike the 8 favors that cost before. So now it is possible to choose the termite and the escape of C4 to play first world bank in the big bank. Although in any case, I do not know why you would choose the C4 tunnel over the elevator. The C4 tunnel is literally a corridor next to an infinite spawn of snipers in the opposite building , while the elevator is a pit near the hall. Oh, and the Halloween maps will remain in the game permanently, under the tab of events. It will no longer be necessary to wait a year for the achievements of the curse to safehouse. But that was the patch. Tell me what you think, and remember to leave your likes and comments. I’m going to listen to Africa de toto. See you. It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.

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    Ya me siento mucho mejor. Lo malo es que ahora voy a tener que hacer más videos.

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